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3 ways to enable phone call recording on samsung galaxy a50

Attention: a lot has changed since the entry appeared. It’s simple now. How, you can look at below.

Samsung Galaxy A50 runs Android 9. Like other Korean phones, it doesn’t work the same in some countries.

In some countries there is a recording of a conversation, in others it is not, since either a Korean or Google has blocked this function on Android 9 (they say at the Vodafone lawsuit and are now checking the legality to allow it to work again in the future.)

In short, for several Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh works For the rest of the world, no.

This is because in many places it is forbidden to record calls without permission which is why most call centers have a permanent message this call can be recorded for quality assurance so you can decide to hang up if you decide you don’t want to be recorded.

Even in places where they have nothing against, the manufacturer decided to exclude this demanded functionality. Why? He does not give any reasonable answer.

You just need to install Boldbeast Recorder and you can record calls, but in some countries it cannot record the caller’s voice no matter which recorder you are using.

In this case, if you root the phone, you can unlock the lock and Boldbeast Recorder will be able to fix it.

Of course, most likely you will not root your new Samsung a50, as well as install Asian firmware through the applications I describe.

Therefore, I will provide you with available ways to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy A50, but with the condition of obtaining root rights.

The second way to record a call on samsung galaxy a50

In addition to the first trick, there is another option for the a50 samsung, which is free but reliable. This is a dedicated recorder and connect it to the 3.5mm jack of your smartphone.

There is, for example, Esonic Cell Phone Recorder. Such a device allows you to record two parts of the conversation.

In addition, the device has a USB port, so you can quickly transfer recorded files to your PC.

The first way to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy a50 with android 9

Samsung Galaxy A50 Call Recording Can Be Caused By Various Reasons Whatever Reasons.

Only since the microphone picks up only its own voice when you call, there is a small feature so that both parts are clearly audible.

After installation, put the Samsung A50 into speakerphone mode so that the speakerphone is activated and both sides can be heard. The app will record the voices of both parties.

The third way to record a telephone conversation on the samsung a50

The third way is my favorite, I use it on my Koreans, when I want to record a telephone conversation.

To be able to enable recording, download this application.

After installation, you will need to register, just enter any name, surname and any, but work email.

Then in the app click on the 3 lines on the top left and click Call Records

Then go to View Recording Settings and move the slider to the right.

This is not all there is one more point left. Try to call and record the conversation. If it does not record, change the recording configuration to Configuration 1.

Now, as soon as someone calls you or you someone calls you, you will have a Record button. When finished, you can immediately listen. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, but something does not work out write.


Thanks of course installed the application, but here are the links as it is written ((((Then in the application, click on the 3 lines on the top left and click Call Records))) no.

I think I wrote in the article that first you need to get the root of the rights, since in 9 android, namely he on the samsung a50, Google blocked the call recording. Getting root is not the best way out, it is much better to change the firmware to Asian (in the phone everything can be done in Russian, you will not notice the difference). Call recording is allowed in asia. You don’t even need applications there, you should have ana right away. How to reflash samsung a50 is described here.

Programs enable call recording on samsung android

On the play market you will find programs called Call Recorder from the developer Appliqato, C Mobile, lovekara and an application called CallX Call / Conversation Recorder with a bunch of different settings.

Why not one program, but several. Because I am not able to analyze all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, let alone hundreds from other developers.

Therefore, it is better to try everything, check and leave the most effective one, it is possible that some on your phone may not work at all. I checked this (it’s on below) works fine.

How to enable recording of a telephone conversation with built-in android tools

Recently, this method was available to almost every smartphone. All you need to do is dial the subscriber’s number and press Menu, on the right side or in the center of the screen.

Then press the Record button and record the conversation. To stop the recording function in the Menu, press Stop.

To play in the internal memory, find the PhoneRecord folder and find the file you need.

Today, especially in Samsung Galaxy phones, this option will not work, although smartphones with a factory release may initially support such a call function.

You should remember, however, that recording is illegal to some extent in most jurisdictions, so this feature has been removed to avoid legal issues.

How to activate it. To do this, you must get Root rights and install the Xposed Framework.

Then you need to edit the file: /system/csc/others.Xml, adding the line below between the tags.

Recording phone conversations on an android phone introduction

Recording telephone conversations, when mostly classic mobile phones with a small display and keyboard and no operating system were in use, was not a big problem.

It was enough for you to select a phone call or call yourself and press the corresponding button on the keyboard, the conversation was saved.

By the way, are you sure that your phone does not have a built-in function for recording telephone conversations, sometimes it is simply hidden. Here’s how to check it.

Of course, there were some limitations, primarily due to a very small memory cell, the time was strictly limited.

One recording could not last longer than several tens of seconds. But overall it was enough.

Now smartphones have appeared, and despite the fact that in many ways they should definitely make your life easier in terms of recording telephone conversations, it turned out on the contrary, everything became more complicated.

Now, for example, on a Samsung Galaxy a3 or j5 with an Android 5.1 or Android 6 OS, it is impossible to enable this function by built-in means (without interfering with the kernel).

Fortunately, there are apps that can record the signal from the speaker in your smartphone. Of all the available, I liked four. When testing, I paid attention to the following aspects:

  • To automatically record all calls and manually activate the recording.
  • On length limitation.
  • To adjust sound settings.
  • Save format.
  • On the opportunity to create your own name.

How to enable recording during a call on an android phone

Attention: a lot has changed since this article was written. You can find out about this on the at the end of the recording.

How to turn on the recording of a conversation on the phone is one of the questions of the owners of mobile phones and smartphones that is always up to date, and the answer cannot be found even on the Internet, more precisely, it does not always fully correspond to reality.

Around the topic of recording telephone conversations, many myths have accumulated in the context of technical and legal, and there is even an opinion that no one can save telephone conversations without the consent of the interlocutor.

Can’t you really save a conversation without the caller’s permission? Let’s remember that before we record a telephone conversation you have with another person, you must take into account all aspects of this fact.

Note: on some android smartphones, especially xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, honor, you can still enable automatic recording of a telephone conversation during a call (more on that below).

Conclusion on recording a telephone conversation

Recording phone calls has not only technical aspects, but also important legal ones.

It is widely believed that from a legal point of view, we can record a telephone conversation only if we obtain consent from the subscriber.

This is not entirely true. If you do not record the conversations of other people, but only those who talk to you on the phone and do this for personal purposes, the law does not impose on you the obligation to inform the subscriber about the recording, without his consent.

The only thing is that without the consent of the caller you should not publish or distribute the saved conversations. You can also see the instructions, the link to the application is in the signature on YouTube. Success.

How to record a telephone conversation. Step by step instructions and recommendations

There are situations when, for example, you are talking to your interlocutor on the phone, he dictates a number, but there is nowhere to write down, because there is no pen or pencil at hand. Or a boor called your phone. If you record a telephone conversation with him, then in the future it will be possible to bring him to administrative or criminal liability. The whole question is, is it possible to record a conversation over the phone? We will try to find the answer to it in this article.

Recording by means of OS “Android”

How to record a telephone conversation? This question was asked by many gadget users. Some, having searched the Internet for the necessary information and tried a couple of programs, considering them not providing quality, abandoned this question, others continued to search, and still others began to develop programs.

But is it really not known how to record a telephone conversation on the phone? It is known. However, it should be borne in mind that some states prohibit recording a telephone conversation at the legislative level, which is carried out by removing those drivers that ensure the performance of this function. Therefore, if you are the happy owner of such a gadget, then you just have to install the drivers yourself, for which you will need root access.

App of the same name from another developer

In the program settings, you can choose where the recording will be from, it can be a microphone, voice, line, etc. We select the recording quality, as well as its format. The latter can be mp3 or wav.

This program allows you to save recordings not only to Google Drive, but also to the Dropbox cloud. In addition, the recording is encrypted using a pin code in order to prevent eavesdropping by third parties for whom this recording is not intended.

Each page of the application settings contains hints. Each entry made can be accompanied by a text note.

Call Recorder app from lovekara

We have already considered several ways to record a telephone conversation on the phone. As you can see from the review, developers do not have a rich imagination for names, so the orientation should be carried out by programmers.

Voice recorder recording

How to record a telephone conversation on a dictaphone? During a call, buttons are displayed below. Among them, you can try to look for the Record or Dictaphone buttons. They may not be displayed explicitly, but the button may be present, and one of these keys may be present in the menu that opens. For some models, you need to open the menu with a button on the phone and select the corresponding entry there, while it should be borne in mind that the Dictaphone entry can be shortened.

Conversations are saved in the Call Recording directory located in the root directory. You can listen to the recording through the call log. Opposite the recorded call, the images of the voice recorder coils should be displayed, when you click on the icon, you can listen to the recorded recording.

Thus, we have analyzed the easiest way to record a telephone conversation on Android.

Call Recorder App

When answering the question How to record a telephone conversation? It is impossible not to mention this application. After installing it in the settings, you can choose synchronization, which can be carried out with the clouds, which were typical for the previous application in question. Here, conversations are recorded automatically. One of three formats for saving files is already possible. The recording can be carried out only by one of the voices of people talking on the phone, or both at once. Recording can be password protected.

For each model, you need to try different options for saving files, recording one or two voices. Recording may be intermittent with different formats. To avoid this, you need to experiment with formats.

How to record a phone conversation on a Samsung Galaxy

Hello! Today I will show you how to record a phone conversation on an Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly record any conversation on your samsung galaxy smartphone, any model. Anyway, on any android. You will be able to record both incoming calls and outgoing calls. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

This will open the Google Play app.

Using the search at the top, find the Cube ACR Call Recorder application and install it on your smartphone.

On the welcome page, click the Next button below.

Next, allow the app to access your phone. Here you can find out for what purposes access is provided.

Next, click Allow again.

In phone settings, enable the function to allow the application to display windows on top of other applications in use.

All is ready. Look, for an outgoing or incoming call, when you call or call you, a button with a microphone image will appear on the screen on the right. Click on it and the conversation will start immediately.

After that, open the application and your entry will be displayed on the main page. Click on it. Then click on the Play button and listen to your conversation!

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

I personally checked it on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, everything works! You did everything exactly as shown in the instructions?

Great app! The microphone does not turn on during recording, which is important. Excellent recording.

Conversations are recorded, but only my voice is recorded, but the interlocutor’s voice is not recorded, what should I do? Samsung Galaxy A 20

When the app was opened, did you give the app access to the phone? You also need to enable permission in the phone settings. Did?

I confirm that it does not work on the A20! Everything is checked, all settings, all permissions. For some reason, none of the applications at all wants to record the interlocutor. Over, I even checked the answering machines. There is definitely no ban on recording)))

I cannot say anything specific about this. We need to figure it out. I’ll take a look at the settings, maybe there is something, some parameters that affect the recording of the conversation. But, personally, on J5, he writes, everything is fine.

I read in the internet that Google blocked this function in version 9 of android, tk. In some countries it is illegal (to record without the consent of the interlocutor). Current with root

There is not even such a program in the play market.

There is. I just checked it. On request “call recording” the third in the list is displayed. Bad looking.

I didn’t find either

The author’s instructions show an icon for it and look for.

I turned on everything, but after completion, when you click on the application button, there is no main page, but it just says everything is ready, make the first call.
I do the same and there is no main page

Did not understand you. Which homepage? Explain in more detail what the problem is.

I did everything as you wrote. Only my voice is heard. I am very upset.

And it didn’t work. Throw away the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy a7 2018. Can you advise something else

I guess it’s not your phone. So your interlocutor has a ban on recording.

Samsung A50 works with this app. I can’t find him?

Of course it will be. What request are you looking for?

Allowed everything does not work. There is no main page. Click on the icon and it says everything is ready again. Make the first call.

Click on the icon to listen to the conversation and after clicking everything is written, make the first call and the pages where there are no icons to listen to

On April 13, the android was updated, after which the recording of the conversation became almost impossible, Google considered that the recording was not legal, why.

Everything is possible. Google has the right to block such applications on its platform.

So what to do if you can’t hear the interlocutor?

I answered already above. So, most likely, the interlocutor has a ban on recording.

Not the interlocutor has a ban, but Google has put a ban. Sew on tel. Need.

And I don’t have such an application in Play markete ((

Don’t have a single phone recording app? Look carefully, there are many of them, any will do.

I have been using this application for over half a year. Listening to the recording of conversations is not necessary very often, but it is necessary! And I just can’t listen to the necessary records, I only hear myself Damn

The SAMSUNG GAIAXY M20 smartphone is a very low-end model, it lacks permission to record a telephone conversation. In my country, recording is allowed, but the phone blocks it. Since I constantly use this very necessary function for me to record the data transmitted to me on my work, I suffer very large losses using the services of SAMSUNG. I am asking the company to remove the ban on my smartphone from recording a telephone conversation. But all attempts are in vain. I did a big foolishness in choosing a phone, now I bought a cheap HYAWEI Y5 and just saw the light, a smartphone that is twice as cheap as a Samsung, turned out to be twice as fast as a Samsung in functionality, and in terms of communication where Samsung does not take it, Huawei is all-seeing!

Tired of already suffering with Samsung, this is a loss of nerves, time and money! Tried everything! Does not record the voice of the interlocutor in any way. I turned it off and put it in the nightstand, I’ll give it to my enemy for jam day, otherwise he walks with xiomi and enjoys life that everything is built into his phone at the factory settings.

How to set up call recording on Android 9 and 10 versions

Everyone knows that call recording does not work on Android 9, what should I do? How to find bypass blocking for correct recording of conversations on Android 9?

Call recording does not work on Android 9 why?

In the past year, many smartphone users are faced with the fact that the recording of telephone conversations has stopped working. A standard full-time recorder or an installed specialized application for recording conversations, on Android 9 and 10 versions, they stopped recording. There is a call, there is a call duration, and instead of files with a record, empty zero files or nothing at all began to arrive.

As you may have guessed, the matter is in the updated version of Android. On Android below version 9, the recording is in progress, on version 9 and 10 it is not. And this is not a problem of this or that application for recording a conversation, it is recording blocking and enhanced protection of conversations from wiretapping. The so-called confidentiality and secrecy of personal conversations, which completely made it impossible to record even your own personal important conversations that you need to listen to.

Especially it is impossible to record a conversation on Android 9 Samsung. If the situation with Honor and Xiaomi is not so deplorable, then on Samsung such a secret of personal conversations manifested itself especially clearly.

Call recording on Android 9 how to enable?

As the saying goes: Any lock has its own key and this restriction on recording phone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions was no exception. And since the key is matched to the lock, and not the lock to the key, after carefully understanding this situation, a way out was found. It’s all about the firmware of the Samsung phone. For recording conversations on Android 9 Samsung (A8, A30, A40, S 8, etc.), the region of a particular device is responsible.

If the firmware allows you to record sound, then the recording of telephone conversations on Android 9 Samsung will be, if not, then no.

Attention! All settings for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions are done by you at your own peril and risk! If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact the specialists.

In other words, in order to record conversations on Android 9, bypassing the blocking consists in the following you need to change the region where the recording of conversations on Android 9 was prohibited to the region where this recording continues to work quietly.

A program for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions

Record Phone Calls Samsung

After you have changed the region, you can install the program for recording conversations on Android 9 Reptilicus. To do this, you need to go through a quick registration on the site, and then download the call recording on Android 9 for free. During the test period, you will receive call recordings on Android 9 for free. Then the program will need to be paid.

Reptilicus will allow you to:

  • Receive records of telephone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions;
  • Receive a detailed description of all calls (received, not received, telephone or made via the Internet);
  • Get the location of the phone;
  • See the full route of movement;
  • Receive correspondence via the Internet;
  • Receive SMS messages;
  • Remotely control the phone (block, monitor, trigger an alarm, clear memory, etc.);
  • See the keyboard press;
  • And much more.

Cube ACR

Still, there remains a way out for users of version 9, this is the Cube ACR application. The application works great on many devices, you can see the list here.

Cube ACR can record calls:

This is not the entire list, which is constantly growing.

No other application can boast of such capabilities.

At the first start, the program will ask you to enable “Special features” the App Connector function, this is necessary to access the call log (I already mentioned above the restrictions that Google introduced). Include, otherwise the program log will contain anonymized data, which will be difficult to navigate.

As a result, you will receive a working, free version of the Cube ACR application with a small set of necessary functions.

Call recording

  • Log management (share, delete, comment and others)
  • Built-in dictaphone recording.
  • The premium (paid) version gives you more options:

    Saving recordings in different formats

  • Backup
  • Pin
  • Saving recordings to SD card
  • Smart data management
  • During a call, a widget will appear on the screen, with which you can disable and enable recording.

    In the application settings, select “Recording”

    Find “Sources of recording”

    And install another source. Test everyone.

    Additionally, in the free version, you can configure the geolocation of the call in the section “Other settings” and set the switch “Enable geotagging”.

    You can download the application in the Play Market Cube ACR and on the forum all versions of Premium Mod

    How to set up phone call recording on Android 9

    Hello to all. Today we will consider how to record telephone conversations on Android 9. Why we are considering this particular version?

    Recording calls on earlier versions of the Android operating system practically did not cause any difficulties. Starting with version 9, Google changed the policy since March 2019, closed the ability to record calls and closed access to the call log to all applications designed for recording, adjusting to the current legislation of different countries.

    Applications that previously worked without problems and recorded conversations with high quality ceased to perform their functions on Android 9 and depersonalize the log of recorded calls. As a result, in the recording of the interlocutor, it is either barely audible or inaudible at all.

    Record calls to Samsung phone

    Many people experience the problem of recording telephone conversations on Samsung. If you paid attention, there are very few models in the list and all have version of Android 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 maximum.

    Having studied this topic a little, I came to the conclusion that basically the problem is solved by changing the region. In this case, you need to reflash the smartphone with the replacement of the region.

    On the one hand, changing the firmware is a problem for many people, but in reality there is nothing complicated. On the other hand, this is at least some kind of solution.

    Take a look and you will see that it is not difficult to change the firmware.

    All materials are needed for the settings for recording telephone conversations on Android 9 (programs, firmware) you will find on the forum and, accordingly, instructions on how and what to do.

    Using third-party applications

    You can record a conversation with a subscriber on a Galaxy smartphone using a variety of third-party applications that can be found on the Play Store.

    In particular, these are applications such as:

    Applications and links:Description:
    Cube Call Recorder ACROne of the most popular applications in Russian Play Market. If you have Android 9.0 or earlier installed, the application will work without any problems. In the case of Android 10, Google has blocked the ability to record phone calls, so the recording functionality will be available in the premium version of the application.
    Call Recorder S9Knows how to identify phone numbers, record calls by phone number or contact name on Honor. Supports automatic saving of conversations, can send calls to e-mail, has various recording modes.
    Rmc: Android Call RecorderThe application is designed to record outgoing and incoming calls. Due to a number of limitations in Android phones, this program can only record from a microphone. Therefore, when running this program for your Honor, it is recommended to use the loudspeaker during a call in order to get a clear voice on the recording. All conversations are recorded in a file named RecordMyCall on the memory card.
    Call Recorder ACRFree call recorder software, one of the best of its kind. It allows you to keep a list by phone numbers, searches by phone number and contact name, has the function of automatically deleting old entries, protecting entries with a password, and more. Supports Cloud Upload (Pro) for Email, Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, WebDAV, Dropbox, FTP, and WebHooks.


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    Recording a call through the voice recorder of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    A fairly easy way to record a phone call on your Galaxy A Series is to use a voice recorder. In this case, you do not have to download additional programs, but you will have to manually enable and disable recording.

    To record a call to Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 via voice recorder, do the following:

    Find the Voice Recorder application on your phone and launch it;

  • Now make a call to the desired subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;
  • Find the Voice Recorder application on your phone and launch it;
  • Now make a call to the desired subscriber, and your conversation will be automatically saved;
  • How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

    Why are there problems in phone calls on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

  • Way to save phone conversation on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 using OneUI
  • Recording a call through the voice recorder of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  • Using third-party applications
  • Conclusion
  • Samsung Galaxy phones are among the most popular in the domestic market. Combining low cost and excellent functionality, they are appreciated by many users. An important advantage of phones running on Android OS is the ability to record calls, which is implemented using the Calls application functionality. Below we will analyze how to record your phone conversation on the Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50 smartphone. And also what programs will help us with this.

    Way to save phone conversation on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 using OneUI

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone powered by OneUI, then there is a way for your smartphone to record any phone conversation. All you need to do is download and install a special apk file. This file will make available the button for recording a phone conversation when making calls.

    Download the specified apk file from this link

  • Install it on your smartphone;
  • Reboot your smartphone;
  • A button will magically appear on the screen for making calls to record a call.
  • Why are there problems in phone calls on Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A50

    Initially, the Android operating system did not have a built-in function for recording incoming and outgoing calls. But there was a request for this function, and from about 6 version of Android. The functionality of this OS has the ability to record phone calls. It lasted until 2019, when Google, for reasons of the legislation of a number of countries, removed this opportunity.

    At the same time, not all smartphones, including Samsung, had the ability to record calls from versions 6 to 9 of Android OS. Call recording has been prohibited in some countries. And manufacturers of mobile gadgets and operating systems had to think about how to get around certain restrictions.

    We also remember that Galaxy phones, besides the Android OS, have a shell known as OneUI. It is a specialized Android-based user interface that includes a number of convenient and phone-expanding features. These include one desktop, personalization, voice assistant, smart beginner guide and more.

    The functionality of these shells for Galaxy A series allows you to add a number of convenient options to your phone. Among them there is an option to record incoming and outgoing calls.

    To check if your Samsung Galaxy A10 A20 A30 A50 has a sound recording option, go to the contact list of your gadget. Find the desired contact in the list, click on the button with three dots, and in the options menu that opens, click on Record.

    In this case, when making a call, the conversation with this contact will be recorded automatically. Otherwise, you will have to use the functionality of third-party programs, which we will describe below.