Reboot Macbook Air with Keys

If you are having difficulty shutting down your MacBook Pro / Air, then this article is just for you. Today I will tell how to turn off your macbook if it freezes and what you need and DO NOT do when your IAC refuses to carry out the commands entrusted to him.

Earlier, I wrote about similar actions with the iPhone and iPad (How to turn off a frozen iPhone or iPad). Today we look at all the possible situations of shutting down / rebooting a MacBook. Do not panic, there is a solution for every situation.

Forced program termination on Mac OS X

Imagine that during operation, one of the applications has frozen, but the mouse cursor can still be moved around the screen. The first thing that should come to your mind is the Command Q key combination. If you did not know, this combination completely closes the current application (it doesn’t just hide from the screen, but closes it).

Reboot Macbook Air with Keys

Wait a minute before closing a frozen application. Perhaps this application is just trying to process your last request. In this case, the cursor takes the form of a spinning rainbow ball.

If it was not possible to close the application using the usual methods, then it’s time to use the “Force Force.” command from the top menu.

From the window that appears, select the problem application and confirm with the Finish button. To turn off the MacBook, go to the next paragraph.

Sleep Mode / Reboot / Shutdown

I think that everything is clear and without explanation. From the top menu, select one of the items: Sleeping mode, Reboot or Off. Each of these commands will perform the corresponding action. Again, you can choose one of these items only if your computer does not freeze.

Above, we looked at OS X’s “easy hang” and the usual way to shut down your MacBook. But what if the system does not respond to our actions and generally freezes. How to turn off the macbook in this case? About it below.

Forced shutdown

Another common situation is when the macbook stops responding to any of your actions: the mouse cursor does not move, the key combinations do not work, the macbook behaves inappropriately.

In this case, we will have to perform a forced shutdown, or as I call it “hard restart”. To do this, press and hold the MacBook power button (the right-most top button on the keyboard) until the computer screen goes blank (about 10 seconds or more).

Be patient and don’t be nervous, KEEP the button until the screen goes blank!

After the computer screen goes blank, you can turn on your MacBook once by pressing the power button.

Bad advice or what you should not do

On the network there are often people who, to put it mildly, give not very competent advice. Following these tips, you can simply harm yourself and your device. So, the most common bad advice and what I think about this I have highlighted below.

Wait until the battery is discharged and the MacBook itself turns off. Do not do this. To turn off the MacBook, use one of the methods described above. Some of them will definitely help you.

Disassemble the MacBook housing and disconnect / remove the battery. You don’t want to burn something inside the case or damage the battery? Then you should not play “Superman with a screwdriver.” Use one of the methods described above in this article.

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