Reachability Iphone X How To Turn On

Customize function “shift screen” in iPhone X

One of the key features of the classic iPhone was the balanced screen size, the dimensions of which made it possible to work with the interface with one hand without intercepting the smartphone. To compensate for this feature on the new phablets, Apple introduced the Reachability feature, which will be especially useful when working with the large display of the iPhone X.

How to slide iPhone X screen for easy access

The transition to a “frameless” design and the abandonment of the physical Home key forced Apple engineers to change the basic gestures of iOS, which also affected the Reachability “Easy Access” function.

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How to activate Reachability (Easy Access)

On smartphones of the iPhone X line, the Reachability function does not work out of the box, but it can be turned on in the settings. To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app;

Go to the “General” section;

Open the tab “Universal Access”;

Scroll down to the “Easy Access” button. It is located in the sub-clause “Interaction”.

How to move the screen down if Reachability iPhone X is already configured

To activate Reachability, just make a lower swipe from the bottom edge of the screen. The gesture will work from anywhere on the screen, so you do not need to swipe strictly in the center. On the home screen, the gesture works from about the middle of the Dock, so don’t raise your finger too high.

The Reachability function works the same as on older devices: the interface shifts the icons down, but functional elements. such as time and battery charge. remain at the top. However, to open the notification center or control panel, you do not have to reach for the upper bound; just make the lower swipe just above the middle of the screen.

Since there is no physical Home key on the iPhone X, part of its functionality has been redistributed between virtual gestures and the side button. This made the interface more flexible, allowing you to duplicate part of the functionality on a physical key.

How to lower the screen on iPhone X without using gestures

If the standard Reachability gesture is not convenient for you, this function can be assigned to the side key. The option is available in the smartphone settings:

Go to the “General” section;

Open the tab “Universal Access”;

Scroll down the menu and open the “Quick Commands” item;

Check the box next to “Easy Access”.

After that, you can call the Reachability function by triple pressing the side button.

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