Push Notifications Xiaomi Redmi 6

Owners of smartphones from the Middle Kingdom often go online with a request why notifications come to Xiaomi. The reason lies in the MIUI shell. It has its drawbacks, which are noticeable even against the background of all other advantages. For example, a problem with messages from programs. On the other hand, the OS is a customizable shell. The user can configure in all respects, so there will be no problems with the inclusion of messages.

Why MIUI does not receive notifications

MIUI-based devices are energy efficient. So, gadgets from the Redmi line are often equipped with a 4000 mAh battery. With this amount of battery, a regular phone can work 1-1.5 days under normal load. Xiaomi devices cope with their functions for 2-3 days, even at high load. What’s the secret?

MIUI’s priority is to keep the device in a healthy state for a long period of time. The autonomy of the device is achieved by reducing the capabilities of background programs. Therefore, notifications from messengers, such as:

Xiaomi user can independently launch the above services in the dispatcher, as well as others, but messages from instant messengers or email clients will not appear in the notification bar. You can enable notifications yourself.

Disable background activity limitation

The OS problem is that the power saving mode is always on. This is hidden from the user’s eyes in the gadget system. So, under normal conditions, the shell independently determines from which service it should block notifications, and from which. not. However, there is no specific algorithm. the system can skip messages from games and ignore instant messengers and email clients.

To remove restrictions on background activity or to configure it, you must do the following:

  1. Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Follow the path: “Battery and Performance”. “Activity Control”. “Application Selection”.
    Push Notifications Xiaomi Redmi 6
  3. The user will be presented with a list of all utilities installed on the phone.

Further, you can set notification modes at the discretion of the phone owner:

  • The hard limit is the complete ignoring of alerts, the closure of the service.
  • Soft limit. the application can work in the background, but notifications from it do not come.
  • Smart mode. the smartphone independently determines which software should work and show alerts.
  • No restrictions. activity monitoring is no longer imposed on the selected utility.

To enable messages on the application of interest, select it from the menu and click on the “No restrictions” item in the panel that appears.

By the way, if, due to the saving of charge, messages did not reach the user’s phone, you can view them in the Notification Log.

Allow Lock Screen

One of the common problems why alerts do not come is that the smartphone is locked. MIUI default settings are set so that notifications are displayed only on the notification panel or when the curtain is opened. They can be changed.

In order for notifications to be displayed on the lock screen, you need to:

  1. Go to “Settings”. “All applications.”
  2. A list of utilities is displayed.
  3. Having selected the program, go to the “Notifications” section.
  4. A menu with options opens. The item “Lock screen” is important.

After that, messages will be displayed on the lock screen. until the first unlock of the Xiaomi smartphone. Next, they will display the curtain. Only new alerts will appear on the screen.

Important! Often the problem of displaying messages on the lock screen lies in the theme installed on Xiaomi. So, some interface designs do not support displaying messages.

Turn on autostart applications

Autostart is an important point that should not be missed. Services, messenger clients should be launched simultaneously with the system.

To enable autorun:

  1. Go to the “Settings” on Xiaomi.
  2. Further, “Security”. “Permissions”. “Autostart”.
  3. In this menu, we configure everything according to the needs. the most important instant messengers, clients should be included in autorun.

We fix applications in RAM

MIUI is an unusual operating system. In it, the owner of the smartphone opens up opportunities inaccessible to users of phones on regular Android. One of the special functions is the fixing of utilities in the RAM of the smartphone.

Any software can be fixed in memory: messenger clients, games, e-mail and dialers. Those utilities on the smartphone that were fixed cannot be closed with standard memory cleaning. The system will allocate resources to support them, therefore, immediately launch if necessary, show messages from programs.

Important: even if you reboot the device, programs will not be unloaded from memory in MIUI. So, WhatsApp, Telegram, Vkontakte and similar services will show messages to the user.

To fix the application in RAM, you just need to open the menu of running utilities and swipe the desired application down. A lock icon will appear. In this case, messages will come.

Allow changing Wi-Fi state

MIUI, in order to save power, turns off wireless modules when the smartphone is locked. To resolve issues with this option, do the following:

  1. Go to “Settings”. “Wi-Fi”. “Advanced Settings”. “Wi-Fi in sleep mode”.
  2. Check if the system is shutting down the wireless module in sleep mode.
  3. If the settings are normal and power saving is turned off, leave the menu.

Now the programs will have access to the Internet. So, they will be displayed in the notification panel or on the lock screen, depending on user settings.

MIUI tries to preserve the phone’s charge, so it does not display alerts on its own. But the system is customizable, subject to change: notification sound on the Xiaomi phone, Wi-Fi in sleep mode. If desired, you can make the program “forever” included.