Proper Iphone Se Settings

Android devices are rapidly gaining in popularity. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet on Android. However, despite such popularity and distribution, many users do not know how to configure WiFi on Android.

Of course, connection to such networks occurs automatically, and in the vast majority of cases, nothing needs to be configured. However, although rare, but still there are situations when connecting to a router requires the manual introduction of certain connection parameters.

How to enter WiFi settings on Android

Before proceeding to change the connection configuration, you should understand how to install wi-fi on Android. To do this, you just need to turn on the adapter. There are two ways to do this:

  • In the dropdown menu in the toolbar.
  • In the device settings.

The first option is simpler and faster. To do this, simply swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom. In the menu that appears at the very top you will see a toolbar. Find the button that is indicated by the corresponding icon. As a rule, on all Android devices this button is the first. When you click on it, the WiFi module is activated.

After that, the system will automatically start searching for available connections and give you a list. Your task is to select the desired network by name and connect to it. If it is password protected, enter it and click “Connect.” This is the procedure for setting up WiFi connection on Android. Everything happens automatically. However, sometimes there are cases when it is necessary to enter manual network settings. For example, if the connection is hidden in the parameters of the router or the DHCP function is disabled.

How to open manual WiFi settings on Android

So, how to manually configure Wi-Fi on an Android phone? To do this, you must first turn on the wireless module. However, the method above is not suitable for us. Therefore, you need to enter the menu and find the “Settings” shortcut, which looks like a gear.

Proper Iphone Se Settings

Open it. Further actions may vary depending on the version of Android. On newer models, the very first item will be WiFi. Here you can activate it or enter its settings. Since we are interested in the latter, we enter the parameters.

On older versions of the OS, first go to “Wireless Networks,” then select “WiFi Setup.” To activate the adapter, check the corresponding line.

After turning on the module, the system will search for available connections and offer you a list of found access points. If you want to connect to a hidden network, go to the very end of the list and click the “Add Network” button.

First of all, we need to specify the name of the access point (or the name of the network). After that, you need to specify the type of security. At the same time, remember that it must match the one specified in the parameters of the router. After that, just save the settings. If the DHCP function is disabled on the router, then when adding a new connection, check the “Show advanced settings” line.

Here you can manually specify the proxy server, IP address and other data. In order to manually specify the IP address, DNS server and the main gateway in the “IP Settings” line, set the value to “Static”. Fill in the lines that appear in accordance with the parameters of the access point and save the changes. As you can see, manually configuring WiFi on devices on Android is a simple task. The main thing is that all the data matches the configuration of the router.

On some smartphones, to open the manual control in the WiFi settings, press the “Menu” button. In the window that appears, select the “Advanced” item. After that, manual configuration of the wireless connection will open.

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