Program For Video Recording From Computer

Everyone who works on a computer at least once wonders "How to shoot video from a computer screen?". There are many programs that allow you to do screencasts. This is a movie recorded from a computer screen. In this article I will talk about four simple and free programs.

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Developer: DVDVideoSoft

Verification Date: 10/22/2017

License Type: free (free) Download

Program For Video Recording From Computer

Free Screen Video Recorder. At the same time, a powerful and convenient free program for capturing images from the screen. Allow you to both record video and take screenshots.

With the help of Free Screen Video Recorder, you can capture any actions that are performed on the PC screen. This can be material for a video lesson or a recording, for example, of a football match during an online broadcast. This program has a basic set of tools. The tools will allow you to take a screenshot of the entire image on the monitor, or select and “take a picture” of a separate open window or just a fragment of interest. The program has a basic choice of functions, due to which the need to process video in a special editor will “disappear”.

video recording from the screen;
when recording video, sound recording from a microphone is supported;
Short video comments when working with sound in Free Screen Video Recorder:

Capture image;
selection of an area or window for a screenshot and when recording video;
saving video files in mp4 format (quality up to 1080p);
screenshots are saved in JPEG, BMP, TIF, PNG and PDF;
Pictures and videos are saved immediately to a file;
it is possible to capture the mouse pointer;
1 minute recording takes 3 megabytes;
supports Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8.

Release Date: 01/02/2017

License type: Shareware (the developer’s logo will be installed when recording video) Download

Bandicam software has high quality video capture and screenshots.

With it, you can record video chats, streaming video, Java / Flash games, HDTV, PowerPoint, YouTube, iTunes and much more. Recording is done on the hard drive and has no restrictions as long as there is space on the computer. The program supports MJPEG, MP2, MPEG-1, Xvid, PCM. Bandicam captures screenshots in the formats of JPG, BMP, PNG, followed by editing if necessary. The utility has a full-fledged Russian-language interface.

The program has special features for recording video from the screen:
can create files of minimum weight without loss of quality;
able to record video for a long period of time without interruption, including video with a resolution of up to 2560×1600;
has an unlimited maximum file size of more than 3.9 GB;
allows you to recover broken (unreadable) AVI files;
saving video files in mp4 and AVI format;
screenshots are saved in JPEG, BMP, PNG;
during recording, restrictions are placed on either the recording time or the volume of the resulting file;
You can perform one of the actions to complete the recording block: "start recording a new block", "end recording and exit the program", "turn off computer";
allows you to capture the mouse pointer and record effects, for example, a mouse click (in the form of highlighting);
when recording a screen, allows you to add a mini window into which recording from the webcam is in progress;
allows you to select the device from which recording will be performed, for example, through the HDMI cable, you can record from the XBOX / PlayStation, smartphone, TV, etc.
In the free version, recording restrictions up to 10 minutes;
supports Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit supported).

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Video: Program For Video Recording From Computer

Developer: Yuri Vyrovschikov

Release Date: 02/03/2014 (version 5.09)

License Type: free (free) Download

The program for shooting video UVScreenCamera allows you to create videos, training films in MP4, AVI, UPR (proprietary project format), as well as GIF-animation with sound. When recording video, you can use the visualization functions of the mouse and the drawing keyboard on the animated GIF-movie, add explanatory elements, callouts, frames, pictures with subsequent editing. The utility supports working with sound. Overlaying sound from a file or from a microphone.

worked only under Windows XP; Version 5.0 update works under Windows 7;
record video from the screen with sound;
recording a separate area of ​​the screen or window of a specific program;
editing sound in recorded video;
keystroke recording;
3D game recording
drawing on the screen during recording (in the PRO version);
Adding or removing video fragments during editing;
adding labels, callouts and other elements;
the ability to create interactive video courses;
the use of many codecs installed on the computer to compress the file;
the ability to create a video file with a built-in player;
formats with compact storage of information;
Create a protected video.

in the free version there is only one video format for saving the file;
drawing during video recording is available only in the paid version of PRO;
when forming a video file, it eats up the computer’s resources (it loads the processor heavily).

Developer: Avery Lee

Release Date: 1/30/2013

License type: free (free) Download for x32 Download for x64 (does not require installation, works immediately after unpacking)

VirtualDub is a high-quality and compact video editor with a convenient interface for the Windows platform. The utility is capable of capturing, editing and editing a video stream, gluing and slicing by key frames, deleting and adding an audio track. VirtualDub supports the following video formats: av.Mpeg.Mpg., Dat.Divx.Mpv.

The screen capture program has a special plugin that allows you to work with vob-files, as well as with the MPEG2 format. The utility has its own characteristics that distinguish it from similar programs. Firstly, its significant advantage is the ability to perform a large number of functions without data recompression. And secondly, the VirtualDub program has a high speed of operation with low processor load.

distributed work on several computers on the Web;
support for files larger than 2 Gb;
batch processing;
support for multiple audio tracks;
cutting and gluing sound and video in key frames;
separation of sound and video into different files;
separate recompression;
separate processing of audio and video;
separation and connection of AVI files;
change in delay of a sound stream;
determination of the number of video frames per second;
video conversion;
video file compression;
Support for combining video and sound from external files for the formats:.Avi.Wav.Divx.Mpg.Mpeg.Mpv.Mp3.

BONUS to article: Video lesson "The program for recording video from the screen of iSpring Free Cam 8. Is a very simple and at the same time quite functional program for capturing video from the screen. It is enough to prepare a good video, while you can trim the video as you need and correct the sound by improving its quality right in the program!

Try the free version of Bandicam, best screen recorder!

Bandicam 04/08/2020

Try Bandicam and capture any video from your computer screen.

Bandicam is a convenient free screen recording program for Windows, which allows you to capture any part of the screen in the form of a screenshot or video file. You can record lectures, webinars, games and calls on Skype, add sound from your microphone and video from a webcam, and upload ready-made videos to YouTube or Facebook. To record a computer screen, select the screen recording mode in Bandicam.

Customer reviews

Bandicam is a simple and convenient screen recorder. I really like her, and I hope that you will also benefit from her.

Hello everybody! I use this program to record a screen, and it is very good for free software: there are no viruses, there are no problems with screen recording, and it is easy to use.

I think this is the best screen recorder. It allows you to take pictures and record video from the screen WITHOUT DELAYS. The program allows you to record voice, but you can also record only part of the screen that you want to show, or the entire screen!

Effective monitoring of the system requires the right tool. Bandicam is just right for this. The program allows you to record everything that happens on the screen. It can record all the actions that occurred on your screen when you were at the computer or somewhere else. It can be used to track the operation of a computer, as well as to record video lessons, games, etc.

Bandicam Features. Free Screen Recorder

These Bandicam features allow you to achieve the best results.

Site selection and recording

Select the portion of the screen that you want to record, and you can immediately start recording.

Real-time drawing

Draw and highlight elements in a screenshot or in a video in real time.

Adding a webcam image

Put the image from your webcam in the video you are recording.

Adding voice

Add your voice to the video you are recording.

Add logo

Add your logo to the video so everyone knows who created it.

Mouse effects

Add effects and animations for mouse clicks during recording.

Bandicam video review of screen recording

Screen recording mode can be used to record individual portions of a computer screen. This mode is suitable, for example, for flash games, streaming Internet video and various programs in Windows.

Bandicam Screenshots. A Free Screen Recorder

Click on images to open Bandicam screenshots