Program For Scanning Samsung Scx 4100

Scanning allows you to convert images and text to digital format. After that, the images can be sent by e-mail, posted on a website or used to create documents that can be printed using Samsung SmarThru software.

Basic scan operations

It provides two scanning methods.

Scan Using Samsung SmarThru. Launch SmarThru and open the “Scan To” window to start scanning.

Scan using software that supports the TWAIN interface. You can use other applications, including Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Adobe Photoshop.

To scan, you must install the driver.

Scanning is done through the LPT or USB port assigned to the printer port.

Scan Using Samsung SmarThru

Samsung SmarThru Software Extends Features. Scanning with SmarThru is just a pleasure.

To start a scan using SmarThru:

1 The device and the computer must be correctly connected to each other and turned on.

2 Open the platen glass cover.

3 Place the original document face down on the glass and align with the guide marks in the upper left corner of the glass.

4 Close the platen glass cover.

5 If Samsung SmarThru is installed, find the SmarThru 4 icon on the desktop. Double-click the SmarThru 4 icon.

Double click this icon.

The SmarThru 4 program window opens.

Program For Scanning Samsung Scx 4100

The function of scanning the image and then saving the result in the application memory or in a folder, sending by e-mail or publishing on the website.

The function of editing an image saved as a graphic file, and then transferring it to the selected application or folder, sending it by e-mail or publishing to a website.

Copy function with professional quality. Provides the creation of black and white or color copies of images (if this mode is supported) and copy settings.

Print function of previously saved images. Provides the printing of black-and-white or color images (if it supports this mode) and the setting of printing parameters.

6 Click the Scan button. The Scan menu bar appears in the SmarThru 4 window.

Click to view help.

Adjust scan settings.

The Scan menu provides the following options.

Scan the image and save the result in the application. Allows you to scan the image, evaluate the result in the preview window and transfer the received data to the selected application.

Scan an image and send it by email. Allows you to scan the image, evaluate the result in the preview window and send the data by e-mail.

Scan an image and save the results in a folder. Allows you to scan the image, evaluate the result in the preview window and save the received data in the selected folder.

Image scanning and text recognition. Allows you to scan the image, evaluate the result in the preview window and send the data to the optical character recognition program.

Scanning the image, evaluating the result in the preview window and publishing the received data on the website as a file of a given format.

Configure the basic functions of the Scan menu. Allows you to configure the settings for the functions Application, Email, Recognition and Website.

Click the icon for the desired function.

In SmarThru 4, the window of the selected function will open. Adjust scan settings.

To start scanning, click the Scan button.

To cancel the scan job, click the Cancel button on the control panel.

Scan using TWAIN-enabled software

For scanning, you must use applications that support the TWAIN interface, for example, Adobe PhotoDeluxe or Adobe Photoshop. Before scanning, specify the All-In-One as the TWAIN source in the application.

The scanning process consists of several stages.

Place the photo or page on the platen glass.

Open the application (e.g. PhotoDeluxe or Photoshop).

Open the TWAIN window and set the scan options.

Scan the document and save the resulting image.

When scanning an image, follow the instructions in the program window.