Program For Downloading Video On Android

Listening to your favorite music on your smartphone is convenient and easy. You can do this on the road, on the street, doing household chores. Mobile applications for downloading music will greatly simplify the process of downloading files.

Standard programs are not suitable for these purposes. Their capabilities are not enough for a mobile device. We bring to your attention a useful selection of applications for Android, which will interest every music lover.

To play tracks, you need a good audio player. An overview of the top players can be found here. All of them support the main Android music formats, as well as lossless, including FLAC.


Videoder is a free application for downloading music to your phone with over 100 different resources. It can be installed on a smartphone, tablet or PC to create your own collection in a couple of clicks and without long downloads. Initially, software downloaded videos only from YouTube, but over time, the list of available resources has expanded significantly.

Program For Downloading Video On Android

Videoder performs a quick search through a system combing a set of streaming video and audio services. You can choose the quality of the recordings, configure other options based on personal wishes and preferences. The tool is powerful, versatile, has wide functionality and does not require a large number of unnecessary actions.


Zaycev is an application for quickly downloading music tracks in mp3 format. Thanks to him, millions of hits will appear on your phone in two counts. Just to have enough memory. You can download your favorite tracks for free and listen to them later, including offline.

In Zaycev, a huge selection of music is available for free. Rock, pop songs, chanson, rap from world famous artists, domestic and foreign showbiz stars. No network? No problem. The main thing is to download music to your Android in advance.

Google Play Music

The program integrates free radio with thousands of tracks of all genres. Create your own radio stations by choosing singers, bands, compositions, albums. In addition to your services, a quick convenient search in style, genre, eras and other parameters that can be set in the filter. It is possible to download 50 thousand audio tracks from your collection for listening on PC and mobile devices.

There are paid and free, as well as family subscriptions. You can download your own tracks for free, create radio stations, access podcasts, create playlists in accordance with personal preferences. Among paid tariffs, the most profitable is family (for 6 people). For an additional fee, access to more than 35 million tracks is provided, YouTube subscription, the ability to listen to music without access to the network, the complete absence of advertising messages.


Another functional application for downloading music to Android devices. Purchases are supported, a wide range of free options is provided.

  • Millions of old and new tracks;
  • Large selection of ready-made collections;
  • Regular updates to collections;
  • High-quality sound in HQ format;
  • Music recognition option;
  • Access to tracks without the Internet;
  • Radio;
  • Advanced functionality of paid subscriptions;
  • The ability to create your own playlists.

With this application you will not miss the most interesting news. They are selected by the editorial staff. Ready-made playlists are a great option for those users who do not want to make lists on their own. Those songs that users get to the chart "Yandex.Musics" listen right now.

Radio, selections by years and styles. The program has everything, you just have to choose. Maximum features are provided by a paid subscription. The sound quality is high, there is no advertising.


An application in which there are not only melodies recorded in high quality, but also texts.

Text versions are loaded dynamically for those songs that are currently being played. Musixmatch is a convenient program compatible with most players. You can include text translations. There is a paid and free version. The paid one has the widest possible functionality, but it heavily loads the memory of the mobile device.

We reviewed the best applications for downloading, listening to music on Android. Choose, install and use!

Using special applications, users have the opportunity not only to watch movies in streaming mode, but also to download them to Android tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The Google Play Store offers a wide selection of free tools for moviegoers to relax on the road or after a busy day. Meet the best applications for viewing and downloading movies on Android devices.

Google Play Movies

In addition, it is possible to rent a movie (average cost 69 rubles), but in this case there is no download option for viewing offline.

Ivi. Movies and TV shows

Like Google Play Movies, this is an online collection of movies, cartoons, and TV shows. However, there are rules. Firstly, many films can be watched absolutely free (although with advertising). Secondly, there is a paid subscription that allows you to download video files to the device’s memory and disable ads. When you connect a paid account, you have wider access to the video collection.

DVGet Download Manager

Allows you to download videos via a link from the Internet, as well as AVD Video Downloader. You need to search for the link in the browser (built into the application) and select it manually, after which a pop-up window appears asking you to download the file. If there are several videos on the page, select the desired movie, click on it and hold until the application window with the option “Download”. Due to the division of the download into several simultaneously downloadable segments, the download is much faster than, say, in AVD.

In the settings there is the option of saving files to the SD card. For uninterrupted operation of the application in the background, you need to add it to the exceptions in the settings of the power saving mode. The application is free, there is advertising. Due to Google’s policy, it has been removed from the Play Store, however it is still updated and available for download from third-party services.


Torrent client for downloading and sharing files. First you need to find the torrent file in the browser and save it on the device. Opening a file in the application starts the download process.

The ability to specify the path to save the file will help to rationally use the device’s memory. The application can also process other torrent files stored on the device. In addition, you can add a URL link to the torrent to start downloading the file in the application. Be careful, there are a lot of illegal sites on the Internet offering to download a movie for free. Use only legal web resources.

VK video

Service for viewing and downloading videos from the social network VKontakte. Key features: convenient viewing of videos from friends’ pages and from the news feed, a ready-made catalog with the division of films by genre, search by name. Download time depends on file size and internet speed. It is possible to choose quality. The higher it is, the longer the load.

The main disadvantage is a lot of advertising. In order to use the application, you need to log in to VKontakte and open access to your page.

You may need to install Adobe Flash Player to watch movies on your tablet. If possible, always select the option to save files to the memory card so as not to overload the internal memory of the phone. If you know other high-quality movie download apps, don’t forget to share your valuable experience in the comments.

How to download video from YouTube to Android and save this video to your smartphone or phone for later offline viewing? We will solve the problem with downloading videos from YouTube "low blood"using the best video download apps.

Video services similar to youtube (vimeo and other file video hosting services) do not provide a direct URL (link) for saving video to the sd card of an Android phone or downloading video for local viewing on a computer. Mentioned services, including youtube.Com, prohibit users from directly downloading videos from YouTube to the device as a file. The fact that downloading from YouTube directly and for free (that is, downloading from a link to your computer or device) is not possible, it is explained in different ways. First of all, creators of video services like YouTube are interested in reaping the benefits of showing ads. Therefore, saving video from youtube to your phone and mobile devices will negatively affect the income of the beneficiaries.

YouTube users, owners of phones, Android smartphones, tablets do not want to spend time watching videos with ads, then close the page without saving the video file to the hard drive without downloading it to Android. There are plenty of services for “tricky downloading” of media content from Youtube (and similar online video services for saving YouTube videos to your phone). Consider the best and free ways to download videos from youtube.Com. In this guide you will learn how to download videos from YouTube to Android.

Downloaders that facilitate downloading videos from youtube to an Android smartphone

Now we will consider the most interesting applications for downloading videos directly from the site youtube.Com on Android, local drive or flash drive. As a result, you can view the file from the screen of your mobile device and PC with the same quality and convenience as on a popular video service. Over, you can play youtube video offline, on your computer without an Internet connection.

1. How to download from YouTube for free with Videoder

ProgramVideoder 9.0.0
Where to download Videodervideoder.Net
The size3.0 Mb

Another program for downloading video from the Internet, I advise it to search for videos from youtube and download to your phone. Videoder, a program for downloading videos, is convenient for its ease of setup and at the same time allows you to view saved video from YouTube on Android tablets and smartphones. One of the main features of this free program. It allows you to choose a save format and quickly find out the size of the saved clip. Videoder will subsequently automatically place downloaded files on the phone’s sd card in the specified location. You can conveniently view downloaded clips or videos downloaded from YouTube in the Android OS using any video or multimedia player installed on your phone.

The video encoder exists only as a mobile application. As for the version for the computer, the developer recommends using an emulator on his website. However, this is inconvenient, therefore, we are waiting for the full desktop version of Videoder to appear.

2. Clip Converter (allows you to download videos from youtube online)

ProgramClip Converter: YouTube Video Converter and Download
DeveloperFree Online Media Conversion and Download
Where to download Videoder Video Managerclipconverter.Cc
The size– (online web service)

An easy-to-use downloader service for quickly downloading and converting videos from YouTube to a computer. Clip Converter supports downloading videos from YouTube, RuTube, VKontakte, Vimeo and other video hosting and social sites. To download a video or audio file from YouTube, follow some simple steps in a browser on the online service page (see the detailed instructions on how to use the Clip Converter service using the link below).

Video: Program For Downloading Video On Android

For browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser extension Clip Converter is available. Thanks to this, you can download the video to your computer with one click, without going to the service page.

How to download from YouTube to phone

  1. Go to the website of the Converter
  2. Choose a format for downloading videos from YouTube (the default settings will work for most cases)
  3. To start the conversion, click on the Start button
  4. We are waiting for the conversion to finish and download the video to your phone

3. YTD Video Downloader. Free program to download from youtube to computer

ProgramYTD Video Downloader 4.8.9
DeveloperGreenTree Applications SRL
Where to download YTD Video Downloaderytddownloader.Com
The size120 Kb (web installer)

The abbreviation YTD stands for You Tube Video Download. This program for downloading videos from youtube for Android is not intended for a single online service. YouTube itself (although in the list below in the text you will see more universal rocking chairs).

Key Features of the Video Downloader YTD Video Downloader are as follows:

  • The free program can download videos from YouTube to a computer, large videos and small clips to an Android phone from more than 50 different sites (including downloading from youtube.Com)
  • YTD Video Downloader converts files from one media format to another (video and audio): audio. Mp3, mp4, wmv, flv; video. Mov, 3gp, avi (see also other video converters)
  • Delayed viewing of videos, use on various mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, HTC, Kindle Fire tablets, Blackberry phones and so on.
  • Built-in video player for watching youtube videos is available directly in the application window

4. YouTube Downloader HD. High quality download on Android

ProgramHD Video Downloader 02/01/2007
DeveloperNew essence
Where to download HD Video DownloaderGoogle play / w3bsit3-dns.Com
The sizeDepends on Android device

YouTube Downloader Free. Freeware program for downloading video files from YouTube to a computer. Allows you to download video from YouTube in HD-format in two clicks, providing the highest quality display of content for local viewing from a USB flash drive, computer or mobile device. Smartphone, tablet. Fortunately, now the speed of the Internet allows you to download movies and youtube videos in very high quality, and the download is completely free.

How to easily download YouTube videos to Android using the YouTube Downloader HD app

Key Features YouTube downloader:

  • A very simple principle is to download the computer: insert the link from YouTube into the Youtube Downloader window. Downloaded video
  • No need to use scripts or browser plugins to download video content to a computer
  • Convert video from one media format to another
  • As already mentioned, the program for downloading from youtub for Android is able to receive high-quality video from youtube.Com (Youtube High Definition and FullHD)
  • Unicode support, which is useful when working with Russian youtube (or Chinese, for example)

5. TubeMate YouTube Downloader

ProgramTubeMate YouTube Downloader
DeveloperDevian studio
Where can I downloadtubemate.Net
The size4.8 Mb

Tubemate. A free application tailored specifically for Android owners. Thanks to this, you can download the video directly to your Android smartphone and tablet, bypassing various intermediary online services. This video download manager includes a full player. You can search, play video files from you tube, navigate playlists on youtube.Com and so on. In addition, when downloading a video, you can independently specify the quality to save on your Android mobile device. As for the other features of the TubeMate YouTube Downloader program, it is worth mentioning:

  • Fast enough downloading videos from YouTube server
  • You can download YouTube videos online, movies and small files in multi-threaded mode on your PC
  • Adjusting the speed of downloading videos to an Android device or computer
  • Youtube playlist management
  • Publishing multimedia files on social services

Tubemate’s YouTube Downloader is available in Russian and can be downloaded to Android for free.

6. Ummy Video Downloader Add-In Utility

It is necessary to clarify that Ummy Video Downloader. This is not a program, but a free add-on that allows you to download music to Android and video from YouTube and rutube to a computer. The program consists of a window where you need to copy the link to the video and select the format to save.

After installing the download manager, the coveted Download button will appear under the desired video in the youtube player. Accordingly, click on the Download HD from Ummy button (or select another desired format for playback, which is possible for youtube): for example, video in HD quality, MP3 or MP4, a clip from YouTube.

In this way, Ummy Video Downloader. A very simple downloader tool for downloading videos from the Internet, you can run it and get the desired youtube video in just a minute, copy it to Android. The program is available in two versions: for Windows and Mac OS X. Size. About 30 Mb.

7. Free YouTube Download

ProgramFree YouTube Download /
Where can I downloaddvdvideosoft.Com
The size33.34 MB

Free YouTube Download. Another free program for downloading videos on Android, which greatly facilitates downloading videos from YouTube to a phone, smartphone running Android or PC. Both ordinary videos and full-fledged films. A feature of the download manager is that you can add a particular video file to the list, download a clip from YouTube in the order of priority. In the program window Free YouTube Download You can track the following information:

  • Youtube download status on Android
  • Time left
  • Video download percentage
  • Size and location of the downloaded video

In addition, you can tell the Free YouTube Download manager a playlist or collection of videos to add to the download list. And last, like other programs for downloading from YouTube, you can specify the necessary form and quality of saving the file to an Android card, another mobile device or hard drive.

Of course, there are other programs for downloading video to your Android phone or tablet, with a full range of functions and options for saving (converting) multimedia formats. They are easy to find on the Internet yourself. A little later, perhaps I will do another similar review of such download managers.

8. Clipgrab for Windows

Clipgrab. A program known in narrow circles for downloading videos from YouTube to a computer. Download to smartphone and tablet is not supported. Allows you to download files from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in fact. In addition, many online video services are supported informally.

Free Youtube Downloader Clipgrab includes search functions. You simply select the format for downloading the video, which you can convert as needed. The list of formats includes MP4, WMV, as well as audio: mp3 or OGG. In general, converting youtube video to audio is a proven trick for those who do not like to buy music and love to download :). In addition, the Clipgrab program is free for full-featured use on a computer, which is good news.

8. How to download from YouTube through the Savefrom extension

It’s important to understand that this method describes how to save a video file from YouTube, but not how to extract an audio track from a video.

Go to the page with the video that you wanted to save the video from YouTube for local viewing on your smartphone or tablet. Without having to stream the file over the Internet.

The easiest method for downloading and then saving a video file from YouTube to your phone is through savefrom.Net. The list of supported resources, from where you can download video online, as well as ways to get the file are described in the column "How to use the service?". One of the options is to insert in the address bar before the site address ru.Savefrom.Net, click the Go button. A page with a link will open.

Once you have copied the address (URL) to the file using the Ctrl C keys, go to ru.Savefrom.Net and paste the link into the address bar (Ctrl V). Then click on the button "Download" for subsequent downloading of video via a mobile browser to an Android disk or tablet.

By the way, there is no mobile edition of Savefrom for Android, the video can only be downloaded to a computer. In addition to the browser version of the service, you can use extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Yandex Browser, Opera, etc.

Choosing a save format for videos from youtube to your phone

You can choose from several formats for saving to a phone or other mobile device (for example, a tablet). Typically, this is FLV and, with luck, MP4, these formats are quite digestible by most android devices. In quality MP4 is noticeably inferior to the FLV format, but in size it occupies proportionally less space. If the quality rather than the download speed is more important to you, then download the file in inferior quality. Much depends on the subject of the video: if you don’t care about small details, you can sacrifice quality. If this is a video clip, then choose the second from FLV and MP4, since the sound quality in FLV will be slightly worse.

I advise you to choose as the format for saving to your MP4 phone. This is the most universal way, convenient for playing downloaded videos from youtube, including on your Android tablet. Besides this format, you can also choose to download FLV, 3GP or WebM. Once you have decided, click on the link or select the option in the browser context menu "Save link as. ". For navigation and viewing from youtube.Com I personally use the Google Chrome browser.

Save the file from youtube (or another online service) to your computer for later viewing

Tip. Obviously, its quality and size depend on the video format. For example, if the duration of a video on youtube takes more than 1 hour, then you need to think about how to download from YouTube to Android. Fast or slow, but in excellent quality? The media file size can reach several gigabytes, which is why you may need a good download manager or a program for downloading from youtube hosting. Read about such programs below.

In addition, do not forget that your mobile device (on Android, iOS) does not always have enough free space to save large videos and movies, so before downloading videos from YouTube to your android device, check if there is enough space for the phone.

After downloading the video from the social service server, you should go to the folder specified when saving. From this moment you can open it in any program to view the video on your computer.

How to download from YouTube to Android if the video is intended for private viewing only?

Unfortunately, in this situation, you will not find a working instruction or an easy way to download from YouTube online, because the YouTube service does not give rights to directly download files with limited rights through third-party services like Videosaver or Videoder. You can download an online video only after changing access rights to this content.

I still can’t download YouTube videos to my Android tablet. What to do?

If after the above methods you did not receive a preview window, make sure that the link to the video is working at the moment. Once you have verified that the URL is working, go back. If even now you can’t download the video file, try updating the service page for downloading by pressing F5 in your browser and repeat the steps in this manual again. If nikerta doesn’t work even now, forget about your video or use an alternative site to download videos on youtube.Com.

A free online service allows you to download only an audio file from YouTube to a tablet

Make sure you select MP4 360p or MP4 480p when downloading from YouTube. It is clear that if you specified Audio MP4 128 as the desired format, then in fact you will get an audio file that you can listen to but not view. If you still downloaded the video to your phone, then make sure that your player supports this format. In any case, you also need to find out if all the necessary codecs for playing video from YouTube are installed. As an option, I advise you to download the VLC video player. He is friends with popular formats that play from a phone or smartphone.

Are there other online services that allow you to download from youtube to your phone for free?

Yes, of course, there are convenient services through which you can download video and audio content from youtube. In addition to the above service ru.Savefrom.Net, you can try other sites. In general, the list of similar services that work with video hosting is rather small. This is Keepvid.Com, Kickyoutube.Com, Videosaver.Ru.

Alternative method of free download video from Youtube

Getting a direct link to download a file from youtube

In order to download video from youtube to a computer using the old method, you need to open a separate page of the video of interest or copy the link to insert the video into HTML. Page. On the Youtube online service, it is located in the right side column, under the inscription URL. Sometimes Youtube intentionally does not provide the desired link, so that it is not possible to download the video to your Android phone or PC. In this case, you just need to copy the URL from the address bar.

Get the URL from the video service site for download via the download manager

This video download link must be saved to the clipboard [Ctrl C] or, if you plan to download several files, copy them to a text editor.

List of links received from YouTube for processing

Alternative way to download YouTube.Com video to Android phone

Before you download a video from youtube, you need to “straighten” the link, but in fact we added an indirect link to the program’s download window. It. The easiest way, where you do not need to “straighten” anything: Download Master did it for us. In order to make the link direct, for example, for downloading in a browser, you need to use one of the online services. For example, Videosaver.Ru (at the moment, alas, this service is not available):

We paste the link from Youtube into a special line under the caption “Download video!” and click on the button “Download!” to download to your Android mobile phone.

Tip. Never leave downloading videos from Youtube.Com for later! After some time, direct download links become invalid.

How to download video from YouTube to Android: alternative ways to download from the link

1. Fast YouTube Download Extension for Chrome

In order to download video from Youtube, many use separate programs and services. Alternatively, a program is used to download videos from YouTube. But if you access this site through the Firefox mobile browser, it’s easier to do otherwise. Install the Fast YouTube Download extension to get a direct link to the desired video. Subsequently, links to videos in FLV, MP4, HD or 3GP formats will be displayed directly in the sidebar of the YouTube.Com service, directly in the Firefox browser on Android. You can even download videos on Android on the Youtube service search results page. Unfortunately, the extension works only within the framework of the Youtube video service, for other sites you need to look for other ways to get links to the video. See also other useful extensions for Google Chrome.

Answers to readers’ questions

How to download a whole playlist from YouTube to Android at once? 40 clips on electrics, each on average for 5-6 minutes. Copy URL and download each clip through savefrom.Net for a long time. What are the options to download the entire playlist at once?

Answer. Yes, there are such tools. You can download videos from YouTube, as well as a whole playlist from the service, using the 4K Video Downloader application. This program is multi-platform, installed on a PC. Copy the playlist. Paste it into the address bar, this rocker does the rest for you, fully automating the downloading of videos from Youtube.