Program For Downloading Games To Computer

Inveterate gamers use special applications for downloading games. The fact is that through any such program it is possible to download the game without viruses and additional programs built into the unpacking archive. Another advantage of such utilities is that if the connection to the Internet develops, then after a while the user will not need to download the game again. It will start downloading automatically from the place where it was interrupted.

In addition to downloading games to your computer, through these programs you can download movies, cartoons, music. Another advantage of these utilities is a wide variety of games, which do not have to buy. Among gamers, this advantage is considered the most important.

The best programs for downloading games

Media get

In the first place among such programs is the utility Media Get. And its advantages are that it opens to users quick search in the main words. There is also a choice of genres and categories. The user can share files with other gamers.

Unlike torrent tracker no need distribute a copy of the file and keep the computer constantly on to increase the rating. There is an option to view the preliminary material. The program is optimized for Windows 8 and 10 including. In a programme no registration needed. In it you will find software for the X Box, Play Station and personal computers.

Program For Downloading Games To Computer

The program is easy to use. Click on any of the links provided and download.

Before you open a description with the button “Download“. Next, a window opens where to save the file. The user selects a folder and clicks on the “Download” button.


The next program will be Shareman, which can be downloaded from the official site.

The benefits of Sharman is high speed file uploads. This is due to the large number of distributors.

The interface is intuitive even to the most not understanding user. It is translated into Russian. In the utility you can watch online video without downloading to a computer. It is not necessary to register.

In order to download, go to the “Games” block, select your favorite game and click the “Download“. The photo above shows how to do this.

Zona will start downloading automatically as soon as you go to the official website. Utility features are huge catalog applications, in support of magnet links, IP v6, Unicode, simultaneous downloading of several files, which is not on other torrents. The interface is also intuitive even for a novice user.

U-torrent and Bittorrent

Utorrent utility is a little more complicated than described above. The fact is that the torrent client is downloaded separately. And is the following program.

AND the search will have to be done on other sites. There are many of them, the most famous is rutracker.Org. The advantages of this utility are that through this program you can download any application from any torrent.

Most of these trackers require registration. This is the only program that protects your data from viruses and other harmful programs. Torrent trackers consist of seeds. Distributors, lychees. Downloads, peers. Receive and give. You can download files at any time. You can stop and continue downloading at any time. Always start from where you finished. Download speed high only when there are a lot of distributors on the network and the Internet is fast.

Utorrent can be downloaded from the official website. From here you can download either the classic version or the web application.

Bittorent is similar to utorrent.

Google play market

Google play Market is used to download entertainment on Android, i.E. It targets smartphones. This program is installed on the computer only through the emulator. The best and most reliable emulator is BlueStacks.


Uplay only supports PC games released by ubisoft. The program does not load the computer processor at all, so it can hang like a normal application if it does not bother you.

Game Center Mail.Ru


Origin is a gaming center from Electronic Arts. For use need to register. Origin Access is a paid service. By subscribing and paying for a subscription, you get access to paid games for which the user does not have to pay money.

Video: Program For Downloading Games To Computer

The whole interface is adapted for Russian. There is a chat for communication. This platform is positioned as the main competitor of Steam.


Steam can be downloaded from offsite. This gaming platform is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can join groups, chat, download tens of thousands of games for a computer and laptop, create their own content, exchange gifts.

The program interface is clear for every user. In addition, it is adapted to the Russian group of players.

What is better to download games through

Having examined several platforms and game search engines, it should be said that if you like play offline, it’s better than Utorrent to find no program. It offers a large selection of games. They are easy to download, install and play. If you like to play games on the phone, then use the Google Play Market for this. This way you will not catch viruses, unlike those that will be downloaded to your computer and transferred to your phone. Yes, and take less time.

On our site there were several reviews of programs designed for downloading games. Some of them are specialized specifically in games, while others can also download other types of files. Let us bring them all together and identify the best.

Game Center Mail.Ru

The game service from the domestic IT giant managed to pleasantly surprise. The program has a fairly large selection of games of various genres. The fact that they are all free, or distributed via the Free2Play system, cannot but rejoice. Undoubtedly, this attracts a fairly large audience.

In addition, the advantages of the Game Center include integration with the My World social network, which made it possible to organize “musical accompaniment” and a convenient chat. Also, one cannot fail to mention the built-in news aggregator and the gaming community. Finally, the program has such a unique opportunity as streaming gameplay on popular services like Twitch and YouTube. A significant drawback, perhaps, is only one. The inability to play serious titles from world famous studios.


This program for buying and downloading applications and games is a real giant on a global scale. 125 million users, 6,500 thousand positions! Needless to say, you will find almost everything that your heart desires. Racing, simulations, shooters, strategies and much, much more. Seasonal discounts and unexpected promotions during which games can be purchased at even more attractive prices.

The undoubted advantage of the service is just a huge gaming community, which is ready not only to communicate, but also to share screenshots, videos, secrets and even additional files for the game, created with your own hands. What can I say, even some of the products here are created by a single person.

In fact, you can still list all the advantages for a very, very long time. Take gaming devices sold here, such as unique gamepads. Isn’t that impressive? Does Steam have serious flaws? Perhaps yes. You will spend all the money on sales.


If you are a fan of games from Electronic Arts and their partners, then Origin is a must for you. This need is explained very simply. You will not find official versions of their products anywhere else. Unfortunately, the program has no obvious advantages. Yes, of course, sales and promotions are also held here. Yes, there is in-game chat. But all this does not cause wild delight. It just is. But Origin, perhaps, has only one drawback. The need to install additional files for playing on the network (in some cases).


The same thing, only from Ubisoft. This is how we briefly describe this service. All games made by Ubisoft can be found only here. It is worth noting a couple of features of the program. The first is the availability of free offers immediately in your library, which excludes the stage of their search. The second is the automatic creation of screenshots while receiving a game achievement. Features are not key, but their presence sometimes makes life easier for the gamer.

So we got to non-specialized programs. ZONA is inherently a torrent client with a convenient directory. Here you can find everything that is on torrent trackers: games, movies, TV shows, music. You could have touted the possibility of streaming movies and other chips, but we are here for the sake of games, right? When searching for them, you can specify the genre, year of release, as well as rating. You can download the product you like by simply clicking on the big button, or you can choose the torrent you need yourself.


Perhaps this is the program that we associate with torrents. In the past, simple as a felt boot, now uTorrent has acquired new features, such as remote download management from a smartphone. A built-in player also appeared, with which you can not wait for the full download of the movie. The disadvantages are due to the very idea of ​​this software. You need to add torrents manually. Of course, before that you need to find them that completely falls on your shoulders, and the convenience depends on the torrent tracker you choose.


Analogue ZONA. There is a convenient directory for searching various media files. Unfortunately, the convenience ends when you go to the games section. Sorting is possible only by genre or alphabet, which complicates the search a bit. But the download is organized very simply. Click on the button and you’re done. No choice of the best torrent. The program will decide everything for you. True, this can also be considered a disadvantage.


This program is quite interesting at least for its technology. P2P. These are neither torrents nor downloading from a single server. All files are stored on computers of exactly the same users as you. Shareman has excellent categorization. It is worth praising and sorting specifically in the games section. There is an alphabetical index, as well as a search by genre. Plus, there are special sections with games for smartphones, add-ons and various utilities. In general, here the gamer will find everything he needs.


So we reviewed the main programs with which you can download games to your PC. In fact, making a specific decision is pretty simple: