Production Of Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Land turtles today are in great demand as pets. Therefore, all people who want to have such a reptile at home need to know some features and how to make a house for land tortoises with their own hands.

Best place to keep

There is a lot of controversy over the place where these animals are kept. Some argue that land reptiles must be kept in a free area. Of course, this makes its own sense, but as experts say with this content, there are a lot more shortcomings than pluses:

  1. An animal in such a situation will not receive the necessary humidity, light, and air temperature. On the contrary, in secluded places there is a lot of dust, there can be drafts. Free content often leads to injuries to the animal.
  2. It is inherent in nature that a reptile will dig soil. Therefore, under conditions of free detention, they will not be able to dig.
  3. Reptiles like to gnaw hard objects (shells, chalk, etc.). In the room, in addition to harmful objects for the turtle, there will be nothing.

If you count all the pros and cons of reptile content without a terrarium, you can clearly notice that it is better to make a house for land turtles on your own and equip it as it should for a comfortable pet.

Production Of Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Types of Terrariums

Initially, the breeder will need to determine the size of the home. This is one of the important conditions when building a house. Calculating the area is very simple: all sides (length, height and width) should be increased from 2 to 6 times, based on the size of the reptile.

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For example, if the size of the reptile is 10 cm, then the length of the housing should be about half a meter. Similarly, height with width is considered. Height is also calculated from the length of the pet, but is doubled. If a pair of turtles is kept, the terrarium should be doubled. Everything is simple and the more space inside the aquarium, the more comfortable the animals will feel.

As materials, you can use wood, plastic, plexiglass or even ordinary glass. However, it should be remembered that with such a reptile the glass surface must be sealed with something. After all, the turtle does not recognize glass and can go ahead and beat against it.

Terrariums that can be found at home include:

Production Of Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Terrarium arrangement

Many are interested in how to equip a terrarium for a land tortoise, so the basic requirements on this issue will be given below.

As a floor covering, it will be necessary to apply soil. If it is not used, then the pet’s legs may become deformed or claws will be erased. Many breeders use sawdust instead of soil, but experienced breeders do not recommend such a change.

Soil should be applied as similar to natural conditions as possible. For this, river sand is used, small pebbles, which are located in different zones. In the sand, the pet will bury itself, and grind its nails on pebbles. You can put a bath mat at the very bottom, which absorbs all the moisture and then lay the soil on top. This bottom needs to be cleaned a couple of times a week.

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Also, terrariums should be equipped with light and heaters. For animals, the optimum temperature is 25-30 degrees. It is simpler and cheaper to use conventional lamps up to 60 watts. UV lamps are also used. They allow you to replace the sunlight that reptiles really need.

Such equipment must be installed at a distance of 20-30 cm from the animal. This will not allow harm in the form of burns. It is additionally recommended to place the grill on the lamps. At night, the light can be turned off, since in reptiles daylight hours last from 10 to 12 hours. You can put a relay automatically turn on and off the light. In order not to constantly control this process

The entire terrarium for a land tortoise can be at different temperatures. Therefore, in one part, you can put a lamp with heating, where the pet will bask, eat and drink, and in the cool area you can install a house for the turtle. As a house, you can use a wooden box with an entrance and holes for ventilation. But in this area, the temperature should not be less than 24 degrees so that the pet does not get sick. Additionally, thermometers can be installed.

To maintain the desired humidity, you can spray the house with cool water.

Equipped terrarium should include a feeder, which is located in a warm place and it must be well fixed. Otherwise, the pet will turn over the container with food. For this, a ceramic plate is suitable, which is fixed and dug a little into the ground.

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You can see in the photo the terrarium for the land tortoise, made on their own:

Production Of Terrarium For Land Tortoise

Content Tips

It is forbidden for the maintenance of land reptiles:

  1. Give feed to dogs and cats.
  2. Keep the reptile without soil.
  3. Letting go for a walk unattended.
  4. Allow contact with other pets.
  5. Make a very small terrarium for turtles.
  6. Keep your pet in a cold room or on the floor, it is better to use stands with a height of 20 cm.
  7. Do not give poisonous or medicinal plants.

With the content you can and even need to:

  1. Make nutrition and diet diverse.
  2. Bathe your pet in warm water a couple of times a week.
  3. You can walk the reptile in the summer for about 1 hour on the balcony or on the street.

Watching such pets is quite interesting, and in order for the turtle to live a maximum period and constantly delight the owner, all recommendations and rules regarding nutrition, care and maintenance should be observed.

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