Portable Phone Battery Which Is Better

Along with increasing the functionality and performance of mobile phones, the requirements for batteries are increasing. A typical battery is capable of ensuring the operation of the device for 2-3 days, but if the operation involves activity on social networks, the use of multimedia and frequent conversations, then discharge can be expected in the next few hours. over, carrying a charger with you is not always convenient. it is not only a matter of finding the coveted outlet, but also of attachment to it as such. The best solution to this problem may be a portable battery for mobile phones, which is also called Power Bank. Such accessories also cause certain troubles, but with them the user still gets some autonomy.

Capacity selection

When you first get acquainted with the characteristics of external charges, an inexperienced user can be fascinated by the huge capacity of such devices. For example, there are models with a capacity of 10,400 mAh. It would seem that such an arsenal is enough for 5 sessions of replenishing the energy of a mobile phone, whose battery contains 2,000 mAh. In fact, everything is not so simple. The fact is that the portable battery for the phone has a nominal voltage of 3.7 watts. In turn, mobile devices are charged at 5 V. This difference leads to a loss in energy potential of up to 30%. And this is in the best case, since cheap Chinese models do not provide more than half of the declared volume.

But you still have to focus on official data. it all depends only on the brand of the manufacturer, based on the reliability of which you should make a discount in the real amount of energy. By the way, if a portable battery for a phone is purchased to urgently maintain the device’s performance for a short period of time, then there is no need for a large capacity and you can limit yourself to a compact, but high-quality and reliable accessory.

Current selection

For most users of mobile devices that are dependent on a power source, an indicator of the speed of charging is also important. This characteristic is determined by the current strength, which is measured in Amperes (A). Typically, phones and smartphones charge at 1A, while more demanding tablets require 2A. These indicators should be guided by choosing a portable battery. Power Bank, by the way, can be equipped with two outputs. 1A and 2A. As a rule, such models have a decent amount. not less than 7 800 mAh. Such devices, of course, are more expensive, so the thought may arise of using an external battery with one output for servicing different devices. But such a decision is inconvenient and risky, since the discrepancy in the current indicators is harmful to the phone. And this is not to mention that the charging process itself will take longer in the case of a tablet.

Buying a Power Bank Without a Battery

For the most economical, it is recommended to purchase a separate Power Bank case and a battery. This option is beneficial for the reason that you can initially be sure of the reliability and characteristics of the battery. In turn, Power Bank will act only as a shell of the battery, providing interaction with the phone. True, there are also disadvantages to such a decision. The fact is that the portable battery for the phone in this case will work at a weak outgoing current strength. Consequently, it will take more time to charge. On the other hand, the owner will have the opportunity to change the battery to another, while maintaining the main Power Bank.

Manufacturers and prices

The importance of the quality of the charging device has been noted more than once. In many respects, the reliability, durability and operational properties of external power sources are determined by the manufacturer. According to experts, the most trusted are Korean models from LG and Samsung. Typically, sellers themselves do not hide the affiliation of batteries to these brands. If the manufacturer does not indicate at all in the marking or a little-known company appears in it, then it is better to refuse the purchase. It is also worth mentioning manufacturers specializing in the development of such devices. You can safely choose a portable external battery from the lines of Melkco, YooBao or Momax. As for the prices, they are quite accessible to the average user of a modern phone. Models with a capacity of 10,000 mAh or more usually cost 1.5-2 thousand rubles. By purchasing an option for 5,000 mAh, you can completely meet the 1 thousand rubles. And these prices, by the way, apply to models of company origin.

External Battery Reviews

Despite the fact that the user of a modern mobile device already has to use 2-3 additional accessories, there are not so many complaints about ergonomics when dealing with external charges. It should be noted and the merits of the manufacturers themselves, which endow the device with a stylish design and user-friendly interfaces. But there is criticism regarding the amount of energy that a portable battery provides. Reviews often note a mismatch between the real indicators stated. But, as already noted, it is worth focusing on official data only with an adjustment due to the difference in voltages.

Portable Phone Battery Which Is Better


The practice of use shows that external chargers greatly facilitate the lives of busy people. Such devices are independent of the outlet and require only connecting to the target gadget. In terms of performance, of course, a lot depends on the manufacturer. For example, a portable battery for a phone from Xiaomi Mi with a capacity of 10,400 mAh is able to save the smartphone owner from searching for an electrical outlet for a whole week under the condition of active use. Such devices are also good because they have a modest size and stylish design. even budget lines contain versions with an original appearance. Perhaps the most attractive options in this regard are distinguished by an aluminum case, which gives the device a solid appearance and protects the contents from external influences.