Play music on iPhone in the background

How to watch YouTube in picture-in-picture mode

Please note that the video will open in a new window. Thanks to this, you can also use the picture-in-picture mode, playing YouTube videos not only in the background, but also while performing other tasks.

Just click on the appropriate button, resize the window and enjoy without paying for a YouTube Premium subscription.

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How to listen to YouTube on iOS in the background and on the locked screen

While the mobile version of YouTube lacked the ability to play in the background for some time, it recently appeared, but only as a paid feature available as part of the YouTube Premium service. Needless to say, most users ignored the long-awaited innovation, refusing to pay for a dubious set of privileges. However, we know how to use this privilege, and it’s completely free.

The Quick Commands app, which Apple released last summer, will play YouTube videos in the background. Unfortunately, it remained incomprehensible to many users, some of whom did not even try to install it, let alone understand the peculiarities of its functioning. We hope that the ability to listen to YouTube in the background using Quick Commands will change your attitude.

How to Play YouTube on Lock Screen

Open YouTube in Safari and play the video you want;

Click on the “Share” button in the upper right corner and, having scrolled through the list of available actions, select “Quick commands”;

play, music, iphone, background
  • Then click on the Background YouTube command;
  • You can now exit Safari and continue playing by pressing the Play key in the Control Center.
  • Important: After minimizing Safari or locking the device, playback is paused. Therefore, in order to continue it, you need to re-initiate playback.

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    sashagusejnov2015, I mean, it works? The sound is muted if the device is locked. Picture-in-picture does not appear when minimizing the program


    The Tubex app is easy to use and has basic functionality. It allows you to search for various YouTube videos and playlists on YouTube. However, Tubex may only be available for an iOS device.

    Top 3 Best YouTube Background Playback Apps for Android Phone / iPhone

    Actually, you can use some YouTube background playback apps to help you play YouTube videos / music in the background. And in this part, we will introduce you 3 great apps and let you listen to YouTube.

    Minimize YouTube in foreground on Android phone or tablet

    Step 1 Open Mozilla Firefox or Chrome on your Android device and go to the YouTube site. Select “Continue in Browser” if asked to open a YouTube video in the YouTube app.

    Step 2 Search YouTube video / music that you like and play it. Find your browser settings by clicking the three-line or three-dot button in the YouTube video window.

    Step 3 Scroll down the screen and find the “request desktop version” option. The YouTube play page should reload to the PC version. Click Play and play the YouTube video in the minimized window in the foreground. You can now lock your screen or multitask, whatever.

    If you want to stop it, you need to go back to where you open the YouTube video as Android doesn’t have a control center. This method may not work for you due to Android version, browser or other reasons.

    How to listen to YouTube while leaving YouTube playing in the background

    There is no doubt that YouTube is becoming more and more popular. YouTube has over 4 billion viewers every day and provides a successful online video streaming service that allows users to watch videos, music, radio shows, and more on their computers, smartphones and tablets.

    Want to go to bed and listen to radio or YouTube music with your locked iPhone or Android smartphone? Want to switch to another app like Mail or Messages that supports playing YouTube videos / music in the background? Some of us prefer to listen to YouTube music, podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks. However, there are complaints that YouTube does not allow you to minimize the YouTube window and leave it in the background.

    Then how can you play YouTube in the background on Android / iOS devcie? You will appreciate YouTube background playback after reading this article.

    How to enable YouTube background playback without YouTube Red

    Not everyone wants to pay 10 a month for YouTube Red. Then how can you keep playing YouTube in the background and multitasking on Android or iPhone without a YouTube Red subscription? If you want to find an easier way to enable YouTube video / audio playback in the background, keep reading this part and find an easy way.


    FireTube. a great looking app that allows you to search and listen to the YouTube video you want. Whether you are on the app or not, this app allows you to leave YouTube playing in the background or with a locked screen. And it supports iOS and Android devices.

    There are other YouTube apps like Video Tube, Floating Tube, Tubee for YouTube, mTuber, Music Tube that can help you realize YouTube background playback.


    With this bot, you can search for songs by title or artist. You just need to enter your request, and the bot will send you a selection of songs that match it. After that, you can select the number you want and open it in the player. You can also add a song to the playlist by clicking on the like.

    How to listen to music through special bots

    If you get tired of listening to old songs, you can always find new music using Telegram channels. There are a lot of them for every taste.

    Some of the most popular bots are @vkm_bot and @BeatSpotBot. Learn more about how they work.

    play, music, iphone, background

    How to listen to music in Telegram offline and in the background

    In connection with the latest changes to the website, many users are looking for alternative ways to listen to music offline. We have previously written about how to listen to music in the background, and in this article we will tell you how you can do this in the Telegram application. You can listen to your favorite songs on your Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices. You can turn on the selected playlist, and then go into some kind of dialogue and chat with music, or just listen to music offline and in the background, while continuing to do your own thing or use other applications.

    Most users appreciated the social network. first of all, for a huge collection of free music. Recently, listening to music on the site has become completely inconvenient, and almost all functions are now paid.

    Telegram did not miss this opportunity, and in the latest version of the application, the player was updated for more convenient listening to music. This was done with the intention of making the application a worthy replacement for the social network

    Viewing track information and switching between tracks is much easier and faster.

    Now more about how this is done. You can listen to music in a telegram in two ways: send songs to yourself, or through special bots and channels.

    How to send music to yourself

    Listening to music this way is as easy as it sounds. There are two options.

    It is more convenient to send music in the Telegram version for the computer. there you can upload any files from any location to your personal chat, and then listen to songs from your phone.

      Open Telegram Desktop on your computer in a browser at or install the application:

  • Click on the three stripes in the upper left corner. You will see your name. Click on the cloud icon next to it.
  • Your personal chat will open. As usual, click on the “attach” button and then select the location of your songs and send them to yourself.
  • You will see that the song has appeared in the dialog and you can open it in the player. In addition, now you will find it in your personal chat if you go into it from the mobile application.

    It’s a little trickier in a mobile app. First, you need to copy songs to iCloud, and then upload them to the application as files, since songs from Apple Music or other applications cannot be attached to messages.

    How To Play Music On YouTube In Background iPhone (Solved-2020)

    • Sign in to iCloud Drive with your Apple ID.
    • Click on the cloud icon. 3. Select the song files you want to download. You can select several.

    You will see the files are uploaded to your iCloud Drive. You can also find them from your phone in the Files application and can upload them to Telegram.

    Similarly, you can upload files to iCloud by downloading and installing the program for your computer.

    After that, you need to open a dialog with yourself, which can serve as a repository of various files and documents.

    • Go to Contacts and click on your name at the very top. Your personal chat will open.
    play, music, iphone, background

    As in the usual dialog, click on the “attach file” icon and select iCloud File.

    Then choose the location of your files and find the song you want to upload to the app. Click on it and confirm the sending.

    Do the same for all the songs you want to add to your playlist.

    When done, just click on one of the tracks. The download will start, and then the song will open in the player, where you can turn it off, switch, rewind, make it louder, etc.


    The principle of operation of this bot is exactly the same, but it has a simpler and more convenient interface, and instead of a like there is a heart. In addition, it is possible to change the language or settings.

    Life hack: With the help of the above bots, you can search for songs not only by titles and artists, but also by genre, since it is often indicated in the names of tracks. Just send a message with the genre you are interested in and see what the bot finds for you.

    You can find bots with music of different genres yourself by searching for contacts or choose something from the list on the site. When you find a channel you like, just click start in the dialogue, and then the bot will do everything by itself.

    How to listen to music on on iPhone without restrictions (new way)

    Recently, the social network has introduced restrictions on listening to music through mobile applications. The main one is that users cannot listen to music for more than 60 minutes in the background. In this instruction, they talked about how to listen to music on without this limitation.

    Attention! The information in this manual is provided for informational purposes only. As die-hard Apple fans, we recommend listening to your music through the Apple Music streaming service.

    Why did introduce such a restriction??

    On October 1, 2017, the social network introduced a paid subscription to listen to music. The subscription is estimated at 149 per month. If the user does not have a subscription, then after an hour of listening to music in the background, he will receive the following notification.

    The introduction of a paid subscription to music has become a necessity for For several years the copyright holders have been struggling with the social network due to the fact that all music, without exception, was available on for free. The owners of the rights to music even threatened to completely ban music on the social network, which the administration, of course, did not want. Music is an integral part of the social network, without which its attractiveness in the eyes of users would definitely fall. The result of litigation with copyright holders was the introduction of a paid subscription to music.

    How to listen to music on on iPhone without restrictions (new way)

    Go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Date and time”.

    Uncheck the box “Automatic” in order to be able to select the date and time manually.

    Click on the line that appears with the current date.

    Set the date to yesterday. For example, if today is November 21, then you need to select November 20.

    Done! Immediately after setting a new date, music on will be available for listening in the background without any restrictions. You can change the date to the current one immediately, simply by checking the “Automatic” box. The next hour (and in some cases more) music from “” will be played in the background without any problems.

    How to listen to YouTube music in the background on a locked iPhone or iPad

    One of the easiest ways to listen to music in the background on an iOS device is to play YouTube videos and audio. However, as many have already noticed, with the release of the latest versions of the operating system, the ability to play music has undergone some changes.

    Recall that earlier you could turn on YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad, close the application, and the music continued to play in the background. Everything changed with the release of iOS 8, and now, in order to continue listening to songs, you need to use a different method.

    For starters, forget about the official YouTube app, as in order to play videos in the background, you will need to use the Safari browser and a trick that appeared in iOS 14 (an overview of all new features). It’s much easier than it sounds, and after doing it a few times, you’ll be able to switch to the background in no time.

    How to Activate YouTube Music and Video Playback in the Background on iPhone / iPad

    Background listening to YouTube in the background on iPhone and iPad is possible only in iOS 14 and, unfortunately, most likely, this feature will be closed in the future (but this is not certain). Therefore, if you have not yet installed iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPad, this feature can serve as an additional incentive.

    Open the Safari app (Safari, not YouTube), go to, select a video, or use search.

    Click the aA button in the search bar and select Request Desktop Website. The video page will be reloaded to the computer version of the YouTube site.

    Tap the video to play it full screen, then tap the Picture-in-Picture button in Safari.

    Lock your iPhone or iPad by pressing the side button. This step will temporarily pause playback.

    Tap the locked screen to activate it. The display will show the audio player window, in which the playing track from YouTube will be available.

    Click on the Play button. Lock the device with the side button. Music will continue to play.

    Unfortunately, you cannot listen to finished playlists in this way, so if you want to play another video, you need to return to Safari and do the whole procedure again.

    Listening to YouTube music on your smartphone. what does the service itself offer? (YouTube Premium)

    YouTube invites its users to subscribe to expand the functionality of the platform. per month. At the same time, users have the opportunity to use YouTube Premium for free for one month. The trial period allows you to familiarize yourself with additional features in advance.

    • Watch videos without ads.
    • Watch the video in the background (that is, when you open another application, the video will still play).
    • You can save videos to cache, and then play them in places where there is no Internet access.

    You can unsubscribe from a paid subscription at any time. But it is not at all necessary to pay, since there is a free application with similar functionality.

    How to listen to YouTube music in the background?

    On the YouTube platform, you can find many songs, live recordings, podcasts, lectures, and more. It is most convenient to listen to such content in the background, but the basic functionality of the most popular video hosting does not provide such an opportunity. However, there are several options at once that allow you to use additional YouTube features.

    Listening to YouTube music on your smartphone. paid and free ways

    Sometimes the tracks of your favorite artists are first released on YouTube, and then uploaded to social networks and other platforms. In addition, on social networks, the track at first may be of dubious quality, which cannot be said about YouTube.

    In addition, there are many lectures and podcasts on YouTube that are convenient to listen to, not watch. However, there is one problem: if you start a YouTube video from your smartphone, and then try to minimize the application or lock your smartphone, then the video clip will be automatically paused.

    How to play Youtube Music in background in iPhone����iOS 14. 13 (Screen Off While Using other Apps)

    How to use the MU app. free music app

    First, you need to download the application to your device from the Play Market and then launch it. The application was originally conceived as an audio player, therefore, on the start page, the user will be offered various musical genres.

    If you want to find a specific video, you need to go to the “Search” tab and make sure that the switch next to the word “YouTube” is active. Next, enter the name of the desired song or the blogger’s nickname in the search box, select a video and try to minimize the application.

    After trying to minimize the application, it will automatically require access to the ability to work on top of other programs. To do this, you will need to click on the “Allow” button, and then go to the settings and activate the “Show over other applications” function.

    After that, go back to the MU app, play the video, and try minimizing it again. After that, a small window will appear in the upper left corner, which can be dragged to any part of the smartphone screen. Now you can open social networks and instant messengers, and the video will still play.

    It is impossible to completely lock the smartphone screen while listening, but you can set the minimum brightness, which will be almost indistinguishable from the lock. To do this, expand the application and click on the lock icon located under the video. Swipe right to unlock the screen.

    How to listen to music via YouTube on a smartphone. an overview of available solutions

    This limitation can be circumvented both within the service and by using third-party applications. In the first option, the user needs to buy a YouTube Premium subscription. It allows you to use additional features, including background music listening. If a paid subscription is too expensive, you can use a special free application. Both options will be discussed in detail below.

    About the free MU app. free music app– features, advantages, disadvantages

    MU is an Android application that can be downloaded to a compatible device from the Play Market. This app resembles YouTube, but the functionality is poorer. However, if you are interested in one single function with which you can listen to music in the background, then this application is perfect.

    If the user wants to listen to music and at the same time sit, for example, on Instagram, then the MU program will collapse into a small window. You cannot completely remove this window, but you can position it anywhere on the smartphone screen.

    • It’s free.
    • You can listen to music and sit in instant messengers at the same time.
    • You can set the brightness to minimum and turn on the power saving mode (the smartphone screen will almost completely go out).
    • You cannot completely lock your smartphone.
    • Inline ads that can be turned off for a few hours by watching a promotional video.
    • The program window cannot be removed completely.
    • Sometimes in the background, videos switch with a long time interval.

    Conclusions and advice

    If you want to listen to your favorite YouTube songs in the background, this can be easily organized. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy a subscription to YouTube Premium (you can use it for free for 30 days), since there is an excellent free MU application. MU functionality is limited, but if you need to use YouTube as an audio player, then it is great.

    Simple and convenient

    Tube Master is another free app that was originally designed for listening to music. There are all kinds of tops, collections and playlists, you can view tops for other countries and create your own playlists.

    Background playback, picture-in-picture inside the program and gesture control (rewind and volume control with swipes) work.

    The rest of the Tube Master does not stand out among competitors, but it performs its functions regularly.

    The most expensive way

    The standard YouTube client is great at playing videos in the background, but this option is only available to subscribers of the YouTube RED service.

    For 9.99 per month, users get access to exclusive content, they can download videos for offline viewing and get the already mentioned ability to watch videos in the background.

    In any case, you can get a free month upon registration and evaluate all the advantages of a paid tariff plan. I myself, after connecting RED, rushed to wool “premium” videos, but from the wide variety I did not choose something interesting for myself.

    As a result, I did not give ten dollars a month just for background playback and video downloading.

    Cheaper and more functional

    Instead of an expensive subscription to the service, you can pick up a more functional client from the App Store. One of the best in this category is the ProTube app. Long ago replaced a standard client with it and I have no regrets.

    For this price, you get a great app with a more compact interface. In most cases, much more information will fit on the screen than the Google client. There is a choice of quality when watching over 3G \ LTE and Wi-Fi, a choice of a start screen, enabling safe search, a cool horizontal mode (iPhone Plus owners will appreciate it) and, of course, background playback.

    And in addition, we get the ability to change the speed of the video. This is useful when listening to webinars, lectures or audiobooks.

    The only drawback can be considered a separate from the standard list of watched videos. Videos watched in the app are not displayed in watched on a computer and vice versa.

    The most unexpected way

    One of the best third-party players for iOS. VOX can play music from YouTube. The option is not advertised anywhere, but the app does an excellent job of it.

    Inside VOX, there is no YouTube search, nor the ability to go to listening to the tops; to play it, you need to do the following:

    We open any YouTube client (you can use the standard one).

    We find a suitable playlist with music or audiobooks (you can search or create your own playlist) and click on the ellipsis.

    In the menu, select Share.

    Copy the link to the playlist.

    Open VOX and see an offer to start listening to the playlist using the copied link.

    It makes no sense to talk about all the advantages of VOX, it is one of the most popular third-party players for macOS and iOS. On its side is a powerful equalizer, nice design, convenient control and background playback.

    Now you know how you can consume content from YouTube and still do other things with your iPhone.

    Free offline

    The free NetTube app is geared towards being used as a YouTube music player. If the goal is to listen to music in the background, the application will be an excellent choice.

    There is nothing supernatural in the design of the program and its capabilities. You should only mark the download of videos for offline viewing.

    Among the shortcomings. the complete lack of parameters and the presence of advertising, which will not cause inconvenience only without a network connection.

    How to watch YouTube on iPhone in the background

    In the vastness of YouTube, you can find a lot of interesting and useful video and audio content. Many popular music performers upload their videos here, masters and trainers upload training videos, enthusiasts offer webinars and audiobooks.

    All this can not only be watched, but also simply listened to, however, the standard YouTube client is against playing in the background. For continuous listening, you need to keep the program running.

    There are several ways to consume YouTube content in the background, from paid subscriptions to free clients. Here are some popular and unexpected solutions:

    Artyom Surovtsev

    I love technology and everything connected with it. I believe that the greatest discoveries of humanity are yet to come!

    Use headphones with remote control

    If your headphones have a music remote control supported by iOS, then you are lucky and can not pay 149 a month and at the same time not dance with a tambourine for the background music playback. Just turn on any of the audio recordings and pause it. Then lock your phone and press the play button on the remote. Done: now you can listen to any songs without restriction. It is possible that will close this loophole, so we advise you to turn off the automatic update of this application in the App Store.

    Updated. If you use Airpods, then when the limit on listening to music in the background ends, double-tap on the earphone and playback will continue, despite the 30-minute limit. You can also do the same by pressing Play on the radio in the car, if you are used to listening to music via Bluetooth stereo systems.


    This application has the same principle of operation as VK Music, but everything is implemented much better. Uploading photos and videos is also carried out through the built-in browser, but the names are correct, and the download process is displayed in the “Downloads” menu, you can cancel it at any time. You cannot choose the video quality, as in the previous application.

    Music plays normally both when the app is open and when the phone is locked. Switching between tracks works. The only drawback is that Meloman does not support a horizontal interface, so watching videos through it is frankly inconvenient.

    Advertising is present only in the form of pop-up banners about once every 3-5 minutes. If you listen to it in the background, it is not a problem. The covers are loading, the player looks good overall. The only drawback is that the title is indicated in its entirety, and is not divided by the artist and, in fact, the name of the track.

    In general, of these two applications, Meloman definitely looks much more convenient and attractive, unless you plan to use it to watch videos offline.

    Download the old version of the client

    If you have an Android smartphone, then you can download the.APK file with the VK 4.8.3 client (the last one before the October 1 update). Uninstall the current version of the client, install 4.8.3 and prevent the application from updating automatically. On iOS without jailbreak, you can also install the old version, you can see more about this in our video. Note that web-downloaded.APKs may not be safe for your device, so only download apps from trusted sources.

    Listen via web version

    There is still no restriction on Although the browser version itself loses a lot to the application in terms of usability, if you only need music, then the web version is quite a good solution. There is only one downside to this method: sometimes you have to listen to commercials.

    Third party applications

    Consider a couple of popular applications that can be found in the App Store without problems and additional complex gestures: Capitan (aka VK Music) and Meloman.

    Method 3

    This method has ceased to be relevant

    1) Download the official Boom application from (no paid subscription required) 2) Listen to music in this application.

    What free ways exist

    recently, it became known that there are free ways to bypass this limitation (thanks to smart users). At the moment, 3 such methods are known. So, if you need to know how to remove restrictions on background music listening, read:

    In addition to the methods below, which still work, we wrote an article for you on how to download music from VK to iPhone and save it to the device’s memory for further offline listening. You can also just listen to songs without restrictions. All the details in that article.

    Perhaps many have already guessed, but for those who have not yet, I would like to tell you about a little life hack. In order to continue listening to music after the message about the restriction has appeared, we do the following things: go to the settings, in the auto-lock section, check the “Never” checkbox so that the phone screen does not lock and the music does not go into background listening mode.

    Further, so that the phone’s battery in this mode sits down much, much slower, set the screen brightness to a minimum and continue to enjoy the music on

    Yes, perhaps not everyone will like this method of circumventing the music restriction, but the main thing is that it solves it, and this is the most important thing. For example, if you listen to music in the car, then it will very much help to continue listening to your favorite music.

    Method 5

    The simplest, but paid1) We issue a monthly subscription for 149 2) We continue to listen to music without fear of the time limit.

    Free offline

    The free NetTube app is geared towards being used as a YouTube music player. If the goal is to listen to music in the background, the application will be an excellent choice.

    There is nothing supernatural in the design of the program and its capabilities. You should only mark the download of videos for offline viewing.

    Among the shortcomings. the complete lack of parameters and the presence of advertising, which will not cause inconvenience only without a network connection.