Photos Taken On Xiaomi Mi 9 Se

February 20 in China was held one of Xiaomi’s most anticipated presentations. The sensational flagship Mi 9 was shown, whose characteristics surprised even sophisticated fans. Smartphone received great design and top iron, but this is far from all of its features. Why is he so good. find out right now.


If you have not read our news before, did not follow the presentation of the new flagship company, then it is better to start the review of Xiaomi Mi 9 precisely with its brief characteristics.

As you can see, the brief data of the mobile device is already impressive. High-quality display, powerful processor and excellent cameras. key points that attract a new user. Let’s take a closer look at the device.


Photos Taken On Xiaomi Mi 9 Se

The smartphone looks quite sophisticated and truly stylish. The main design feature is in the glass back panel, under which a bright gradient shimmers. Also attracted by a reduced “drop” at the top of the screen and minimal frames.

According to representatives of the company, this model uses a special metal coating (similar to Huawei), which betrays a special overflow to the rear panel.


Photo by Mark Wilson

Device got great AMOLED screen with permission 2340 by 1080 pixels. The diagonal is 6.39 inch, which is the most relevant decision in 2019. A small display will not allow you to enjoy watchings and games, and a too bulky screen is not suitable for the road.

Sensors and a front camera are hidden in a miniature drop-shaped neckline. Framelessness was significantly increased. The working area of ​​the front of the smartphone is 91%. Recall that this indicator is higher only for the flagship Mi Mix 3.

The front panel is carefully protected from mechanical damage by tempered glass Gorilla glass 6. This eliminates the need to glue the film, so that the images will look even more juicy, fresh and saturated.


The frames of the device are made of metal, and full gradient back cover. The “chin” of the Mi 9 is less noticeable, as is the earpiece built right into the top face. The fingerprint sensor is located under the screen. Below you can find a modern and convenient Micro USB Type-C connector.

The dimensions of the Mi 9 are 157.5 x 74.67 x 7.61 mm, weight. 173 grams. The main color schemes are gradient, and it is pale pink, blue and black.

Alas, Mi 9 can not boast of stereo speakers, but the sound is generally good. The sound is loud and clear, and there is virtually no interference or noise. The test results from the Gsmarena website are as follows: