Photo Processing On Apple iPad Pro

Just a couple of years ago, no one would have thought of considering the iPad as a working tool and comparing it with a MacBook. This year, the MacBook Air line has already become a classic and added a new MacBook, which made the choice of a compact laptop even more difficult. And now they are on their heels iPad Pro. How to choose the device suitable for you from this variety, we will tell below.


Perhaps we will not consider the 11-inch version of the MacBook Air, but the 13-inch is in the same class with the MacBook and iPad Pro. The dimensions of all devices are approximately the same, the differences of several millimeters are absolutely insignificant, only the weight differs, and even for laptops. The difference of 400 grams will be noticeably noticeable, not to mention the iPad Pro, which for its size weighs just like a feather.

Photo Processing On Apple iPad Pro
IPad Pro Macbook MacBook Air 13 ″
Dimensions 305 × 220 mm 280 × 196 mm 330 × 227 mm
Thickness 6.9 mm from 3.6 to 13 mm from 3 to 17 mm
Weight 723 g 920 g 1.34 kg

If you value mobility above all, and weight is a determining factor for you, then the choice is obvious. Even taking into account the weight of the external keyboard, the iPad Pro leaves its competitors far behind.

Iron and performance

It may not be entirely correct to compare the characteristics of the iPad Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air 13 with each other, but we will try. All three devices belong to the class of compact ones, and high performance for them is not a priority by definition. However, the most powerful is, of course, the MacBook Air, which has a more “adult” processor and graphics. At the presentation, Apple praised the new A9X processor installed in the iPad Pro, claiming that it not only can compete in performance with desktop ones, but also surpasses them. Is this so, we will only know reliably after real tests, when the new product will appear on sale.

IPad Pro Macbook MacBook Air 13 ″
CPU A9X, 2 cores Intel Core M 1.1 or 1.2 GHz, 2 cores Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz or Core i7 2.2 GHz
Memory 4 GB 8 GB 4 or 8 GB
Graphic arts Intel HD 5300 1.5 GB Intel HD Graphics 6000 1.5 GB
Storage capacity 32 or 128 GB 256 or 512 GB 128, 256, 512 GB

It is very difficult to give any recommendations on this point: to notice a special difference in speed when performing the same tasks will be difficult if you do not take into account specific heavy programs. However, those who sometimes induLGe in, in addition to office work, Photoshop, for example, should still look towards the MacBook Air with a “full-format” filling.


With displays, on the contrary, everything is extremely clear. The coolest is the iPad Pro, here both the resolution and pixel density are much higher, plus it is also touch-sensitive (except that there is no 3D Touch). With a slight lag, there is a MacBook with a Retina display and a slightly smaller diagonal, and closes the top three MacBook Air 13 with an already outdated matrix with the lowest pixel density.

IPad Pro Macbook MacBook Air 13 ″
Diagonal 13 inch 12 inch 13.3 inch
Resolution 2732 × 2048 2304 × 1440 1440 × 900
Pixel density 264 ppi 226 ppi 128 ppi

If at work it is important for you to display text and photo printing quality, you need to choose only iPad Pro and MacBook with Retina-display. On the MacBook Air 13, you can also successfully work, but low resolution will still make itself felt.


The battery life will vary depending on the load, but the MacBook Air 13, in view of the capacious battery, will turn out to be longer in any case. The autonomy of any of the devices is enough for a full day, but for more demanding tasks, Air is still more suitable. Although, if necessary, the iPad Pro and MacBook can be charged with an external USB-battery, which, unfortunately, you can not do with the MacBook Air.

IPad Pro Macbook MacBook Air 13 ″
Average working time 10 hours 9 hours 12 hours

If you need a long-running workhorse, then it makes sense to consider the MacBook Air. For those for whom a couple of hours of work the weather does not do, it is better to choose between iPad Pro and MacBook, depending on preferences.

Circle of tasks

The capabilities of the tool are largely predetermined by the OS, so it is not surprising that the MacBook and MacBook Air with OS X on board are capable of solving a much larger range of tasks. You can also view documents, write texts, edit tables and make presentations on the iPad Pro, but for a more or less serious photo and processing, you need a MacBook.

The more serious the tasks, the more you should think about the MacBook Air, which provides not only better performance, but also greater autonomy under load. Perhaps in time, when developers of specialized software make versions for the iPad Pro, it can also be considered as a working tool for image and processing. But at the moment, the MacBook is more functional.


The App Store has a huge number of text editors, office applications, email clients and other programs, not to mention collaboration tools, instant messengers and social networking clients. What is missing there are professional programs, which so far are only available for desktop platforms. As in the previous paragraph, the situation with the software is exactly the same: the MacBook and MacBook Air stand head and shoulders above the iPad Pro.

If any specific software that is not available on iOS is vital for you, you will have to refuse to use the iPad Pro, no matter how beautiful it is.


The capabilities of the MacBook and MacBook Air are approximately the same, but there are still differences. The MacBook Air has more ports, but the MacBook has a Force Touch trackpad. Both laptops can be connected to an external display, although this feature is unlikely to be used often with a mobile use case.

IPad Pro, in addition to the LTE-module and a stylus, boasts the presence of Touch ID, good cameras and an improved audio system. With the proprietary Smart Keyboard, it turns into almost the same laptop as its “older brothers”, unless you can’t work while holding it on your lap, and there will also be no backlighting.

If these points are important to you, you should consider them when choosing.


So we come to the most interesting. MacBook and MacBook Air 13 are available for sale, iPad Pro will appear only in November, and will get to Russia later. At the current ruble exchange rate, we assume that the cost of the tablet starts at about 54,000 rubles. Without a Smart Keyboard, it simply will not be able to compete with the MacBook and MacBook Air 13, so we can safely add another 11,000, totaling already 65,000 rubles, and for the minimum model with a storage capacity of 32 gigabytes. This is rather frivolous, so for comparison you need to take at least a 128-gigabyte Wi-Fi version, which will be released at about 75,000 rubles with a keyboard.

IPad Pro Macbook MacBook Air 13 ″
Price from 799, keyboard. 169, stylus. 99 from 106 990 rubles from 69 990 rubles

If you do not take into account the outdated MacBook Air 13 ″ display, then it can be called the best option for the price-quality criterion. But Retina makes adjustments. This is a thing worth paying for, so depending on the set of applications you use, the choice narrows down to two options: a more affordable iPad Pro or an expensive MacBook with a full desktop OS.

Who is the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is just the perfect tool for people who value mobility and are willing to pay for an excellent user experience for even the most basic tasks. Those who are accustomed to act on the go and get involved in work anywhere. If your everyday set of working tools does not contain applications that do not have mobile counterparts, iPad Pro will satisfy all your needs, including creative ones (the stylus will help with this).

Unfortunately, it’s too early for professionals to switch to the iPad Pro due to the lack of specialized tools.

Who is the MacBook for?

For users who do not want to compromise, for whom not only mobility is important, but also a desktop OS with a wider range of applications for work, it is definitely worth paying attention to the MacBook. Apple combined all the advanced technologies in it, removing unnecessary and making it a niche tool for people demanding in terms of quality of user experience, whose work does not imply the performance of resource-intensive tasks.

Who should use the MacBook Air 13 ″

MacBook Air 13 ″ still remains an “air” laptop. It is quite lightweight, compact and has excellent autonomy when performing even relatively complex tasks. Yes, its screen looks frankly outdated compared to the MacBook or iPad Pro, it does not have an innovative Force Touch trackpad, but all this does not prevent it from being an excellent workhorse for almost any everyday task. And an additional advantage is a more affordable price.