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Top 5 programs for recording from an android screen Free Download

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See the top 4 programs for recording from the android screen WITHOUT ROOT RIGHTS! Download for free

See the top 5 navigators for android! (


5) Screencast Recorder. an excellent program records from an android screen, it will help you shoot high quality and large FPS in MPEG4 format, so to speak Fraps but for android. The application contains a gallery for viewing, renaming, playing, deleting and sharing previously captured. It is possible to record sound to through a microphone!)

4) AZ Screen Recorde
(No time limit. Recording can be stopped and resumed. Users can start / stop / pause / resume recording in one action. Using the floating panel, users can easily start recording from any screen of any application.
Easy to view / share / delete recordeds)

3) Shou TV:
(The Shou.TV program is a streaming service for mobile devices. Yes, this is a full-fledged mobile Twitch TV, where you can broadcast to other people everything that is happening on your mobile device screen. Of course, the service is mainly used for broadcasting games.
The Shou.TV application can not only fully broadcast everything from your screen to other people, but also simply record individual moments for subsequent publication as a separate, which is quite convenient. Recall that the function of “legal” recording from the screen of a mobile device appeared only in Android 5.0 Lollipop, in another case, root access is required.)

2) Rec.:
(Rec. Is a beautiful screen-recording application that provides enhanced performance and non-tied access to the screenrecord features introduced in Android 4.4 Kit Kat; neatly packaged in a customizable, intuitive user interface.)

1) SCR Screen Recorder:
(SCR Screen Recorder. An application that allows you to record excellent qualitys directly from your phone or tablet! To achieve good quality screen recording on any device, SCR Screen Recorder uses hardware accelerated encoding. This application can boast not only excellent and high-quality recording, but also with Tegra support, including Nexus 7. Also, the application monitors and collects anonymous statistics for error tracking and analysis. This software uses unchanged FFmpeg 1.2 license code uemy under the LGPL.)

✓ Programs that participated in the creation of the:
1) Photoshop (Photoshop CS6)
2) Audacity
3) Sony Vegas Pro 13

✓ Filmed on:
1) SCR Screen Recorder
2) Rec.
3) AZ Screen Recorde

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