Phone Shows Charging

Some of the iPhone users may encounter a situation when their smartphone simply does not charge when the charger is connected, and the cause of this dysfunction may be the reasons for both the hardware and software levels. In this article I will tell you what to do if the iPhone does not charge, but shows that it is charging, I will describe the causes of this problem and the features of the methods for solving it.

  • IPhone does not charge. Hardware reasons
  • IPhone not charging. Software reasons
  • How to fix iPhone charging problem
  • error correction illustration

Phone Shows Charging

IPhone does not charge. Hardware reasons

The reasons that the iPhone does not charge, but shows that the following are charging:

  • Damage (breakdown) of the cable. If your cable was damaged (physical wear and tear, animals, children, etc.) then you will not be able to charge your iPhone, and in some cases, although you will see signs of charging, it will not happen de facto;
  • Damage to the charging port (Lightning). Usually caused by physical wear, as well as strong (sharp) movements of the user when connecting / disconnecting the cable;
  • Clogged port with mud. During the long-term use of the phone, its stay on various fleecy (dirty) surfaces, the socket may become clogged with small pieces of wool, dirt, dust and other things, which leads to insufficient contact of the cable plug with the port;

Mud clogged port

  • There is a problem with the charger. Your device for some reason (physical wear or incomplete compliance with the declared characteristics) does not give the declared charging parameters (usually 5V and 1A), and this leads to various problems with charging the smartphone. Especially these are the devices of little-known manufacturers (the so-called “noname”);
  • Battery problem (usually wear). Over time, the battery runs out of life and requires replacement. If you use your iPhone for a long time, or purchased it with your hands, then it is likely that the battery of your device has exhausted its resource;

IPhone Battery Wear

  • Physical damage to the telephone circuit board. If your phone received any physical damage, fell, or experienced any other mechanical impact, then it is quite possible they negatively affected its functionality, including the possibility of charging it;
  • Problems with the controller responsible for charging the phone.

IPhone not charging. Software reasons

Among the reasons why it is impossible to charge an iPhone, there are also reasons for the program feature, and some experts call them prevailing. The main software reason is a malfunction in the software (at the smartphone firmware level), which for some reason does not give a command to the phone controller to charge, because charging simply does not occur.

Also, the reason why the iPhone refuses to charge is because the user uses incorrect (custom) firmware in their device (similar firmware is available for the first-generation iPhone versions, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4Rev A).

How to fix iPhone charging problem

So, if you have a situation that your iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging, then do the following:

  • Try to completely discharge your device, and then charge it;
  • Hard reset your device. Hold the On / Off and Home buttons while the unit is turned on, and hold until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears again on it (it may take 30 seconds). After rebooting, try charging the smartphone again;

Hard reset iPhone

  • Try using your cable with a different iPhone. If charging still does not happen. Replace the cable;
  • If during movement of the cord connected to the port, the charging turns on, then turns off. It is quite possible that the port will not contact or simply broken. Replace the port in the service center;
  • Turn off your phone, grab a wooden toothpick and gently collect rubbish accumulated in the socket. Do the procedure as gently and accurately as possible so as not to damage the contacts. In no case do not use any material that conducts well current (for example, a metal pin), you can close the contacts and cause harm to your device;
  • Try your charger with a different iPhone. If charging still does not happen. Replace (repair) the charger;
  • IPhone Charger

    • Recover through iTunes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, click on “Device” in the upper left, then click on “Backup” and wait for the procedure to complete. Then click on Restore and wait for the process to complete;
    • Check the service center for the charge controller (or bottom loop). If your iPhone does not charge, quickly loses its charge, gets very hot, then this may be an indicator of the controller’s “guilt”. If the controller fails. Repair it (replace);
    • Replace the battery. If you use the phone for a long time, the battery could run out of life. Replace it.
    • Contact your nearest service center, a significant damage to the board of your smartphone may be guilty due to any accidental physical impact.

    error correction illustration

    Above, I listed the reasons why the iPhone is not charging but shows that it is charging, and also listed what to do in this situation. A good option is a complete reset (hard reset) of the device, as well as cleaning the port of the smartphone from dirt accumulated there. If you tried all the options, but nothing helps, then contact the nearest service center. Perhaps the problem of poor charging is located in the device’s board itself, and your device needs a thorough repair.

    Problems with charging a smartphone can be called one of the most unpleasant. If the android phone does not charge, the power goes on, but the charge does not increase, the owner has many questions, and often such situations lead to inconvenience of use and the final discharge of the device. What to do in such cases, as well as the causes of such malfunctions, are discussed in our article.

    Android phone does not charge: what to do

    The simplest and often the right solution is to check the battery. The service life of most batteries is up to three years, after which the device often starts to discharge, and a full charge is not enough even for a day. In smartphones and tablets with removable batteries, a similar problem is solved by replacing it. Difficulties may arise in acquiring a new one, because the device is in fact already considered obsolete (even a year after the purchase), therefore it is better to contact the service center of the device manufacturer. Non-removable batteries must also be replaced, but finding the right item is much more difficult.

    Another common problem is loosening the charging socket. This factor is influenced by careless operation, the habit of charging the smartphone “on the go”, as well as the factory defect of the device. Replacing the connector does not take much time, but it is better to perform this procedure in the service center.

    Android phone does not charge up to 100 percent

    Why is the phone not charging, although it shows that Android is charging? In such situations, it is necessary to calibrate the battery. This is done in order to increase its resource and service life. A similar algorithm is effective for new devices, but the already used gadget will also help a little “cheer up”.

    What needs to be done for this:

    • Discharge the device completely until the charge becomes critical.
    • Connect your smartphone to a network charger. Charge the battery to the maximum level.
    • Discharge the device to a minimum again during the day.
    • Carry out a full charge.
    • Repeat the discharge. Charging cycle several times (usually three to five) in a row.

    If you have questions to the controller, namely: the battery is incorrect, you need to keep the smartphone on charge for an extra hour or a half, so that the level exactly matches the maximum value. If charging interruptions occur regularly, it is advisable to take the newly purchased device to a service center.

    Why the battery on the Android phone does not charge

    If the Android phone does not charge, what to do, if it shows that the charging is in progress, but in fact not, it is important to correctly diagnose the problem. It can be not only the battery, but also the controller. To determine such a problem, you must give the phone for diagnosis. The wizard will take measurements of the input voltage, check the power supply circuit and the message with the battery. At home, system errors can be eliminated by resetting to factory settings, as well as flashing the device. You can check the type of errors in safe mode. If the device responds normally and takes charge, then the above methods will help.

    In case of malfunctioning electronics or poor contact of electrical circuits, the operation of the device in safe mode will also be with errors. In this case, only professional repair can help with the replacement of faulty parts if necessary.

    Charging is on, but the phone is not charging Android: a solution

    Summing up, there are several ways to solve the problem with charging the device. If the above methods do not work, the best option would be to contact a service center for professional help.

    How to solve charging problems:

    • After purchase, calibrate the battery according to the proposed algorithm.
    • A failed battery should be replaced with a new one.
    • Check the power cord, replace if necessary with a suitable one.
    • Check power socket, replace if necessary.
    • Do not use a usb cable from another model or as a charger.
    • Prevent permanent discharge of the device less than 10%.

    What to do if the phone does not charge and Android does not turn on, the main reasons and methods for eliminating such malfunctions are discussed in our article. A similar situation can be encountered if the smartphone is already old enough, or the battery was not sufficiently calibrated at the beginning of use. The problem may be in the power cord, as well as the shaky charging socket. The information in our article will help to find out a possible malfunction and solve it at home.

    If you have any questions. Let us know Ask a question

    The rapid loss of charge on communications means the owners of serious inconvenience. If your mobile phone does not charge, you can always find the cause of the malfunction and correct the situation. And in cases when the mobile phone is not charging either from charging or from the USB port, it is recommended to contact the workshop for repair or replacement of individual parts.

    Mobile phone not charging

    When the phone does not charge, you have to deny yourself many of the usual entertainment: calling friends, watching clips, visiting your favorite sites. The estimated service life of modern batteries rarely exceeds two years, and the first symptom foreshadowing an early replacement of this part is a too quick discharge of the phone and problems with charging.

    There are several options for the malfunction. In some cases, the device does not charge from the charger, in others. From USB, in the third. It shows the process of charging the battery on the screen, but in the end it is only 10-20% charged. Many owners immediately purchase a new battery, but do not rush: in some cases, the battery can last for a long time, and the cause of the malfunction lies in the connector, charger cord or oxidation of the contacts.

    The phone shows charging but does not charge

    If, when connected to an energy source, the phone shows charging, but does not charge, the first thing to check is which applications are running at that moment. You may have forgotten to turn off your mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, or game. At the same time, the device can consume more power than it does when charging, especially when using the USB port. When charging is in progress and the phone is not charging, a non-original charger may also be the cause. Cheap copies from China can do serious harm to the battery, and the charging process turns into a lottery with unpredictable results. Therefore, it is much more profitable to purchase an original charge, with which you can recharge your mobile at any time. If you use a high-quality device, the failure may be due to a partial violation of the integrity of the cable. Internal damage can be invisible, so there is only one way to check. Take another charger.

    The phone does not charge via USB

    Owners of laptops and computers often combine business with pleasure: they use a USB port to charge the phone. However, it may well happen that this method will only bring disappointment. The phone does not charge from USB in several cases:

    • The connector is too loose;
    • Contact oxidation has occurred;
    • The wire is broken;
    • The battery is unusable;
    • The battery is incorrectly calibrated.

    If the phone does not charge via USB, try to “feed” it using the outlet. For this purpose, it is worth using a charger recommended by the manufacturer, and if you do not have one, an adapter. The process will go much faster.

    Sometimes it can help to connect to another port, because the inputs of a laptop or computer can also be malfunctioning. And sometimes the cause of the problem is inattention: if you have not fully inserted either of the two ends of the cable, charging the phone will be impossible, because contact is not provided.

    Notebook owners are also advised to check if the laptop is plugged in. If the device is running on battery power, the system often blocks the use of USB ports. As long as you have at least one way to recharge your phone’s battery, don’t worry. However, it is important to constantly monitor the condition of the battery itself and not use it when the slightest signs of deformation appear.

    Why it does not charge. The main reasons

    Is it possible to independently determine why the battery on the phone is not charging? If you decide not to contact the master yet, you can eliminate several potential causes of the malfunction yourself. To determine why the battery on the phone is not charging, carefully examine the connector. If the owner has the habit of leaving the smartphone on charge all night, sometimes you can notice a color change in the area of ​​the connector. This may indicate that it regularly overheated, so it is quite possible that the contacts were oxidized or deformed. In such cases, it is advised to wipe them very carefully with alcohol.

    The next step is to inspect the battery. The appearance of swelling can be determined by putting the battery on the table and twisting it. A working battery fits snugly against the surface so that no rotation will occur. Faulty will rotate easily. As soon as there is a violation of the shape of the battery, it should be replaced immediately: charging the device fully does not work anyway. And with further use, the battery case may crack, the contents will fall onto the board, and then the mobile will only have to throw it away.

    Not charging. What to do

    A problem with charging the battery can occur at any time. What to do if the phone does not charge? First, try to charge the device in the off state and make it one of your habits. In case of failure, experts recommend contacting friends with the same cellular model and try using their charger or cord to connect to the computer. If this operation was successful, buy yourself a new charge and cord.

    If your device does not charge even from someone else’s charge, then you will need the help of a qualified specialist. Wizards from the service center have all the necessary spare parts and equipment to find the cause of the problem and repair the power circuit, connector or battery controller of the phone that is not charging.

    It is worth considering that the phone battery is not being repaired: this part will have to be replaced. It is worth giving preference to original spare parts, because they are ideally suited to the needs of a particular model.

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