Phone Shows Charging But Does Not Turn On

Apple specialists managed to create convenient, fast and reliable iPhone smartphones, which have gained popularity among millions of people around the world. But, despite the high level of reliability, breakdowns in them still happen. If the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, this may indicate a malfunction of its electronic circuit. Let’s try to understand the causes of such symptoms and find out what actions we can take in this case.

Battery Check

If the mobile device is charging, but does not want to turn on, this may indicate a problem with the battery. The peculiarity of the iPhone smartphone is that it uses a non-removable battery. we can not pull it out and test it.

In this case, we may suspect that the discharge is too deep, so the battery needs to be checked somehow. It remains to leave the device on charge for the night, trying to start the iPhone in the morning. This procedure is often used to eliminate the effects of deep discharge of batteries.

While charging for a long time, the battery will replenish its capacity and gain the necessary amount of energy. In the case of a removable battery, it could be “dispersed” by an external power supply or a “frog”, but in the case of the iPhone, one can only wait and hope.

Non-removable batteries are present in all iPhone smartphones, including the iPhone 5s, 7, 8 and X. If the battery in your device is removable, then you have a fake in your hands.

Charger Check

Does your iPhone show that it is charging but not turning on? The problem may lie in too low a charging current. As a result, a discharged battery cannot gain enough charge to start the smartphone. We have no way to get into the smartphone with a multimeter and check the charge current. But what prevents you from using a known-good charger?

To check the memory, follow these steps:

  • Find a known-good charger that successfully charges other smartphones;
  • Connect the current iPhone to the charger;
  • Leave it overnight.

Please note. if after such a charge there is a rapid discharge of the battery, contact the service center for a replacement battery.

Charge problems are often observed when using non-original chargers made by third-party manufacturers. If you want to avoid such problems, use only genuine accessories manufactured under the Apple brand name. The same applies to fashionable “magnetic” cables with magnetic connectors. they can cause too low a charging current (due to corrosion of the contacts or small diameter of conductors in the cable.

IPhone Recovery

If the iPhone charges, but does not turn on, restore it via DFU mode. To do this, leave the smartphone on charge until the morning (so that it can take the maximum charge). In the next step, we need a computer with iTunes installed.

We connect the smartphone to the computer, hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons, press 10 seconds, release the power button and, while continuing to hold “Home”, wait another 15 seconds. At this time, iTunes should report the discovery of a recovery-ready iPhone. We confirm our intentions and wait for the results. Next, try to turn on your smartphone.

We have already written about the procedures for restoring and flashing iPhone in our reviews. use the site search and get the information you need.

In newer versions of the iPhone lacking the Home button (here it is touch-sensitive), DFU mode is activated in the following way:

  • Press the volume up button and immediately release;
  • Press the volume down button and immediately release;
  • Press the side button and wait until the apple appears on the display of the device.

Next, proceed to recovery.

Phone Shows Charging But Does Not Turn On

Repair iPhone

Your iPhone 6s does not turn on and does not charge? Such a fate can befall not only the 6s model, but also any other Apple smartphone models. If the device does not show signs of life, does not respond to a long night charge and does not start even when you try to enter recovery mode, you must contact the service center. Here, experts will bring it to life. most likely, your motherboard has a malfunctioning motherboard, self-repair in this case is impossible.