Phone Problems Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Phone Problems Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a relatively new product and is in high demand due to its excellent characteristics at a normal price. Any smartphone has certain problems and in this regard, Redmi Note 3 is no exception.

Users already receive complaints about problems with hardware and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 program, and we selected the following ones for analysis. The latest firmware version for this smartphone is MIUI 7.0 ver 7.0.19LHNCNCJ, if you have one, then many problems have already been removed.

Problems with Wi-Fi connection of Redmi Note 3.

This problem especially arose during OTA (via the Internet) flashing with some improvement in the performance of these phones, but also with the introduction of the problem of frequent disconnection from Wi-Fi. In this case, the phone’s modem has nothing to do with it, it is a software problem and it can only be removed by updating the program. Changing the phone would not be a good solution.

Solution: Some users who did not update the firmware have no problems. Those who still have a problem with Wi-Fi will have to wait until Xiaomi sets another update.

Redmi Note 3 freezes in Baby mode

Children’s mode is really useful if you pass the phone to children, because at the same time there is no access to most applications and confidential content. But with the Children’s mode, a big problem arises. you can’t deactivate it.

Why? Because you cannot get into Settings. The Child Mode switch is built into Redmi Note 3 Settings and in order to get there you have to look for workarounds.

Solution: You need to enter Settings. One of such methods is a long press of the power button, switching to Airplane mode and from there try to go to any Internet page. which will show you a browser error. But it will also allow you to go to Network Settings, and from there you can go to Settings. Another solution is to install the Launcher program: You need to connect Redmi Note 3 to the computer using the MiPCSuite program and find this launcher program (The launcher) through the browser. Launcher usually gives you the option to enter Settings.

The problem of GPS location Redmi Note 3 on Google Maps.

This, of course, is not a typical problem, but some users complained about a problem with Redmi Note 3 GPS when working with Google Maps. When checking GPS Fix or GPS Test, their location is shown, but Google Maps freezes and does not determine the location at all.

Solution: You could get confused with permissions for working with applications, and therefore you need to go to the Phone Security application and check if GPS permission is given for working with Google Maps. If there was a ban, then you have found a solution. If the problem remains, then this is a compatibility issue, which Xiaomi knows about and you will have to wait for the update from Xiaomi.

Redmi Note 3 cannot receive SMS.

Recently, several users spoke about the problem of receiving SMS messages on their phone while they themselves could normally send messages. This is a rather curious, but also serious problem, since people constantly use the Messages application. You do not even realize that some messages are lost in the fog and you do not receive them.

Solution: There is no solution on your part. At one of the forums, we read the answer that the problem can only be solved by updating the firmware, which will soon be available.

Scratches on the screen of Redmi Note 3.

There is no data from Xiaomi about screen protection. The only way out is to use additional protection with a cover or tempered glass on the screen.

Something else?

In any case, we are sure that Xiaomi is working on software updates and most of the problems that users face will be fixed in the near future.

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