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What to do if the phone has stopped network reception

Today it is impossible to do without a means of communication. It is not enough to have a modern smartphone, which has a lot of additional functions. The main thing is that the device is properly connected to the operator. However, almost every gadget occasionally fails to connect to the network. They appear for different reasons. Let’s consider in detail the most common of them.

Connecting the old SIM-card (if it has not been used for a long time, it is likely that it was blocked); Enabling “In-plane” mode (connection to the operator is automatically blocked when the function is activated); Using a damaged SIM (if you often move the SIM card, its contacts may be damaged, resulting in the lack of connection).

To rule out the above causes, you only need to check the activation of the “On Airplane” mode and try to insert a new SIM card into the device. If its replacement did not give the proper result and the connection is not restored, then things are bad.

Phone bought in China can’t get a network.

What phone do you have?? If you bought your phone from China and it, for example, does not receive 3G or 4G. then the whole problem is that the frequencies in China and Russia do not match, here you can not do anything. That’s why everyone advises to buy phones from abroad with European firmware and with European standards of connection, which, as you probably know, are different from those used in Asian countries.

Very common problem. After installing custom firmware, such as CyanogenMod, OmniRom and others the cellular network stops working. The whole problem is that the firmware has settings for other frequencies, for example, as we wrote above. for the Asian countries.

If you had signal reception before the firmware version, you need to choose the following settings. To do this, go to your phone (dialer) and enter the code: ##4636##, you will get to the engineering menu of the Android operating system. Go to your phone info, scroll to the middle, click on the radio off button, and then select from the drop-down list to set the preferred network type to GSM Auto, WCDMA preferred or WCDMA Only.

GSM Auto. the phone will find the best network coverage and select the necessary frequency, for example 2G/3G/4G.

WCDMA Preferred. will try to use 3G by default, wherever possible.

WCDMA Only. always use 3G. By the way, this option does not work on some phones, for example Meizu.

If after selecting one of the three options, you still see the old option. do not panic. The desired option is selected and already saved.

Then press the radio button again.

Reboot your device, after rebooting your smartphone you should have the network again. If it did not happen. write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we’ll try to figure it out.

And finally, I want to say that if the engineering menu has not helped you and with another SIM card Android still does not get network reception, it may be the case in the antenna or radio module. In this case you need to give the device to the service center for diagnostics.

How to eliminate the malfunction

It is important to understand what you need to do if your phone has poor network reception:

  • The antenna is not repairable, you will need to replace it with a new one.
  • If you suspect that the power amplifier is faulty, it is better to contact a service center. It is necessary to check the functionality of the other elements, as well as for the inevitable replacement of the amplifier, if the cause is still in it.
  • With the faulty radio contact you can also cope only by contacting a specialist. It is not possible to make a replacement at home, because it has too many elements, incomprehensible to a person without technical knowledge.
  • To check whether the SIM card is to blame for the poor connection, you must first remove and put it in the “slot” anew. If the signal becomes good for a while, then the problem is definitely in it. You can also borrow someone else’s SIM card and test. If the problem is confirmed, go to a cellular service center and replace the card. This can be done while saving the number.
  • When the software has failed, you can try to reset the phone. If this does not help, then the next attempt to reset to factory settings. This will erase all unnecessary data and errors, if any. If you can not cope with it yourself, you will have to go to the service center. The specialists will update the software and replace the defective parts at the same time.
  • If the signal level is low in a certain area of the city or in the countryside, you can go to the service center and find out if there is really a “gap” in that area. If this is the case, and you have to spend most of your time in these places, it is worth switching to another operator. Choose the one who does not have problems with the signal level.
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In order not to suffer from the lack of cellular communication, it is important to handle the phone carefully, not to get it wet and not to drop it. But if you can not keep your phone from damage, you can take it to the repair shop, specialists who will find the problem and solve it in the shortest possible time.

The main reasons why the mobile network can be unavailable and what to do

The main reasons why a mobile network may be unavailable, and what you should do:

  • Malfunction in the device. Probably there was a glitch in the work of the operating system on your device. However, the Internet can work. What to do : in this case you need to reboot your phone/tablet.
  • Badly installed SIM-card. If the SIM-card is poorly installed, loosely seated in the slot, it can lead to the fact that the phone will not catch the network and will display the message: “Mobile network is unavailable”. What to do: Remove and reinsert the SIM card.
  • The SIM card is blocked. In certain situations, the operator can block the card. What to do: contact your operator.
  • SIM card is damaged. A damaged SIM card will also cause connection problems. What to do : replace the SIM card.
  • Poor connection to the mobile network. When registering the SIM card in the cellular network, the newer type of connection is preferred. That is, if the SIM-card can catch 3G and 4G network, the preference will be given to 4G network. And the quality of 4G connection may be worse. Because of this there are problems and the following message appears: “Mobile network is unavailable”. What to do: In this case, go to the phone settings and manually set the correct connection type. Video at the end of the article will show how to do it.
  • serious problems with the operation system (iOS, Android). Over time, in the work of the device can appear different kinds of problems, errors, conflicts with other applications, the consequences of viruses. What to do: Reset your phone to the factory settings. How to do this for a specific model must be found out on the site of the manufacturer of the phone or tablet.
  • Incorrectly set mobile network. In the settings of the phone can be incorrectly set mobile network. What to do: if frequently or constantly at a call gives out the message “The chosen mobile network is not available” or “The chosen mobile network is not available”, it is necessary to set automatic choice of a network in options of phone.
  • Bad firmware. It is also possible that the phone firmware is bad. What to do: you can either reflash the mobile device yourself or go to a service center.
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In order to identify the cause of the problem, it is desirable to do the following:

  • Insert another SIM-card into your phone, this will allow you to exclude or detect the phone malfunction;
  • Insert your SIM card into another phone, this will rule out or detect SIM card malfunction.

I advise to watch the video, which explains in detail what to do if the mobile network is unavailable and why it happens:

I hope that the article “Why the phone writes mobile network is unavailable and what to do” was useful to you.

The mobile network is unavailable. such a message indicates that there is no connection and no way to call. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get connection back, the main thing is to understand the reasons of what happened. The latter is done by trial and error. the owner of the phone must consistently check and eliminate all possible sources of failure.

Internet on my phone stopped working after reflashing the router

I had such a problem once. I decided to update my old device, downloaded the firmware from the official website. Installed and all was well, I use mostly wired Internet. But here relatives began to complain that there is no internet on Wi-Fi.

And the fault was that unfortunate firmware. In the end, I fought for an hour, none of those that I downloaded did not fit. I had to reset to factory settings and reconfigure the router again. The morale is that not always the firmware from the official site will work well for you. So if you have the same problem just reset to factory settings with RESET button. Well, then reconfigure it.

Why the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi. authentication error

Connection of the phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi is always without any problems, but there are cases when it is necessary to do extra steps to connect the phone. The most common reason is an authentication error. As in all cases it is advised to go through many steps, which can help in solving the problem.

It is quite difficult to solve this problem, because you do not have access to the settings of the router. But you can simply check your password, and that’s the only thing you can do. Incorrect password also causes authentication problems. So, to avoid this it is enough just to be attentive.

Possible problems and solutions

The reason: Problem of Wi-Fi module operation on the phone

Sometimes there are problems in the phone that prevent displaying the list of available access points. often such problems are observed in customized firmware, where Wi-Fi/mobile network is not fine-tuned.

Incorrect router settings

If phone does not see your home network, but shows other access points in the house/apartment or other places, probably the router was not properly set up to work with your phone. Then it is necessary to enter the router’s management console and recheck the adjusted settings.

  • Make sure that the mobile internet feature is activated. To do this, open the “Wireless Network Settings” section, the name of the item differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is important to check the “Enable wireless router broadcasting” and “Enable SSID Broadcasting” checkboxes.
  • Change the network mode to a less modern standard, such as 11b or 11g. Since some phones are equipped with old standards and do not always see the Wi-Fi network, with the new standards.
  • Also change the region, channel and channel width, if the above recommendations are ineffective.
  • If the router broadcasts at 5 GHz, but the phone supports only 2.4 GHz, the network will not be displayed on your phone.

Incorrect frequency range setting

If the smartphone has a dual-frequency Wi-Fi module, the default mode is set to auto. Thus, the phone detects access points operating on a frequency of 2.4 and 5 GHz. If the settings are set to work only on one frequency, routers broadcasting a signal on another frequency will not appear in the phone menu.

Check the mode of the module in the phone settings: phone settings. Wi-Fi. advanced settings in the dropdown list. Wi-Fi frequency range. automatic mode.

Weak antenna signal, interference

If the access point appears at different intervals in the phone and then disappears, probably the antenna of the router has low transmitter power. Pay attention to the number of divisions of the icon in the line with the name of the access point. One or two bars indicate a weak signal.

Signal strength is also affected by interference. For routers 2.4 GHz, a large location near access points with the same operating frequency is critical. And also working equipment: microwave oven, joysticks, mice, etc.д. For models broadcasting a 5 GHz signal, even a piece of paper is considered interference.

Increase transmitter power to its maximum level. To do this, open the configuration console of the router and select the “Advanced wireless settings” section. Set it to “High” and then save the settings.

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Remove any object that obstructs the antenna and prevents the signal from spreading freely. Move the router away from equipment that causes interference. microwave ovens, wireless mice and keyboards, etc.д.

The option to hide access points with low signal is active

There is a feature in the Wi-Fi settings that allows you to hide the display of access points where signal strength is low or frequently interrupted. Deactivating this option will increase the number of available access points nearby.

Open the phone settings. Wi-Fi. advanced settings in the drop-down list. uncheck the “do not use weak connection” option.

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Cause: router malfunction or damaged firmware

If no device connects to your home access point, but stably connects to neighboring routers, and changing router settings did not give results, it is likely that your home router is broken. Sometimes the firmware fails.

Perform reset and/or firmware update. If performance is not restored. replace the router or take it to a service center.

The reason: breakage of Wi-Fi module in the phone

Failure of Wi-Fi is a rare phenomenon. Usually other modules. Bluetooth and/or GPS. also fail. Check the settings on your phone and router carefully to find the problem. Make a connection with other equipment, on frequency 2.4 and 5 GHz. If firmware/communication module change is ineffective, you should apply to a service center. If module failure is confirmed, the motherboard, taken from the other device, is changed.

Can a phone crash after a software update?

Remember when you updated your phone software and if you used the network after that. If the update was on the same day and you did not pick up the phone after that, such coincidences cannot be accidental. Most likely something went wrong or the update itself was faulty.

New firmware is good for everyone, but it can also damage your phone.

In this case you need to follow the solutions mentioned above, and if nothing helps, reset your phone to the factory settings, making a backup of your data. If you have difficulties with this, it is better to apply to a service center or at least to a knowledgeable friend.

Telephones from China

With the advent of the World Wide Web everyone in Russia has an opportunity to buy cheap phones through Chinese online stores. It’s worth noting that there’s a big difference in price, but there’s also more risk. When you buy a cell phone at an authorized point of sale, you can take a look at the gadget, try it out and get a warranty that gives you free service for a certain period of time.

And what do stores in the Celestial Empire offer?? It is possible to judge about the received telephone only by a picture. It is not always possible to find out the exact specifications, so some buyers are faced with the problem that the phone does not support the Russian standard of cellular communication. In this case the user will not be able to do anything.

The owners of Beeline numbers usually have no complaints about the quality of connection: this operator has traditionally excellent. But no one is safe from accidents, and one day you can find out that your phone or tablet Beeline does not have network coverage.

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