Philips TV 32pfl3605 60 Does Not Turn On

Philips TV 32pfl3605 60 Does Not Turn On

Phillips televisions have recently proved themselves not from the best side, the only thing that maintains the buyer’s interest in this brand is its cost, it’s rare to buy a brand for 200 that has been in the market for more than 20 years. In general, the color rendition and sound of this TV is far from the worst, you can even say that the colors are juicy, not as sure as the TVs of other brands, but there were no colossal complaints about the picture, the sound, in principle, is also decent. Many of the claimed features, however, are missing 3D and smart TV upset, while Philips 32pfl3605 / 60 can play most modern formats, which gives a definite plus. But in practice, we have: a large number of glitches, of course not with all models, but with some for sure; after 3-4 months, the TV can begin to live its own life, stop turning on the first time, or vice versa, if it doesn’t like something, start to turn off spontaneously, it seems to be treated with a new firmware, but the fact itself leaves much to be desired.

Philips 32pfl3605 / 60 Specifications

Screen frequency. 50 Hz;

Brightness. 400 units;

Viewing angle. 178 gr;

Philips 32pfl3605 / 60 Reviews. Price and photo

PRICE. 170;


For the money that costs Philips 32pfl3605 / 60 and with that picture quality, finding another TV is probably almost impossible. An ideal option would be a gift to people who do not particularly worry about a modern device, but use a TV for its intended purpose. In general, the model lives about a year, then dies, just when the warranty ends, if you hope for a long cooperation with the TV, then buy a more expensive model, or after a year simply fix the problem and use it later.