Permanent loading icon on iPhone

The iPhone does not turn on but the apple is on the screen. What to do?!

Popular smartphones from Apple, whatever one may say, this is the same computer, albeit a mobile one. And with him, like other representatives of this class of devices, troubles can happen. both hardware and software. One of the common reasons that can happen to them is when the iPhone does not turn on, but the apple is on after pressing the Power button.

People call this unpleasant problem the “white apple”. In fact, this is a certain state of the iPhone, which is characterized by the display of the company’s logo on the screen (a bitten glowing apple) when trying to turn on the smartphone. In this case, further loading of the device does not continue. At the same time, he does not react to anything and, as usual, does not turn off. How to be? The easiest thing to try is a Hard Reset. But, let’s take our time and consider all the options in order.

So, what can you do to restore the phone’s performance if the iPhone does not turn on and the apple is on?! There are such methods:

Option 1. Hard Reset

We turn off the iPhone using the Hard Reset method, that is, the so-called “hard reset”. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold down and hold down two buttons for 10 seconds: Home and Power. Keep out until the device turns on.

Option 2. Reinstall iOS

If the first method did not help, you should try reinstalling the software on the iPhone. To do this, the iPhone launches in DFU mode. This is done like this. we connect the smartphone to the computer and launch the iTunes program. Next, hold down the Power and Home buttons. You need to hold it for about ten seconds. After this time, only the Power button must be released. After that, iTunes should see the device (the screen will remain dark at the same time). Well, then the program should offer to restore the device from a backup and reinstall iOS.

Then, after the device is restored. make a software update.

Option 3. Picking Cydia

This method is an alternative to the previous one in the event that you do not want to restore the device or for some reason cannot do it while the iPhone does not turn on and off, but the glowing apple is on.

Here I will make a small lyrical digression. The fact is that very often the reason that the iPhone does not turn on is the installation of some third-party application, which either did not get up correctly, or does not work correctly. Then you should try to remove it and restart your smartphone. Another equally common reason is Cydia tweaks.

To restore the performance of the iPhone, which has an apple on the screen and does not disappear, let’s try to load it without Cydia tweaks. To do this, turn off the device, press the volume up button. “” And hold it down, wait until iOS boots without Cydia tweaks. If the download is successful in this mode, the reason is clearly in the last installed Tweak. Delete it and the device will work again.

If it still does not boot, then restart it again. Then after 5 minutes, try calling your iPhone. If you manage to get through. great! This indicates that the phone’s loading is interrupted at the very last moment of the OS launch. Then you need to try to access the file system through the iTools or iFunBox programs and use them to look for the files that are responsible for the malfunction.

Otherwise, whether you like it or not, in order to remove the burning apple on the phone screen, you still have to reinstall the IOS using the method I described earlier.

Note: This manual is suitable not only for smartphones iPhone 4, 5 or 6, but also for iPad tablets, because both have one operating system installed, which means that an apple can burn on the iPad and it does not turn on and does not turn off. Good luck and stable work!

The exclamation mark in the photo in the iPhone. what does it mean?

Hello everyone! Let’s decide right away. if in the gallery of your iPhone you see blurry and low-quality photos (with an exclamation mark drawn on them), then there is nothing wrong with that. The photo is still there, and your hands still know how to take good pictures. So what’s the deal and where did the originals of the high-resolution photos go? Keep a short guide on this subject. Let’s go!

So, the first (and most important!) Thing to understand and remember: this situation is a consequence of the iPhone settings and its sync with iCloud. When sending photos to the “cloud”, it is possible to leave pictures in poor quality on the smartphone. to save memory. Yes, yes, yes, the usual setting of your gadget is to blame for everything.

Open “Settings. Photo”, at the very top we see the item “iCloud Media Library”.

Updated! In iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 14, Apple slightly changed the name (not the location!) Of the menu items. ICloud Photo Library is now called iCloud Photos. I will not rewrite the article (it’s stupid to do this because of two words), just remember. if your device is running iOS 12 and older, then “iCloud Music Library” = “iCloud Photos”. The letters are different. the meaning is the same.

It is this option that is responsible for storing all photographs in the “cloud”, which means that you can access them from absolutely any other device of yours. computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.

If “iCloud Photo Library” is activated, then two more options appear:

  • Optimize iPhone storage. When the space on the device runs out, the photos and videos are replaced with optimized images (muddy and blurry), and the originals (in good resolution and quality) are saved in iCloud. This, by the way, is signaled by the exclamation mark in the lower right corner (sometimes in the middle) of the image.
  • Preservation of originals. For the user, nothing changes. high-quality photos are stored both on the device and in iCloud. Accordingly, there will be no icons anywhere.

So, now we can answer the question posed in the title of the article: if you see an exclamation mark in the photo, you are viewing an unoriginal (compressed) file, because the iPhone has iCloud Media Library enabled along with Storage Optimization. Is this good or bad?

  • This feature helps a lot to save space on the device. If you rarely view the entire photo album in its entirety, but more often refer to several pictures, this is a great chance to free up memory for other, more pressing tasks.
  • Do you want to use your photo in some way (send via AirDrop, upload to social networks, etc.) or watch a video? You definitely need the Internet! After all, all files are stored on the iPhone in a compressed form, and until they are fully downloaded, nothing can be done with them. Just look at the blurry previews.

Don’t want to use Optimize Storage and want to remove the exclamation mark from all photos and videos?

  • Open “Settings. Photo” and select “Saving originals”.
  • Wait for the files in their original resolution to download back to the device, and the exclamation mark disappears from all photos and videos. The process is not fast, it is desirable to have a good internet connection. Important! Your iPhone or iPad must have enough free memory.
  • Has everything loaded? ICloud Music Library can be turned off.

By the way, if “Optimize storage” and “iCloud Music Library” are disabled immediately (without downloading the originals), then the following warning appears:

Failed to upload high definition photos and videos to this iPhone. If you continue, the low-res versions of these photos and videos will be removed.

Despite this inscription, everything that was uploaded to the “cloud” should remain in it (until you perform the deletion yourself). These files can be accessed:

  • By going to
  • By entering your Apple ID and password.
  • Opening the “Photos” tab.

Finally, a very important tip! Before any manipulations, copy all the photos to your computer. Let it be such a kind of reinsurance in case something goes wrong. It is unlikely, of course, but you never know


icons on the iPhone at the top what is the icon on the iPhone near the battery what icons and designations are on the iPhone at the top what is the icon on the iPhone loading the designation of icons in the mail on the iPhone

What does the lock on the iPhone mean?

The crescent moon sign in the iPhone. And in the iPhone, too, you can see such a sign as a crescent moon, which means “do not disturb” mode. For example, if on some phones a lock means a complete screen lock, then on an iPhone a similar icon will only disable its flip. Each mode in the phone is responsible for something and is indicated by the corresponding icons. Click on the lock icon. Airplane Mode. This icon means your phone is in airplane mode (offline).

If your iPhone doesn’t flip the image, be it photos, videos, contacts, or the Safari browser, it means that the phone’s display is locked. Carina, the lock in the upper right corner of the sidebar is not pressed, it simply notifies the user that the iPhone screen flip is blocked. The locks are removed, but nevertheless the screen is stuck. Reboot doesn’t help. If you have an iPad and a lock icon in a circle next to the charger, then you need to do the following, switch the mute switch on the side panel to turn on and the screen will unlock!

IPhone icons

The top status bar (called the Status Bar) of the display contains a variety of icons on the iPhone. Let’s consider their meanings. First, there is an icon. Cell signal, which displays the signal strength of a particular cellular connection. If there are no stripes at all, then the phone is not in the coverage area of ​​this network.

There are many different icons on the iPhone. For example, Network Type (or) displays the type of network. A view icon indicates iPhone is connected using an EDGE connection to the Internet. If there is an icon. then the smartphone is connected to the Internet via 3G. These icons need to be distinguished on the iPhone.

The view icon means Airplane Mode. Thus, if there is such an icon, then the smartphone is in an autonomous, so-called airplane mode. The icons in the iPhone can also have. Wi-Fi Signal. It means connecting to wireless networks like Wi-Fi. The signal will be the better, the more “sound waves”.

Icon. The iPhone is locked indicates that the smartphone is locked. If in the Status Bar there is an inscription 10:50 AM. then this is how the clock is displayed. They are replaced with a Lock-like icon (if the iPhone is unlocked). These icons are especially easy to remember on the iPhone.

Another useful icon is the or Play indicator, which indicates that music is playing on the iPhone. The Alarm view icon indicates that the alarm is active. The icon with the image is a Bluetooth connection. It indicates that Bluetooth is on.

The TYY Symbol signifies, after all, that the Teletype mode is on. Battery meter displays the charge level of the iPhone battery. While the smartphone is charging, the icon will be green and with a lightning bolt in the middle. Thus, such icons in the iPhone need to know and be able to distinguish.

which stands for the lock with a circle with an arrow at the end at the top right of the iPhone 4

In most cases, this is due to the “screen rotation lock” feature enabled. To verify this, look at the top right edge of the display. Therefore, if the image on the screen does not change orientation when you rotate the device, although the lock is disabled, this means that the developers of this application did not provide such a function. Enter “Settings” and click “General”.

In today’s PhoneHelp section, we will describe all the icons that appear on the Status Bar. The Status Bar is the status bar at the top of the iPhone display. Network Type. Shows the type of network. The icon means that your iPhone is connected to the Internet using an EDGE connection.

Massacres at an iPhone factory in India

Wistron Corporation’s iPhone factory in India ravaged over wage retention.

The incident began early Saturday morning. After the workers had their wages cut, they began to discuss it in the factory floor. Some of them claimed that they received only a fraction of the promised royalties. Later the situation escalated.

The employees went to the human resources department and demanded payment for several months. After the refusal, several employees attacked the office and damaged the office space and furniture. The pogroms escalated into large-scale riots, in which, according to Indian television, about 2,000 employees were involved.

Apple and Wistron do not comment on the situation yet

Free games and applications for the phone

Games and applications on Android:

Free Milky Launcher Pro (instead of 1.99). New themes, hide app name, fonts and allow two line labels and more.

Free Hollow Earth. Hardcore Arcade Space Shooter (instead of 1.99). An arcade-style space shooter that you want to play all the time.

Free The House: Action-horror (instead of 0.99). A truly scary first-person horror game with great music that creates a horrible and eerie atmosphere.

Free Hills Legend: Action Horror (HD) (up from 0.99). A first-person action horror game with a tense and eerie atmosphere, a frightening storyline, the denouement of which will be a mystery until the very end.

Free Hairy Letters (up from 3.99). For kids. Learning to read and count.

Free Oreo 8. Icon Pack (instead of 0.99). Program for changing icons in the phone.

Free Learn to Run (no ads) (instead of 4.99). This is a free modern lightweight running plan and weight loss app.

Free Resume Builder. App to help you quickly create a resume in English.

Free Sortify. Planner with to-do and shopping lists, notes, analytics and more.

Free Chronology. A puzzle platformer with great graphics.

Free Quell. Reimagining the Classic Puzzle.

Duplicates found

Settings-Privacy-Microphone and see which applications have access.

Thank you, everything turned off nafig. just in case

Here yonder below gave the exact answer what it is. By poking into the search bar on the left screen, I managed to achieve the effect you have on the screen. # comment_138925844

If you open the left screen, there will be a search bar with a microphone at the top. On narrow screens, this line is apparently poorly optimized, and does not fit completely into the screen, and a piece sticks out. I have two iPhones, 5s and 6s (don’t be bourgeois, I wear my daughter and wife). So on 6 there is no such problem, and on 5 a microphone appears periodically. I hope I explained clearly.

By the way, you are right. The blue piece of the search line is just visible on the screen.

Thanks, sounds like the most likely version. I myself drew attention to the gray “spine” under the microphone, it looks like a tab for which you can pull.

Apple iPhone XR Spinning Wheel Black Screen EASY FIX

I read it somewhere. on iPhone X, the red icon pops out. As a solution, they suggested “make a soft reset or remove the sleep monitoring application”.

I would suggest going to Settings. Confidentiality. Microphone and see which apps are using the microphone.

you are listened to by keywords, advertising services

Hey Siri I guess. there are settings in the iPhone, and Siri listened to commands with a locked screen

He’s not V.I. Lenin, who is more alive than all the living.

Microphone icon on iPhone splash screen

Guise, who knows what the microphone symbol in the upper left corner means? It appears at a random time regardless of the microphone’s privacy settings. A search on the burzhnet and runet did not give anything, even on Apple’s forum there were no answers (

Apple forced to return chargers to boxes with iPhone 12 in Brazil

Apple has removed the charging power supply and earbuds from the retail packaging of the iPhone 12 and other smartphones that remain on sale, saying the change will reduce carbon emissions. Apple also said most people already have a charger.

Many were satisfied with this explanation, but in October it became known that the company was forced to continue to supply the iPhone 12 with EarPods to France due to local legislation. Now it became known that in Brazil the iPhone 12 smartphones will have to be equipped with a power supply. Brazilian state of São Paulo ruled that Apple must sell new iPhones with this accessory.

The information was confirmed by Procon-SP, the state consumer protection agency of the state of São Paulo. Procon-SP asked Apple in October for clarification on removing the power supply from the iPhone 12 box. The government agency asked the company to prove that it would not harm consumers if the iPhone 12 came with a charger. environment. Apple says most users already have a compatible charger and that the solution will reduce their carbon footprint.

However, the Brazilian regulator did not like this answer. According to Procon-SP, the power supply is considered an essential component, and selling an iPhone without such an adapter is against the Brazilian Consumer Code.

The agency claims that Apple has not provided sufficient evidence that removing chargers from the box will help the environment, and the company does not guarantee it will offer technical support to consumers who purchase third-party chargers.

So far, the decision has been made in São Paulo, but Brazil’s consumer affairs minister also plans to force Apple to sell iPhones with a power supply across the country. Perhaps other countries will follow Brazil’s example.

Resetting data by rebooting your smartphone

RAM is the working memory of the iPhone, where incoming data is processed. But this section can also store cached data. To remove unnecessary options, the user can simply restart the iPhone software. If the client is using iPhone version 8 or earlier, then the reset operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • first you should take your smartphone and press the button located on top;
  • a slider about disabling the gadget should appear on the screen;
  • you should slide your finger from left to right to move the slider, this will turn off the smartphone;
  • when the disconnection is completed, press the button on the panel of the smartphone again and hold it;
  • when the Apple icon appears on the display, you can release the.

If the user has a smartphone of version X or later, the following shutdown scheme should be applied:

  • on a cell phone, find a button on the side panel;
  • the user presses a key and then selects a button to increase the volume level;
  • a slider should appear on the screen;
  • you need to move the slider to turn off the cell;
  • when the gadget is deactivated, press the “Power” button again;
  • as soon as the “Apple” icon is displayed on the screen, you can release the key.

Thus, the client will be able to throw off the current cache on the iPhone, without losing important files.

How to clear app data on iPhone

Smartphone users often come across the term “Cash”. Not many people know what this data is and what it is needed for. The owner will be useful to know what this information is, how to reset the cache on the iPhone and what the parameters need to be cleared for.

What is cached data on a smartphone

It’s worth starting with what the cache on the iPhone is and why the gadget needs it. Cached is temporary data that is stored in the memory of a cell phone. These parameters are necessary for faster loading of the applications in use. Also, the data allows you to spend less Internet traffic. If the user wants to check how much space the cache takes on his phone, he can go to the settings section and find the “Memory” item. There it is possible to check how much memory is occupied by program and application data.

Why remove cache settings: advantages and disadvantages

Before clearing the data of installed applications on the iPhone, the user must figure out what the pros and cons of the procedure. The cache is useful for frequent Internet use. With the data already loaded, pages load quickly. But the parameters take up a lot of free space on the owner’s smartphone. In this case, the operating system of the smartphone will perform worse. In order not to face such a problem, it is recommended to regularly clear the cache.

Professional users know that the operation should not be performed frequently. The fact is that the parameters allow faster loading of Internet pages, which are often used by a client on a smartphone. If your cell phone runs out of memory, you will have to clear some of the information. Otherwise, you will not be able to save photos and videos.

Even if the user has individual applications installed, they can also clog up the phone’s memory, causing the operating system to malfunction. If a large number of programs are installed on the phone, the memory will become clogged faster. In this case, you will have to clear the cache frequently. But the client should know that the Internet pages will load in this case slower.

How to Clean Safari Browser on iPhone

If a client often logs on to the Internet to surf and view information of interest, he must remember that some data is stored in the browser cache. In this case, you will need to clear the parameters of not only applications, but also Safari. To delete unnecessary files, you must use the following instructions:

  • the client opens an icon on the cell phone with the name “Settings”;
  • then you should select the item “Storage”, this tab is located at the very bottom of the page;
  • from the list you need to find the section with the name of the browser used “Safari”;
  • the owner must click on the desired subsection;
  • a new list will open on the screen, you should scroll down the page to the “Site data” item;
  • when the transition to the subsection is completed, the client will see the parameters of the cached files;
  • the names will coincide with those sites that were previously visited by the user;
  • now you need to select the edit item from the menu section, for this the client selects the “Change” button.

Regardless of the smartphone model used, the cleaning process is carried out in the same way. The owner of the gadget can choose individual items to delete files selectively. The “Delete all” button is also available to the client. In this case, the cache will be completely cleared. If such a key does not appear, you should open all the files that are saved in the browser memory.

How to remove the parameters downloaded to the smartphone

If a customer needs to erase app data on iPhone, they can use the following options for clearing memory:

  • using separate programs;
  • by restarting the smartphone system;
  • clearing the cache in applications installed on the phone;
  • by deleting cached data options in Safari browser.

It is worth telling in more detail how to erase file data using each of these methods.

Using special applications

Also, the developers have proposed an improved version of “PhoneClean Pro”. To use the program, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer. When the device synchronization is completed, the client should click the “Scan” button. This will activate the file scanning process. The utility will automatically start searching for parameters that the client does not need. Unnecessary objects will be shown on the screen, all that remains is to delete them.

Another program designed to clean up iPhone memory is “Clean Doctor”. This utility is provided to smartphone owners for free. When activation is completed, you should go to the section to reset the cache. The user will only have to confirm the operation, and all objects will be deleted by the program automatically. It is better to use the deletion through the phone settings, since programs often delete the necessary files.

  • note
  • This utility can remove some information about game applications, as well as updates. In this case, the player will have to start the game from the beginning.

Removing settings from installed applications

Users install additional applications on iPhones for communication, file sharing, and entertainment. Such programs can clog the memory of the cell phone. To dump unnecessary information, you need to use the following scheme:

  • go to the settings section on the cell phone;
  • select the item with the name “Basic” in the list;
  • then you will need to find the “Storage” section;
  • a list of applications will be displayed on the screen;
  • the owner can choose the utility that interests him;
  • on the screen, applications are sorted by the amount of memory used;
  • this will allow you to immediately identify the program whose data should be deleted.

When the user determines which utility he needs to clean, he must uninstall the application from the smartphone, and then reinstall it on the phone. There are no other ways to clear the application cache. It is worth considering that achievements in games will be lost.

If the smartphone runs out of memory, the client should clear the iPhone cache. This can be done through the settings of the cell phone. It is also recommended to regularly delete data from Safari and installed applications. If you do not clear the cache in time, the phone’s operating system will run slower.

loading, icon, iphone

How to uninstall an app on an iPhone. 5 ways for different occasions

How do I uninstall an app on iOS? Many people think that this question can only be asked by those who have never held an iPhone in their hands. And since there are very few of them left, the instructions describing how to remove software should not be in demand. However, this is the deepest delusion. The fact is that from year to year Apple makes changes to the method of removing applications from its operating system, and each next method differs from the previous one at least in the interface, but, as a rule, technically. Let’s figure out what’s what.

IOS 14 has at least 5 ways to uninstall apps

How to make a “folder” on iOS where all applications are listed

Top 2 Ways to Fix iPhone Spinning Wheel Black Screen Stuck without Data Loss iOS 13

Despite the fact that you don’t need a lot of intelligence to uninstall applications, practice shows that beginners (and not beginners, to be honest, too) can have some problems. They are afraid that there are several ways to delete an unnecessary program from the smartphone’s memory at once, especially if they stumble upon them by accident. But, if you know what each of these 5. yes, exactly 5. ways is intended for, you will not be scared if you stumble upon them during operation.

How to remove an app from the desktop on iOS

The fourth uninstallation method appeared only with the release of iOS 14 and, technically, cannot be considered deletion, since the application itself does not disappear from memory, disappearing only from the desktop.

  • Find the app you want to hide;
  • Press your finger on it and hold for 1.5-2 seconds;

An application hidden from the desktop still remains in the Application Library

  • In the drop-down menu, click “Delete”. “Remove from Desktop”;
  • Scroll the desktops to the right to the bottom. the application removed from the desktop will be there.

How to uninstall multiple apps

To remove several applications, there is another, no less simple, but complex way:

  • On the desktop, click on the icon of any application;
  • Hold your finger on the icon of this application for 1.5-2 seconds;

This method is good for uninstalling several applications at once, because you don’t have to hold your finger on each of them.

How to uninstall an application if you can’t find it

The third uninstallation method is useful for those who want to uninstall an application but cannot find it in the mess of the desktop:

A list of all installed applications is stored in the “Settings”

How to download applications on iOS

Well, the fifth method, like the fourth, is also not deletion in our usual sense. It is usually called unloading. This mechanism allows you to delete the application itself from memory, but at the same time retains all the data accumulated by it. The download occurs with applications that have not been used for more than a month. True, for the mechanism to work, it must be turned on forcibly.

You can download the application either manually or in automatic mode if it is not in use

  • Enable the “Load unused” option;
  • If you need to download the application right away, find it in the settings and, instead of deleting it, click “Download”.

When an unused application is downloaded, you will see a cloud download icon appear under its icon, next to the name. It means that at the moment the application has loaded and is not physically present on the device. That is, to start it, you need to click on it, wait for the download and only then start using it. However, keep in mind that, firstly, you need the Internet to reload the downloaded application, and secondly, it is impossible to delete the icon of the downloaded application without reloading.

Loading icon spinning on iPhone. what to do?

Personally, I myself am not a fan of Apple technology, but on occasion I do not miss the opportunity to dig deeper with it. The other day they brought me an iPhone 11 smartphone, which has a black screen and a loading icon is spinning. In this particular case, the trouble occurred with an extremely low battery charge and the hostess thought that charging would fix everything. She put the device to charge, but the situation did not change. The next step was to try to turn it off, but the phone did not respond to button presses in any way. It is clear that a system error has occurred and the iOS operating system has crashed. By the way, the authorized center reported by phone that the estimated repairs would cost from 1000 . So the smartphone got to me.

Yes, Apple iOS is also not perfect and it crashes. It must be admitted that the old versions of operating systems were less buggy than the 12th and even more so the 13th. And that is why the owners of “apple” phones often made fun of those who use the Android OS.

If iOS is not currently updating, the download icon on the screen means that the iPhone is frozen. Yes, this may be a sign of a serious problem with the software or memory of the device, in which case you will have to contact the service. But, as practice shows, most often this is a system error and it is enough just to reboot it. But how to do this, because I already said above that the usual way to turn off or restart the iPhone does not work ?! I’ll tell you now.

On iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 (regular, Mini, Pro or Max), as well as on all previous models up to and including iPhone 8, you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • press and quickly release the Volume UP button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the side button until the phone restarts and the Apple logo appears.
  • Wait for the device to boot normally.

The same sequence of actions works on modern iPad models with Face ID.

The download on the old model iPhone takes a long time

If the download circle is spinning on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, as well as on the seventh generation iPod touch, then to restart the gadget, you need to simultaneously press and hold the side button and the Volume Down button until the Apple icon appears.

On smartphones iPhone 6s and older, as well as on iPads with the Home button and old iPod touch, to force restart, press and hold the Home and Side buttons until the restart occurs.

Geolocation icon on iPhone is constantly on after updating to iOS 12

After installing the iOS 12 update, some users have mobile devices behaving strangely. Every now and then there are errors, some functions are unstable, or some inexplicable things happen. For example, several iPhone owners at once noticed that after the update to iOS 12, the geolocation icon on the iPhone is constantly on. Why is this happening: is it a bug or a system glitch? Is there a way to fix this bug, how to remove the geolocation icon on iOS 12, we will tell you in more detail below.

loading, icon, iphone

Why is the geolocation icon constantly lit on iOS 12?

Start with the easiest way to fix the error. restarting your iPhone. Sometimes restarting the device solves most of the problems, and the iPhone starts working in the correct mode: all glitches and bugs disappear.

If restarting your iPhone did not solve your problem, you need to make sure that everything is in order in your phone’s settings. It happens that the service of determining your location works constantly, because the default settings are set. And simply disabling them solves the problem. To check this option, you need to do the following:

  • 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then go to the Privacy section. Here you will find the line “Geolocation Services”.
  • 2. In the “Location Services” section, you can configure when the device will determine your current location for each application. never, always, or when using the application. Adjust these settings to your liking and check if the geolocation icon on iPhone is now on all the time.

If after changing the settings in the Privacy section, the geolocation icon on the iPhone is still constantly on after updating to iOS 12, then proceed to use the universal tool. Tenorshare ReiBoot program. The utility solves numerous problems on the iOS platform by entering and exiting recovery mode.

How to remove the geolocation icon on iOS 12?

If the geolocation icon on iPhone stays on continuously after updating iOS 12, follow these steps:

  • 1. Download the Tenorshare ReiBoot program from the official site. Install the utility on your computer (there is support for Mac and Windows).
  • 2. Connect your iPhone with iOS 12 on board to your computer using a USB cable. Then launch the already installed Tenorshare ReiBoot program. The program will recognize your device.
  • 3. The button “Enter recovery mode” should be active. click on it. When the phone enters recovery mode, the iTunes icon and USB cable will appear on the screen.

4. When the Exit Recovery Mode button becomes available, click it. Before the device exits recovery mode, it will be rebooted. After restarting, your iPhone will be ready to work normally. The geolocation icon should be gone.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is available as a free download. It can be used to solve other problems after updating iOS 12. It also fixes the most common bugs on iOS 12, iPhone constantly reboots, black screen on iPhone. iPhone stuck on an apple, iPad is disconnected connect to iTunes how to unlock, on a blue screen of death, or iPhone does not respond at all to your button presses.

Why is the loading icon constantly spinning on the iPhone?

Greetings! Watching the loading indicator (a spinning circle during data transfer) is a fairly common situation for any iPhone owner. While using the Internet, downloading games and applications, other things related to sending / receiving data by the device. it (indicator) shows that this very exchange of information is taking place.

However, sometimes this very situation can suddenly become abnormal. And its abnormality will consist in the fact that this very download icon on the iPhone screen will spin constantly, regardless of whether you are downloading something or in some other way interact with the Internet on your device. After all, even if you do nothing with it, the screen still shows that the iPhone is constantly loading some data from the network.

And this is not the worst thing. well, it is spinning there by itself, downloading and nonsense. However, at the same time, the discharge rate of the smartphone battery is greatly increased! And overnight, when nothing happens to the device, you can easily lose 10-15% of the charge. And this already does not fit into any gate. it must be corrected! Now I will tell you how to deal with the constant downloading of something from the network to the iPhone. Go!

What should be done first? Check several items in the settings, when activated, the iPhone can go online without your knowledge.

  • We prohibit Apple from collecting diagnostic information. Settings. Privacy. Diagnostics and usage. Disable data sending. Updated! For iOS 10.3 and “older” go to Settings. Privacy and check “Sensor and Usage Data” and “Analytics and Improvements”. Disable everything that we don’t like (that is, everything at all :)).
  • Turn off automatic app updates in the App Store. You can do a similar operation at: Settings. App Store and iTunes Store. Updates.
  • Does the loading wheel only spin when visiting Safari? This item of settings can help you: Safari. Add-ons. Site data. Delete all data.
  • Perhaps some application tried to update and now just hung in a waiting state, requiring an Internet connection. We already know how to deal with waiting applications.!
  • If the download icon spins only when you enter the gallery (Photos application), then the iCloud Media Library, the My Photo Stream or Shared Albums option are to blame. at the moment, photos and videos are being uploaded to the cloud. It can be turned off by going to Settings. Photos and Camera. iCloud Photos.
  • Check the programs that have access to the Internet. navigators, weather, social network clients. Perhaps they access the Internet even when you are not using them (in a “minimized” state).

Try just restarting your device.

With a high degree of probability, for some time the iPhone will stop asking for the Internet.

However, it will almost certainly continue soon. And that’s why…

It must be understood that in most cases, this behavior appears after:

  • Firmware.
  • UpdatesAccommodation.
  • Restoring a device from a backup.

For me, for example, after updating to iOS 14, this continued for several days.!

Although, it would seem, all data was recovered in the first couple of hours.

It turns out not, the iPhone was restoring and downloading something on its own.

And here there will be only one solution. a good Wi-Fi signal, for the night to charge and just not focus on this for a while. Believe me, sooner or later he will load everything up and stop doing such things.

By the way, many in such cases recommend the following actions: delete everything from the phone, reinstall the firmware, etc. Where it leads? In addition to what is written above, the iPhone will start downloading something again without your knowledge. So my advice to you is that if all the points mentioned above are fulfilled, then just do not pay attention, after a while everything will go away by itself. And if the continuous rotation of the download circle is very annoying, then restart the device. this will help for a while.

Using recovery mode

If rebooting doesn’t help, you can try restoring your iPhone in recovery mode. Attention! All device data and settings will be erased. To put iPhone into recovery mode, follow the instructions below.

Launch iTunes on your PC, and then connect one end of the USB cable to your computer.

loading, icon, iphone

Press and hold the Volume Up / Down button (Home button for iPhone 6 and later) for a few seconds. Without releasing the button, connect the other end of the cable to your device.

Release the button, then the iTunes icon will appear on the iPhone screen.

iTunes will automatically detect your device in recovery mode. Click “OK” to start the process. Check if the problem is resolved.

IPhone repair at a service center

If none of the above solutions helped you get rid of the stuck iPhone loading indicator, you should contact an Apple service center. If the device is still under warranty, the repair will cost you free of charge. To avoid long queues, make an appointment by phone in advance to hand over the device for repair.

Restart iPhone

Rebooting the device is the simplest and, at the same time, quite effective way to fix any error. Therefore, it is better to start with her. Below are the restart methods for different iPhone models.

For iPhone X / XR / XS / 8/8 Plus: Press and release first the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until the device restarts.

For iPhone 6 / 6s and earlier, iPad: Press and hold the Home and Power buttons until you see the Apple logo.

Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

If the recovery mode option didn’t work, you may need to put your iPhone into DFU mode. To do this, follow the instructions.

  • Connect your iPhone to PC and launch iTunes.
  • Press and hold the Power button and the Home button (iPhone 6s and earlier) or the Volume Down button (iPhone 7) on iPhone at the same time for about 8 seconds.
  • After 8 seconds, release the power button while continuing to hold the Home button or Volume Down button until the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode” appears.
  • Release the Home button or the volume down button, after which the screen of your iPhone should turn completely black. If this does not happen, repeat the whole process again.
  • Restore iPhone with iTunes.
  • For iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and hold the Side button until the screen goes black.

    Fix iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen without Data Loss

    If you are looking for the best solution to fix this problem without losing your phone data, we recommend Tenorshare ReiBoot. This utility will help you fix any iOS crashes on your device, including freezing during iPhone startup, freezing at the Apple logo, recovery mode, black screen. endless download mode and other iOS problems. To correct your device using Tenorshare ReiBoot, download and install it on your PC, then follow the instructions.

    Open the ReiBoot software and then connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. The program will immediately detect your device. Select the “Fix operating system” option in the Main Menu.

    Click on “Start” and download the required firmware package to your device. Click on “Download” to start the process.

    Why is my iPhone stuck during the boot process ?

    Understanding the cause of the problem means that it can be avoided in the future. Here are the most common causes of iPhone freezing on the loading indicator:

    Your device may malfunction as a result of the unstable version of iOS you are using. If the iPhone freezes when booting immediately after updating the iOS system, then the reason most likely lies in it.
    Hardware problems

    There might be a technical problem. If your device has been exposed to water or any component of the equipment has been damaged, its performance can be seriously impaired, which leads to various problems, for example, the device freezes during the boot process.
    Malware attack

    Probably the most common cause is a virus attack. Malware and viruses can affect the settings of your device and provoke this and many other problems.
    Problems in boot settings

    Errors in iPhone boot settings can also prevent iPhone from working properly and cause this problem.

    What to do if iPhone stuck on black screen while loading

    Whatever provoked this error, the main task is to eliminate it; otherwise, you would not be reading our article now. Well, you’re in luck. One of the ways, or maybe all of the following, will return your device to working condition.