Part of the touch screen does not work on the phone

The phone sensor does not respond to touch. The “first aid” guide to the device

If the smartphone screen has stopped working adequately, you can try to solve the problem yourself. First you should find out what caused the breakdown and what are the options for correcting the problem.

If the sensor has stopped working on a smartphone, there may be a physical impact or software failure.

Options for harmful physical impact:

  • Strong blow or fall from a height;
  • Contact with liquid;
  • A sharp temperature difference;
  • Dents, scratches and cracks on the screen;
  • Unsuccessfully glued film or protective glass;
  • Serious pollution.
  • Overloading the operational system with a large number of applications;
  • Incorrect work of some programs;
  • Change of smartphone settings;
  • Improper recognition of touch touch;
  • Inappropriate or unstable firmware.

Light spot

The sensitivity on a narrow strip on the right has disappeared. The phone was turned off at night, and in the morning I tried to turn it on. This procedure is accompanied by a password input. And I need this narrow strip on the right, since I use the number located there.

As a result, I could not even turn on the phone. As usual, calls on service centers and answers began: “You leave your phone number. We will call you back, as we check whether we have such a touchscreen or not”. As a rule, everyone promised to call “today-tomorrow”. And right now what should I do?

In general, in this whole story there was only one bright spot. The Internet. Why bright? Because on 99% of your questions you will always find answers on the Internet! I found the answer and I.

Where to get it

If on your phone “covered with a copper pelvis” Tchaskrin, a “resurrection” will need a piezo element. Where to get it? Of course, in a piezuorage. But I don’t have a piezerly.Making at home: with a handle, on a wire or battery. This is not.

But there is a piezo element. It is installed on the hob of my gas stove. Turning the handle of the burner, I open the gas. At the same time, I sink the handle down and turn on the piezoelectric element. This is how I light a burner.

part, touch, screen, does

In general, I need a piezoelectric element, but you don’t need gas. I blocked the gas crane. Turned off my phone. He brought him a screen to a piezo element: the place in which I had a “died” touchscreen. Turned on piezoelectric element and for a few seconds shifted so that the spark covers the “dead” section of the touchscreen.

After that I turned on the phone, and. Oh miracle!. Tachskin earned! He really recovered! He became completely working!

Programmatic ways to fix problems


If the sensor does not work partially, download the Rebooter application, which will help to quickly restart the device. If the sensor does not fully answer, and in the smartphone a removable battery, just remove the battery for a couple of minutes.

With devices that have an inconspicuous battery, you need to do a little different.

Owners of Xiaomi, Meizu or Digma devices can hold the on/off button for 20 seconds or longer, and the smartphone will restart or turn off. If you have Samsung or Sony, at the same time press and hold 7-10 seconds of the on/lock and volume buttons. If this did not help the first time, try again, but hold the buttons longer. Owners of devices of other brands with a built.In battery should also try the above options.

Samsung galaxy touch screen not working after system update

If pressing the buttons did not give any result, wait when the battery is completely discharged and take the device for repair.

Removing a memory card and SIM card

Sometimes a memory card or SIM card is to blame for a malfunction of the touchscreen. To check this, turn off the smartphone, remove both cards. After rebooting, check if the problem has disappeared.

Through a safe mode

Complete the device. Then click on the power button, and do not let it go until the smartphone logo appears on the screen. After that, release and press the volume reduction button. Let it go when the device is booting, and the inscription “Safe Mode” will appear on the left lower part of the screen.

If in safe mode no problems with the sensor are found, then the case is in one of the applications that must be removed or updated to the latest version.

Hard Reset

This is a complete reset of device settings to factory.

Before you drop the phone settings to factory, do not forget to make a backup copy of all important data stored on the device.

Display calibration by third.Party programs

Play Market has applications that can calibrate the touch display by improving its work. A review of all applications will take too much time, so we will dwell on one of them, which received the highest score from users.

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This application for Android performs two functions:

  • Carries out testing and issues a report about which fragments are not used, why low accuracy and the sensitivity of the screen is lame;
  • Corrects errors in automatic mode.

The application has an additional function. Allows you to change the screen guidelines. You can choose an area when you press the response will occur in another part of the display.

If you do not work on your phone, then I recommend using the tips listed by me above. If it is impossible to identify the specific cause of the breakdown, I recommend that you contact your gadget to the service center. It is possible that your device will need a complete replacement of the touch panel.

Tchaskrin is a sensory glass with a special multi.Layer coating. It is used, as a rule, to equip tablets, telephones and other equipment with sensory displays. During the touch of the sensor, the electrodes and the membrane are closed, due to which a certain coordinate is installed and the device performs a given command. If the touchscreen works incorrectly or does not respond to touch, then it is practically the only way to correct the situation to replace it.

For what reasons, the touchscreen can refuse to work

The most common reason that the touchscreen does not work is the fall of a tablet or phone. Cracks instantly appear on the screen, but the device itself can continue to function in normal mode or partially disrupt the reproduction of options. A more common situation is the complete absence of an image. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a special diagnosis and make sure that only the touchscreen does not work. This part is changing easily, and the device continues to delight its owner for a long time.

If the touchscreen on the tablet does not work, then first of all, the cause of its breakdown should be determined. When the tablet falls, moisture or pressure from the pressure of solid objects, the sensor violates performance almost immediately. In this case, such external damage as cracks, scratches can be noticeable, between the display and the tablet case, the gap can form. When a tablet or phone is turned on, the screen can reproduce the screensaver, and then independently block and stop performing commands. If such situations have occurred with your device, then try to take care of replacing the touchscreen as quickly as possible.

If the touchscreen does not work on the phone, then in addition to the indicated reasons, other factors may be the reason for its breakdown. For example, due to too frequent use of the device or its constant concussion, the sensor may also fail. Hypothermia or overheating of the device also negatively affects the thin conduct of the touchscreen. In addition, with regular contact with a smooth screen, the smallest scratches are gradually forming on it. Because of this, the appearance of the display can change to such an extent that the image will be transmitted fuzzy and it will be almost impossible to consider small elements.

Sensory glass can not only stop working, but also partially perform its functions. For example, not the entire picture may be displayed on the screen. The reason for the replacement of the touchscreen is the appearance of a gray, white or black strip on the screen, as well as the distortion of a reproduced image. In some cases, the touchscreens begin to execute commands without appropriate requests. A tablet or phone can independently turn on or off, reproduce not the options that you request or hang when opening several applications. The reason for this condition may also be a fall in devices or an inaccurate appeal with them.

You can order a new touchscreen on our website. Among the wide range of spare parts, you will definitely find the right model. Before ordering, carefully compare the markings indicated on the pages of the site and on your device. If necessary, you can consult with our specialists.

The reasons for the sensor breakdown

All types of breakdowns of touchscreen can be divided into three types, depending on the nature of the malfunction.

part, touch, screen, does

Incorrect reaction to touch

The smartphone reacts to touching the screen, but perceives them partially or incorrectly. On special forums, they often ask why part of the sensor does not work on Android phone. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Screen pollution. Fat or dirt from the fingers falls on the display, and the sensor can no longer perceive commands. Typically, such spots occupy a certain area in which management does not work. In this case, it is necessary to wipe the display with a damp cloth and no longer touch the phone with dirty hands.
  • Incorrectly glued protective film or glass. These are two accessories that are popular and necessary for the smartphone, since their replacement is several times easier than replacing the display in case of mechanical damage to the phone. But if they are stuck incorrectly, the display does not respond to touch in certain places due to the air or dirt accumulated under the protective shell. The film or glass must be removed, clean the screen and stick the new protection correctly.
  • Mechanical damage to the display in which part of the sensor does not work. This is usually accompanied by a noticeable web of small cracks on the screen. In the best case, you will have to replace the glass on the screen or touchscreen, in the worst. Buy a new display, that in the flagship models of smartphones there can be a third, and sometimes half of the entire device.
  • Calibration failure. You click in one place, and the sensor reads the touch in another. This is easy to fix. In the next paragraph of the article, we will tell you how to deal with this.
part, touch, screen, does

Spontaneous teams without touching

It also happens that the sensor lives its own life. This group of malfunctions of the touchscreen implies work with constant malfunctions. For example, you do not touch the screen, but the smartphone receives commands, even visualization of touch is visible. In this case, your phone is as follows:

  • Program failure. Errors in the Android OS are not uncommon, because some write software, components make others, and the third is collected by the third smartphones. Often failures arise after installing new programs or when updating OS. Therefore, when this malfunction occurs, the first action is to overload the phone. If it does not help, it is worth deleting recently installed applications and performing OS to the previous version. The extreme measure is a reset to the factory settings, which is accompanied by the removal of all personal information, but eliminates any software failures.
  • Dust or moisture got inside. The sensor itself “presses” on the screen if clogs from dust, or oxides due to moisture that got inside the device are formed at its contacts or control board. We will consider this error in more detail in the following paragraph.
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The touchscreen does not react

It happens that the display does not respond to touch at all, although outwardly there are no signs of breakdown. In this case, most likely:

  • The control board is damaged. She could break due to the blow of the phone or due to dust and moisture that got inside. The lack of external damage during the fall of the phone does not mean that its components remained safe. In addition, the effect of such falls can accumulate. It happens that the train simply moved away from contact, and to restore the screen, it is enough to return it to its place.
  • The train is completely or partially interrupted. The reason is in mechanical damage. But if the sensor turns on through time, then some contacts are damaged, and the train must be replaced. If there are tools, spare parts and proper caution, this can be done yourself, but it is recommended to contact the service center.

Sensor screen with physical damage: how to fix?

If your phone or tablet was struck, fell, or damaged in another way, most likely, the sensor will stop working in 90% of cases. Do not rush to run to the service center! Before replacing a new display, first try these free tips:

    Preliminary diagnosis of damage

What to do if the touch screen does not work after falling? Diagnostic test, of course, will not eliminate the problem, but helps to determine which areas of the screen really do not react. To gain access to a diagnostic tool, you need to enter a specific USSD code in the line of set of a telephone number.

All codes differ for Android devices of different manufacturers, models, versions of the OS. Here are some proven codes that are usually used (the symbol of “-” after the symbol “#” we do not write):

#-Most Android Smartphones, especially Samsung;

# # #. Smartphones of the Sony Xperia series;

For example, this is how the test is performed on Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 4.0:

The TSP DOT mode will show small points when pressed on the screen, while TSP Grid Mode allows you to check each area of ​​the screen in the netting. Using both of these modes, you can determine which part of the display suffered the most.

If the device falls, the digitaiser cable can be weakened (departed), and the touch screen does not meet. You can fix this quite easily, tapping slightly along each corner of the touch screen several times. In 50% of cases, this method helps.

Mobile devices sooner or later fail. The situation is unpleasant, but often fixable. In this article we will talk about cases when the sensor does not respond on your phone and what can be done in this case. Most likely you already tried to press different buttons that are on the screen. And everything turned out to be useless. The smartphone did not respond and did not respond. It’s too early to think about the technical service. Let’s find out how to solve the problem.

Black screen secret: what to do if your Android device does not turn on

As Woland said at one time: “The trouble is not that the person is mortal, but that he is suddenly mortal.”. The same can be said about our electronic friends. Smartphones and tablets. Half an hour ago, he mysteriously flickered with a screen and rocked in the headphones of the bass, and now it lies black, cold and does not react to your attempts to revive it: does not turn on, does not charge. The same misfortune can fit in when buying a former use of the device. And the apparatus purchased at promotional at sales can unpleasantly surprise the owner. Because of what the smartphone goes to the deeper to whom and how to withdraw it from this state-the theme of our small instructions for providing emergency assistance.

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Physical malfunction

Perhaps the most common cases of the sensor refusal are precisely on the hardware of the device.

If there are cracks on the screen of your smartphone, then the probability of problems with touchscreen is great. Even if you used a crack with a crack, water on a fee and microcircuits could get through these cracks. And water is an electricity conductor, and it can shorten the microcircuits.

The malfunction can be inside the smartphone itself. For example, the train from the touchsrin when hit could simply move away and the contact would be immediately violated. And the device screen stops responding to touch.

And by the way, when impacts, the microcircuit may also suffer, which is responsible for the signals from the sensor to the processor. Therefore, the malfunction can be secretive.

Do not forget about water hit, even a small drop is enough for your gadget to stop reacting to touch.

And the microcircuit itself can fail, which goes a separate train from the screen (depending on the model of the smartphone).

Further diagnosis

Therefore, in order not to guess, you need to open the smartphone and inspect its insides. If you do not have experience and tools in disassembling phones. It is better to contact the service center.

What is required

And if you still decide to make out your mobile, then you will need:

  • Feng. It is possible for drying hair;
  • Set of screwdrivers (depending on the type of your phone);
  • Thin plastic cards and mediators;
  • Alcohol or gasoline of galoshes;
  • Brush; ;
  • Tweezers.

It is possible that only one screwdriver may be required for your device.

Precautionary measures

Always turn off the battery before touching the train, otherwise you risk damaging the fee with static electricity.

The trains are very thin and can easily break, so pull them out neatly and without sudden movements.

Write down all the locations of the bolts. Do not try to screw long bolts to where there were short. Otherwise, you can damage the board or body of the smartphone.

If you need to heat the back cover of the device, then always put a hair dryer temperature not higher than 90-100 ° C. And grab no longer than 5 minutes, otherwise the lid will deform and deteriorate.

We are looking for instructions

Each phone model can understand differently because of its design and layout. Look on the Internet model of your smartphone and disassembly instructions. Sometimes not complete instructions come across. Or maybe it is that everything is simple in the video, but in reality it is much more complicated. They just do the video so that they open everything behind the scenes, and in the video they show how easily everything is peeled off. Therefore, do everything without sudden movements, even if everything opens in the instructions easily and simply. Sometimes this happens not so, even vice versa.

No need to disassemble the smartphone completely. Enough to access the board.

Carefully inspect the printed circuit board for the presence of traces of oxides and flooding, look carefully for the slopes.

How To Fix iPhone Not Responding To Touch! (2021)

part, touch, screen, does

Example of inspection and disassembly

Consider an example on a disassembled phone. Tachskrin train and its connector is located in the selected area in the photo.

Inspect the payment carefully for the presence of traces of water (white traces). Now, to inspect or reconnect the train, you need to get it from the connector. They can open differently and therefore do not rush to sharply pull them.

In this case, the connector is to throw up.

Now we carefully take out the train with tweezers. Keep the train with tweezers without pressing it too much so as not to damage. The train goes from above from the connector.

And examine all the paths of the plug.In.Scab on integrity.

And yes, do not forget to turn off the battery from the board before the inspection, so as not to damage the chip of static electricity.

If you find oxides, try to clean them with a brush and alcohol (or gasoline). Apply alcohol to the brush very little, and carefully go through it on the discovered oxides.

Try to reconnect the loops and display connectors. Do it carefully, because some connectors are very frail. First you aim and slightly press the touch, without severe pressure.

If this has not given anything and the malfunction remains, then there may be two options. Or the problem with some BGA microcircuit, in which contacts were damaged when hit, or with the touchscreen itself.

Detailed instructions for checking and replacing the touchscreen, module or screen are in this article.

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