Tortoise Communication And Taming

Food plays a major role in the life of a turtle. In order to tame her faster, give her goodies. Watching the animal, find out what the turtle loves the most. It can be a piece of banana, a dandelion flower or a tomato. In addition, to a person who takes a lot with them, […]

What Turtles Can You Get As A Pet?

Are you planning to get a pet and opted for a turtle? What type of turtle is right for you – this question should be decided after you learn about all the features of the care, feeding and keeping of these beautiful animals. With proper care, turtles are ideal pets. The turtle has a solid, […]

How To Feed A Turtle

How to feed a domestic land and water turtle?. This question is of interest to both new-made pet owners and those who are just about to have a pet. Indeed, the care and feeding of turtles are important issues on which the condition and health of the animal depends. Experts divide turtles into 3 groups […]

The Content Of The Tortoise At Home

At present, it has become fashionable to start exotic animals at home, for example, a turtle. These exotic flora representatives are aquatic and terrestrial. If you take care of them correctly, then keeping a turtle will not cause big problems. Where can a land tortoise live at home? Many mistakenly believe that a land turtle […]

The Content Of The Red-Eared Turtle At Home

Long-term aquarist Trachemys, or yellow-bellied, turtle is the most common species of exotic reptile. Her popularity is ensured by her unique appearance. Often the owners do not know the rules for caring for their pets, which leads to illness and the subsequent death of these beautiful creatures. To avoid the sad consequences, you should carefully […]

How To Determine The Sex Of A Land Tortoise

Often the gender of the pet is crucial when purchasing it. But if determining the sex of a dog or cat is not particularly difficult even for lay people, then determining the sex of a land tortoise is much more difficult. Knowledge of belonging to a particular land tortoise floor they may come in handy […]

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