Originality Check Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 Mah

How to distinguish fake Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh

Originality Check Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 Mah

You bought a cool smartphone and are very happy about the new acquisition.

The only fly in the ointment in such gadgets is their weak battery. It seems that a solution has been found. portable batteries or power banks (Power Bank).

However, for well-proven portable batteries, shadow manufacturers mass-produce fakes. They cost almost the same as the originals, but the capacity is significantly lower than stated on the label.

This article provides practical tips for determining the originality of Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh batteries.

Packaging differences

  1. The original battery pack is always white. In addition to the Mi logo, there should not be other drawings on the front side.
  2. The cardboard from which the packaging is made is of excellent quality, quite dense.
  3. Inside the box there is another box, of the same good quality as the top one.
  4. The battery and accessories sit firmly in the second box, they do not talk from side to side.
  5. The battery itself is neatly packed in white translucent cellophane.

There should be at least two stickers on the side of the box. The first contains a barcode.

The second is designed to protect against fakes. It is colored, has the letters Mi and a window with a protective layer.

Removing this layer, under it we find twenty digits. This is a special code.

By entering it in the search line on the official website of the company Check on the site mi.com/verify, you can easily get information about the originality of this subject.

In principle, this could have ended the article. But, especially for those who buy a battery without packaging (for example, used), consider a few more points that you should pay attention to when buying a power bank.

External differences

If it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the product by a special code, then it is worth taking a closer look at some details. As you know, scammers pierce it in the details.

In our case, this USB connectors, both on the battery itself and on the cable.

  • the USB port plate on the device is white. Fakes are usually supplied with beige plates;
  • the plate on the cable plug is black. In copies, they are usually white.
  • If you look into the depth of the housing connectors, then on the metal connectors you can distinguish the letters Mi. You can’t see this in fakes.

I would also like to note that the connectors of the new original battery are sealed with a white sticker.

Another sticker is present on the opposite end.

If you look inside

When opening the original sample, Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh can be seen inside the LG battery. In fakes there will be incomprehensible elements.

The batteries in the originals are directly connected to the board. In fakes, thin metal threads are drawn between the batteries and the board, which immediately begin to heat up.

How to check the original empirically

Everything is simple here. You just need to put the battery on charge. And to it, in turn, connect to charge your gadget. If they both immediately feed on current, then you have the original in your hands. Fakes with such a double job can not cope.

As you can see, checking the Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh for authenticity is not so difficult. So, you can make a great purchase.