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The left Airpods are weaker than the right ones, why?

Microphone placement on left AirPod could be the answer.

Airpods default to left mic first, and only right mic if left earpiece is removed from ear.

You can manually force the desired microphone by selecting this option in Bluetooth settings Your Airpods Microphone.

Installing on the Always Right AirPod Because the microphone can now extend usage time as it won’t try to use more power in the left pod and thus save battery life on the left AirPod.

Airpods or headphones only play in one ear? Let’s fix it!

Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies or playing games, you want to enjoy stereo sound. This is why it’s so frustrating if your Airpods or headphones only play in one ear!

Many of you may have purchased Apple Airpods for Christmas. Or maybe you’ll take your old iPhone headphones out of your drawer for a New Year’s run. Whatever the circumstances, detecting a sound coming from only one side is dizzying and unpleasant.

This is an annoying problem with several possible causes. So untangle your cables or charge your Airpods because we’ve got you sorted right below.

Airpods wireless earbuds are everywhere these days. In fact, almost every iPhone owner buys them, conveniently.

After some time of use, users begin to complain that one Airpods starts playing quieter than the other, or even both ears.

Today we will try to figure out what is the matter and what to do in such a situation.

Airpods one earbud is quieter than the other what to do

When your iPhone’s battery is close to zero, iOS may decide to turn down the maximum volume to extend battery life. This is a feature of the power saving mode, but the feature only turns on when you have a really low battery.

If your iPhone’s battery is charged and you activate power saving mode from the control center, you probably won’t hear any difference. However, if you turn it on when the battery is low, the volume may be affected. Sometimes one Airpods starts playing quieter than the other and here’s how to fix it.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Universal Access”;
  • Scroll down to the “Audiovisual Element” menu;

If your balance is off, adjust it

If the balance slider is not quite in the middle, you will notice a difference in volume. Adjust it.

Checking the sound balance settings between the right and left earbuds

As I wrote above, the volume balance between the right and left channels may be knocked down. In Windows settings, on phones, there are such settings. But this happens very rarely. If you found out (by connecting the headphones to another device). that this is the problem, then you need to check and adjust these settings on the device that is experiencing problems.

Tip: if there is a hardware problem with the sound volume on one earphone and you can’t fix it, then by changing the balance on the device you can equalize the sound. Make the volume the same in both headphones.


On Android phones, you can adjust the sound balance in the Special section. options in settings. There should be an item Hearing, where you can adjust the balance between the left and right channels.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

On the iPhone, you can adjust the volume balance between the left and right channels in the settings, under Accessibility. Audio Visualization.

Just move the slider to the left or right.

Connecting Airpods to Windows, but the sound is “so-so”? There are three simple tips:

  • Update Bluetooth drivers. It’s always helpful!
  • Adjust the equalizer. Either use the “standard” Realtek, or install some alternative program.
  • Use Airpods in Headphone mode. Because when you select “Headphone”, the microphone is activated, but the sound deteriorates, it becomes very muffled.

By the way, about the “Headphones” and “Headphone”.

This problem does not currently have a solution.

Well, Airpods are not “friendly” with Windows to such an extent that the sound is good and the microphone works as it should. Therefore, either the volume is high (Headphones mode), or the microphone and the sound is weak (Headphone mode).

️ 4. If nothing helped. support / service center / repair

The pairing of the headphones with each other did not work out. they do not synchronize in any way

If after all the steps, the question of how to connect a second earbud is not resolved, and only one works hard, it’s time to seek additional help. If there is a support service from the manufacturer, you need to start with it, they may know the features of a particular model.

Reset TWS earbuds to factory settings

To understand that the headphones do not work in pairs:

  • go to “Settings”, select the “Bluetooth” tab;
  • the list of devices available for connection will display earbuds with the same name, but different marks at the end: “L” and “R”.

Important! Depending on the model, only one earbud can work in mono mode. If out of sync, the second will not play sound.

Create a pairing by rolling back the headset to factory settings.

  • Place the earbuds in the case.
  • In the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, player or computer, delete the connection to the headphones so that this does not lead to re-out of sync.
  • Open the case, take out the left and right earphone at the same time.
  • Hold down the control keys on both plugs, hold them for 5 to 15 seconds.
  • During this time, their indicator light should light up and go out several times. When it stops flashing, the headphones should be returned to the case.

Attention! Some models of wireless headsets are returned to the factory settings with a rollback of the case, for which an additional key is displayed on it.

How to connect earphone to earphone via Bluetooth?

If this happened to you, then don’t panic. All you have to do is reset the settings and reconnect the earpiece to the earpiece. For this:

  • Put both earbuds in the case
  • We take them out and hold down the functional buttons or sensors for 20 seconds
  • We wait until they turn on and turn off again, after which we put them back in the case
  • Take it out again and press the buttons once again to activate them.
  • We are waiting for the headphones to connect to each other

This instruction is enough to connect the headphones of the vast majority of companies to each other. In some models, resetting requires pressing the button three times or another procedure, but this is only an exception to the rule, which we talk about in the descriptions of specific models.

If your headphones do not work with each other out of the box, this is evidence that they are not paired from the factory, and you need to do it yourself. Again, in each modification, the process of connecting the headphones for the first time may be different. In some, you need to press the button on the case, in some. twice on the keys on the earbuds themselves.

Denim tws how to set up

If you bought TWS headphones with a charging case, then open it and without taking out the headphones, hold down the small button on the case itself for 2-3 seconds.

If the headphones are supplied without a case or there are no buttons on it, then insert the headphones into your ears (or put them on your head) and hold down the button or touch panels on the headphones for 7 seconds.

Open settings on your smartphone and go to Bluetooth.

The phone will start searching for bluetooth devices and as soon as you find your headphones in the list of available devices, select them by tapping on the name.

Ready! It is important to note that these steps only need to be completed once (or the first time you connect to a new device). In the future, the headphones will automatically connect to your smartphone as soon as you remove them from the case or turn on the power.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the phone

If you have any problems or questions on any of these points, then more detailed instructions with illustrations and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Step 1-2. Or how to put wireless headphones into pairing mode

First, decide what kind of headphones you have. If these are fully wireless TWS headphones with a charging case, then carefully look at the case to see if there is a button on it.

See where this button can be placed and how it looks on the example of Apple Airpods:

If there is such a button, then open the case cover and hold this button for 2-3 seconds. You will see the LED indicator inside the case start flashing white quickly. This means that the headphones are in pairing mode and are available for connection to any device.

These buttons are available on many models, including:

If there is no such button (Xiaomi AirDots, Sony WF-1000XM3, etc.) or your headphones do not have a charging case at all, then:

  • If there is a mechanical button on the headphones, press this button for 7 seconds until the LED indicator on the headphones starts flashing white
  • With touch control, hold the sensors on two earbuds at the same time and hold for 5-7 seconds until you also see the indicator flashing white

Now you can move on to the next steps.

Step 3-4. Pairing your wireless headphones with your smartphone

To connect Bluetooth headphones to Android smartphones, you need to go to Bluetooth management. To do this, you must either lower the notification shade and click the small gear icon, or lower the notification shade and hold the Bluetooth icon for 2 seconds:

Once you’re in the Bluetooth settings, just wait until your headphones appear in the list of available devices and select them:

After that, the headphones will connect to the smartphone.

iPhone users need to follow the same procedure:

  • Go to iPhone Settings
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Your headphones will appear in the Other devices section
  • Select them and you’re done.!

The main problem that occurs when connecting wireless headphones to a smartphone

Apart from the rare cases of marriage or breakage, the only problem is that the user cannot put Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode. After all, only in this mode can the headphones detect other devices and connect to them.

If your headphones do not go into pairing mode according to the instructions given (although this works in 99% of cases), then look on the Internet or in the device’s instructions for exactly how pairing mode (or matching mode) is turned on on it. To do this, enter the phrase “how to put the headphone model into pairing mode” in the search box.

Also don’t forget

Many Bluetooth headphones have their own smartphone apps that allow you to update the device’s firmware with new features or customize various features.

Below you can see an example of such applications for Android smartphones:

and now we are preparing very interesting materials for publication!

to the first popular science site about smartphones and technologies, so as not to miss anything!

Connecting to an Android phone

After pairing, the headphones will connect automatically in the future.

i7, i9s, i10, i11, i12 TWS earphone connections

In the wake of the popularity of Apple’s Airpods, one of the Chinese companies has released a range of typical wireless headphones with a similar design. Using the i7 TWS as an example, consider how to connect them.

  • Remove the two earbuds from the case and hold down the control buttons until they light up in red and blue.
  • Double click on the key on one of the plugs to make it the main one.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or other device to connect.
  • Find headphones in the list of available devices and click on them once to create a connection.
  • After pairing with a new device, the indicators on the headphones will start flashing. When the flickering stops, the headset is ready to use.

Note! When you put the i9s, i10, i11 and i12 TWS models in the case, you will need to turn them off by pressing the key on the case 2 times.

Possible reasons why the headphones do not turn on or are unstable:

  • if you use other TWS headsets, may ignore i7 and other models. Check the paired headset in Bluetooth connection settings;
  • connection drops, intermittent music playback and limited range are provoked by an incompatible version of Bluetooth. This is true for outdated smartphones, music players and laptops. The version of the wireless interface must match or be higher for the device to which the plugs are connected;
  • check the charge level of the case and earbuds. With a battery reserve of around 5%, they can automatically turn off;
  • some devices have automatic blocking of new devices via Bluetooth. Disable it and try creating a new connection.

How wireless headphones work

The headset receives an audio signal from an over-the-air source. Three technologies are used for data transmission:

  • bluetooth. Technology for creating wireless personal networks. With it, you can connect the headphones to any device that has Bluetooth. Thanks to individual encoding, it prevents interception of audio data by other equipment.
  • IR port. Devices transmit data using high-frequency pulsating signals. This is an outdated technology that is most often found in Chinese smartphones and TVs. In addition to connecting wireless headphones, the infrared port is also used to control home appliances from your phone.
  • Radio connection. This technology ensures stable transmission of data from the sound source. Wireless headphones are usually only used indoors. Despite the high quality of communication and extended range, they are very heavy.

To start using your wireless headphones, you need to charge them. The built-in controller will not let you bring the headset to a deep discharge during operation.

How wireless headphone sync works

Normally, the left and right earbuds are automatically paired with each other via a Bluetooth connection. When paired for the first time, the earbuds send signals to each other to calculate the time it takes for the data to complete a round trip between the right and left device.

The first pairing will calculate the time per headphone transfer cycle

When there is a lot of noise (interference) around you, the time spent on such a cycle may be longer. Since your headphones are forced to “wait their turn” to transmit a signal. When the exact data cycle time is known, it will be divided in half. From now on, your earbuds will know how long it takes for them to transfer data between themselves.

After the calculation is completed, the headphones will be ready for use.

In most cases, the headphones are connected to the phone through one “master” earpiece (usually the right one. R). It does the extra work, as it has to manage both earbuds’ communication with the phone, and compensate for the delay in the signal between the right and left earbuds.

Usually, the right earbud is used to connect both earbuds.

The battery on the right earbud runs out a little faster than the battery on the left. When a music signal is received from the phone, the right earbud immediately sends a signal to the left earbud. It also makes a slight delay during music playback in order to ensure that the track on the right and left earbuds is playing in sync.

Xiaomi AirDots, wireless connection and operation

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This is a good device at an affordable price range.

Xiaomi AirDots are sold exclusively in white.

Xiaomi AirDots, specifications.

To understand what is what. Models from Xiaomi and the Redmi subsidiary are technically and functionally the same. They differ only in appearance.

For example, they differ in the presence of a touch button for controlling the headset. The package includes spare ear pads, recharging and a microUSB cable.

Redmi AirDots are made in black, and the control button is mechanical. These headphones are slightly smaller in size and do not come with a micro USB cable.

They have the same technical stuffing and built-in software, so the instruction manual from one device is suitable for another.

Wireless technology used.

Bluetooth version 5.0. Both AirDots are compatible with earlier headphone specs. The autonomy of the gadget is provided by the main battery with a capacity of 300 mAh. Housed in a headphone case. And two additional ones with a capacity of 40 mA / h, located in the inserts.

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As practice shows, a full charge is enough for three to four hours of continuous use, depending on the temperature.

The lower, the faster the battery drains.

Using a charging case allows you to increase autonomy by about three times. That is, you can listen to your favorite tracks and compositions for 12 hours in a row.

A feature of the headphones is the possibility of their separate use. The maximum possible distance between them is 7 meters. Has the latest generation codec combined with Bluetooth 5.0.

This allows you to be from the sound source at a distance of about 30 meters.

If you connect the left earbud to the gadget, the right one will connect automatically. However, the reverse connection order does not work that way. The second earbud will have to be attached to the head unit separately.

Galaxy A53. Xiaomi, ВОТ И ВСЕ Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G ЭТО БОМБА �� iPhone SE 3 ПОКАЗАЛИ!

Removing one of the earbuds from your ear does not cause playback to stop. How it is implemented in Airpods. Music will play from another earbud.

If you do not return the removed earphone to its place in 20 seconds, it will turn off, and then it will have to be returned to the charging case. Then reconnect.

Both devices are turned off after 5 minutes of inactivity or after they are placed in the charging box. The device supports audio codecs. SBC, XQ and SBC. The sound is quite decent for this price range of wireless headsets.

How to connect both AirDots.

The possibility of separate use of liners has its drawbacks. This is a somewhat confusing procedure for connecting and synchronizing them.

Also, one problem is related to their decoupling, if the headphones were previously connected to another device.

How to connect to Xiaomi AirDots smartphone.

We blame the earbuds from the charging box, touch the sensors located on the outside of the headphones with our fingers. Hold for about ten seconds. Let go when the indicator on the case does not start blinking red-violet LEDs. This will indicate a complete reset of the previous settings. 2. We put the earbuds in the charging case for a few seconds, take them out at the same time. If everything is done correctly, the right earpiece will blink a purple LED. 3. We activate Bluetooth on the smartphone, turn on the search for other devices.

If several gadgets are highlighted, the headphones will have the name “Mi AirDots BASIC”. Select it and allow pairing when prompted.

The second earphone should connect automatically.

If the white LED flashes frequently, the Xiaomi AirDots headphones are synchronizing with each other. Slow blinking indicates the readiness of synchronization with a smartphone.

Connect both Xiaomi / Redmi AirDots headphones at once.

To simultaneously connect wireless headphones to a sound source, perform the following steps.

We take both earbuds out of the box at the same time. We expect them to turn on for several seconds. As a result, both headphones are synchronized with each other. What will the flashing white LED on the right earbud indicate?

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, start searching for devices. If there are several of them, select “MiTrue Wireless EBs Basic”. This is the right earpiece. When a request for data exchange appears, we answer in the affirmative.

The LEDs should turn off, but a visual indication of the charge level of both earbuds will appear. Connection completed successfully.

All subsequent connections of Redmi AirDots to a computer or smartphone will occur automatically. Provided that Bluetooth is active. If for some reason the connection of Redmi AirDots failed, a general reset of the headset is required.

Operation of Xiaomi AirDots.

Headphones are compatible with different mobile platforms. In this case, the connection algorithm will be the same for both Android and iOS.

If the task is to maximize battery life. You can activate first one earphone, and then the second. While one is working, the second can be sent to the charging box.

How to activate one earbud.

We take out one of the headphones from the box. 2. Keep the sensor pressed. 3.Activate Bluetooth on the sound source, select the device called “Mi AirDots R / L”. Where R is the right liner, L is the left; 4.We allow data exchange. 5.At first, the selected earphone will try to connect with the other one, but after 15 seconds the LED will blink slowly. Then it will stop. 6.The earbud will start working on its own by connecting to the playback device.


Xiaomi and Redmi headphones are identical, except for the control button. For some, a touch option is preferable, for others, a mechanical one.

Note that the likelihood of accidentally pressing a button is much lower with mechanically controlled headphones.

A single press is used to stop or start playing a track. Double tap allows you to use the voice assistant to control.

With it, you can, for example, switch tracks or change the sound volume. There are no control buttons on the earbuds themselves.

When working with your phone, you can do the following:.

Drop a call with a single click. Accept a call by double tapping. End a call by holding the touch or button down for 2 seconds. Mute microphone (quick double tap on button/sensor).

How to charge Xiaomi/Redmi AirDots.

The principle of recharging is simple. You just need to place the earbuds in the charging box in special magnetic grooves. Each earphone has a 40 mAh battery to restore capacity. Which takes about an hour and a half.

Charging takes place from another battery installed in the case with a capacity of 300 mAh. Thus, one charge of a large battery is enough for three recharges of small ones.

The large battery also needs to be recharged from the network or a computer via a micro-USB cable. Charging time approximately 2 hours.

How to understand that AirDots is charged?

If the red LED is on, the battery is low. A white LED will indicate that it is fully charged.

How to turn off the headphones.

You need to go to Bluetooth settings and disconnect Xiaomi / Redmi AirDots from the list of connected gadgets. Note that on different computers, smartphones, and tablets, the settings are implemented differently. But the principle is the same everywhere.

So to turn off wireless headphones on iPhone.

It is necessary to press the “i” button opposite the model name. After opening a new window, select “Forget this device”. Then you need to turn off and turn on the headset again.

A complete reset of Xiaomi AirDots can be done using the following algorithm.

First, remove the headphones from the list of connected devices. We take out the inserts from the case. Press and hold the sensors for a few seconds.

When the red and white LEDs go out after double flashing, do not release the sensor. We are waiting for the indicators to flash again. Returning the earbuds to the charging box.

After a few seconds, we take them out at the same time and wait for the blinking of the right earbud to slow down. After that, you can connect the headset to any device.

All about charging Redmi AirDots

To charge the earbuds, place them in the plastic case. Each earbud has its own socket. Inserting the headphones into the case by swapping the right and left will not work. As soon as the “ears” are in place, the red indicators will light up. When charging is complete, the LEDs will change color to white.

It will take 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the dots in the case. It may be that on the left earpiece the indicator will be white, while on the right it is still red. This is a normal situation, because the right dots in a pair is the main one, it discharges faster and needs more time to charge.

The case, since it is a charger, has a built-in battery, and it also needs to be charged. To do this, the case has a mini-USB port into which the appropriate cable is inserted. This cable is not included, so you have to purchase it separately.

The case also has a status indicator. When charging is required, it turns red, after fully charged (this process takes 2 hours), the color changes to white and the indicator turns off quickly.

Sometimes one or both earbuds fail to charge. The reason may be banal. the battery of the case is discharged. In this case, the headphones do not disconnect from the phone after being placed in the case, pairing remains even if the case cover is closed. The second reason is the lack of contact between the earpiece and the charging pad in the case. Check if you have removed the film from the dots, and also find out why the earpiece does not sit completely in its socket. Perhaps the ear cushion or something else interferes with this. Remove the ear pads and try inserting the earbuds into the case without them. The problem with charging can be solved immediately. Then you will have to pick up new, more suitable silicone tips.


The gadget will not be able to work if it is not charged, so before using it, place it in a case to fill the battery. If the indicator is red, Redmi AirDots are charging, if it is white, they are ready for use.

Remove the headset from the case and wait a couple of seconds. the earbuds should sync with each other. When the left catches the signal from the right, the synchronization is complete, as indicated by the indicator, which will start flashing white.

What to do if the headphones do not connect

Many people ask this question when the gadget cannot sync with the phone, or the name of the wireless headphones has disappeared from the list of paired devices.

Instructions for returning the accessory to work are as follows:

  • Remove the AirDots from the case, they must be turned off.
  • Press and hold the touchpad on each earbud for up to 15 seconds.
  • After flashing three times, put the earbuds back in the case and let them charge.
  • Go to the “Bluetooth” page on your phone and remove the name of the gadget from the list.
  • And finally, do the whole connection process from the very beginning.

AirDots headphones have become a hit this summer in all digital stores. In this article, we have collected all the necessary information on the operation of Redmi AirDots and Xiaomi Mi AirDots. The information is detailed and in Russian. First of all, the user of AirDots headphones needs to know several important points about them:

  • There are two types of AirDots headphones: from Xiaomi and the recently separated Redmi brand. The first releases AirDots in white, and the headphone control button is touch-sensitive. Redmi also releases headphones in black, and the control button is mechanical. The principle of operation of Redmi AirDots and Xiaomi Mi AirDots is identical, this article is universal for both models.
  • When synchronizing with a device, in order for both headphones to work, you must first connect the left earphone to the right one, and then connect the right one to an external device (smartphone, PC or tablet)
  • To control the headphones, only one button is used with various pressing variations, which we will discuss below. The button is located on the outer part of the headphone case (see the picture below).
  • If you remove one earbud from your ear, then music playback will continue on the one in your ear. To completely turn off both headphones, they must be put in a case.
  • Users not correctly synchronizing their headphones often face the problem that the left AirDots earpiece does not connect, for you we have instructions on how to connect both AirDots earbuds to a smartphone, tablet or PC

AirDots color indicator: symbols

  • if the headphones are in the case, and the red color is flashing, it means the headphones are charging
  • the headphones are taken out of the case, when you hold both buttons for 10 seconds, the indicator will turn red, and this will mean that the headphones are turned off
  • the indicator lights up white quickly. it means the headphones are looking for each other to synchronize
  • the indicator lights up white slowly. it means the headphones are ready for synchronization with an external device

Connect both AirDots to your phone or computer

Let’s immediately determine if the headphones have already been used on another device, or you have already tried to connect them to an external device, then you must first untie AirDots from the device. If you disconnected the headphones, or connect them for the first time, then move on. First of all, they need:

  • Take both earbuds out of the case at the same time
  • If the headphones are turned on, then hold down the buttons on both headphones for 6-10 seconds until the red indicator lights up. That would mean turning them off.
  • Again, simultaneously hold down the buttons on both headphones for 2-3 seconds, until the indicator on both headphones flashes white quickly.
  • It is necessary to wait a few more seconds until the headphones are synchronized with each other. The right earpiece (main) will beep when you do this. At the same time, the indicator on the left earpiece will turn off, on the right it will flash white, but slowly.
  • Now on your external device to which you want to connect the headphones (smartphone, PC or tablet), open Bluetooth in the settings. In the list of available devices, you will see Redmi AirDots_R or Xiaomi_mi_AirDots_R, click on it. In this case, the headphones should not be in the case.!
  • After successful connection, all indicators on the headphones will turn off.
  • If you were unable to connect them the first time, do not be discouraged, we advise you to do the whole procedure again, after untying the headphones from the devices with which you tried to synchronize.

Instructions for managing AirDots

  • Single press pauses music, unpauses and continues to play music, answers the call when a call comes in
  • To reject an incoming call, hold down the button for a few seconds
  • Double tap to call the voice assistant. Supports Siri, Ok Google and Yandex Alice.

How to switch music on AirDots

Music player control on AirDots headphones is not provided, however, there is a life hack that will allow you to do this. It is necessary to double-click to call the voice assistant, and ask him to switch the track or change the volume.

How to unpair the headphones from an external device

In order to untie the headphones from an external device, you must first go to the settings of your smartphone, PC or tablet in the Bluetooth section. Find Redmi AirDots or Xiaomi_mi_AirDots in the list of connected devices. Further, in different devices, the instructions differ, but the principle is the same. On the iPhone, press the i button to the right of the name of the headphones, in the window that opens, select Forget this device. The second step to disconnect will be to completely turn off and turn on the headphones. This step is described in this article How to connect both AirDots to a smartphone or PC.

If you still have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or go to our telegram channel there is a link to the chat where you can get a quick and high-quality consultation.

The era of mobile electronics continues its development. Today, wireless headphones are quite deservedly popular among users. Among the abundance of TWS earphone models on the market, products under the Xiaomi/Redmi brand stand out. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Redmi AirDots are a worthy alternative to expensive “earbuds” produced by Apple, Sony, Samsung and other manufacturers. In some countries they are sold under the name Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, but the model is actually the same.

It is important to remember that high demand has led to the fact that in the same China, clones of Redmi AirDots are produced in large quantities. They are sold at a low price, and the quality of such accessories does not stand up to criticism. Be careful if you are going to buy Xiaomi headphones for yourself or someone as a gift.

Below we give detailed instructions for those who have just bought Air dots, in which we will tell you how to use them.

What you need to know about connection

Let’s pay attention to some nuances that are useful to know and consider when it becomes necessary to connect Redmi AirDots.

Connection and control features:

  • Remember the colors of the indicator: red means no battery charge at the moment, white means ready to use, full charge.
  • The sound volume is controlled only by the rocker on the smartphone itself.
  • Connection methods are similar on Android and iOS.
  • Charging the battery takes about 45 minutes.
  • Battery life: about 3-4 hours.
  • To use only the right or only the left earpiece, remove one device from the case, and leave the second one there, wait until the fast blinks change to slow ones and connect in the usual way.
  • The headset is connected to the computer in the same way.

What’s in the box?

The new Redmi Airdots are packed in a small oblong blue cardboard box. The box contains:

How To Fix Right Airpod/Airpod Pro Loses Battery Faster Than Left. Fixed 2022

  • Charging case.
  • Headphones (in a case) with “M” size ear pads.
  • Interchangeable ear pads in “S” and “L” sizes.
  • Operation manual in Chinese. Instructions in Russian are not included.

Before using for the first time, we recommend that you charge the case and wireless headphones. Remove the film from the case and from the contacts on the earbuds (the film can only be on one of them).

How to set up Xiaomi AirDots headphones

Wireless headphones have been the flagship accessory of the last few years. and more often people began to replace the “wires” with a more comfortable headset. Therefore, now many brands focus their production on such gadgets. The Chinese brand Xiaomi also does not stand aside. in the spring of 2019, the manufacturer released the new Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. According to buyers, they provide good performance and excellent sound. How to deal with connecting them to a smartphone. we will discuss in this article.

The physical button on each of the headphones can perform several functions.

  • Answer / end / reject an incoming call
  • when a call comes in, tap once on the multi-function button to answer the call;
  • during a phone call, press the multi-function button to end the connection;
  • when an unwanted call arrives, you can reset it by long pressing the multi-function button.
  • Play / pause music

When you are listening to music and want to pause or restart playback, you can control it by pressing the multi-function button.

When the headphones are in standby mode, press the multi-function button twice to call the digital assistant.

The phone must support the voice control function, the quick launch mode (“wake up” of the device) must be activated in the phone settings.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots support voice control via Xiaoai, Siri and Google Assistant.

Redmi AirDots has support for third-party chat apps and voice input for iOS. Android devices use the built-in microphone by default, through which voice commands and responses from the digital assistant are sent.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones do not have a volume control function, this setting must be done on a smartphone. By the way, you can use the voice assistant to adjust the sound volume.

How to connect Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones

To connect the headphones, you only need a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the accessory itself.

Please note that turning on and off the gadget occurs as a result of removing or placing the headphones back into the case, respectively. So do not try to find any buttons with which to activate them.

How to connect both earbuds:

  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the “Refresh” button to search for new devices.
  • In the list, select the name of the accessory “Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (Right. right earpiece)”.
  • Click on the name and confirm the connection request.

Ready! Now you can listen to music.

The manufacturer decided not to limit himself to one connection method and, just in case, provided a second method.

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How to connect Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones. the second way:

  • Take them out of the case.
  • Press and hold the touchpads on both earbuds.
  • There should be a couple of flashes of red and white light. hold the touch buttons.
  • There will be another flashing of both colors.
  • Put the accessory back into the case.
  • Take it out and wait for a while. fast blinking becomes slow at the right earpiece.
  • Then just plug your headphones into your phone.

Accidental Damage If your Airpods, charging case, or both need to be replaced due to physical damage, you can replace each device at the cost of out-of-warranty service. To calculate the approximate cost, contact the service center.

You are not the first to face this problem. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order a single earbud or charging case from the Apple website or from resellers. Apple offers a special program to replace lost Airpods, but you need to contact the nearest service center to get an earphone or case.

It will turn out much cheaper than buying new Airpods: in the iReplace store, for example, you can buy one Airpods earphone (second generation) for 4,990 rubles. both left and right. Also on sale are separately first-generation Airpods headphones and even Airpods Pro.

Find your Airpods or Airpods Pro using your computer

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click All Devices, then select your Airpods. Under each device, its location will be indicated or the state “Offline” will be displayed.

Place both Airpods in the charging case, plug the case into a power source, close the lid, and wait 10-20 minutes. Then open the lid, press and hold the setting button on the back of the case for a few seconds. The status indicator should start blinking white.

The problem is fixed by reinstalling the necessary driver that comes with the purchase of the device. If 1 headphone works, then this may be due to a break in the connecting cable. Clogging with sulfur, debris, dust can also cause damage or poor sound.

Even careful and careful handling of the device will not protect it from sulfur ingress. If the grill is clogged, the sound quality deteriorates noticeably. It is important to systematically clean from sulfur. To remove sulfur, you will need napkins and cotton swabs. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove stubborn dirt.

Before cleaning, you must turn off the device, and only then clean the speaker grid. Difficult dirt can be removed with a toothpick. Also, large contaminants are removed with a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide. The cotton swab should be moistened slightly so that the liquid does not get under the body. After that, wipe the headphones with a napkin.

Dirt on the contacts of one of the Airpods.

Dirt in contacts is removed in the same way as sulfur. To do this, use cotton swabs, napkins, if necessary, hydrogen peroxide and toothpicks. Calibration required. For the best performance of the device, it is recommended to calibrate the battery. If one of your Airpods is running out of power faster than the other, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • Completely discharge the case.
  • Fully charge the headphones through the case and then completely discharge until the moment of disconnection.
  • Recharge the case, and then put the earbuds in it and charge them.

This procedure will stabilize the operation of the device. However, it is not recommended to repeat this procedure too often.

Rapid discharge of one of the headphones.

Manufacturers indicate that the device can work autonomously for about 5 hours. To do this, it is enough to put them on recharging for 20-25 minutes. The accessory can be used for a day if it is stored in a case.

Causes of rapid discharge and how to eliminate them:

  • Auto ear detection failure. If the device does not turn off when not in use, the battery is wasted. To solve this problem, you should check the settings.
  • Frequent opening and closing of the case next to the iPhone.

If the problem is not resolved after the 2 points above, it is recommended that you restart your Airpods. In the event that the problem is not resolved, it is worth contacting a specialized service.

Infrared sensors are located on the body of the device. They give a signal to the device that is in the ears. When you pull one earpiece out of your ears, you can stop playback. The technology is very useful and deserves a lot of praise from the developers. With an incoming call, just lightly tap on the sensor and you can proceed to the conversation. Disabling the connection is also carried out with a light blow on the sensor.

One of the headphones is quickly discharged what to do (using Airpods as an example)

There is another very popular problem that I myself encountered on the original Airpods and on the Chinese i30 headphones. It seems that everything is charging and working as it should, but one of the headphones is very quickly discharged and turns itself off. This is my right earpiece. It only works for a few minutes and turns itself off. It turns out that one earpiece sits faster than the other. On Airpods, it lasts longer, but the right earpiece sits down much faster than the left one. These headphones cannot be used.

This is a hardware problem. That is, settings, resetting parameters and other similar methods cannot fix it. Need repair, replacement of a non-working earpiece (right or left), or purchase of new headphones. If there is a warranty, be sure to contact the service center or the seller. They need to fix it, replace it, refund the money.

If the earphone is collapsible, then you can find the battery yourself, disassemble the earphones and replace it (solder). But there are a lot of nuances here. Can you do it yourself, can you find a battery, etc.

In most cases, this makes no sense. It’s easier to buy new headphones. Just like with my first generation Airpods. You can only change the right earbud, since the left one seems to still be holding a charge. But where is the guarantee that in a month the left earpiece will not break, because they are already four years old. And the battery in Airpods cannot be replaced, they are non-separable, if I understand correctly.

Detected marriage in Airpods 2

I love falling asleep in them while listening to a podcast or audiobook. So this time, I pulled them out of the charging case with a 100% battery level, listened to the audio story for 10 minutes and fell asleep. In the morning, the headphones lay next to the pillow. Their charge level was as follows:

That is, the left one was discharged by 50%, and the right one by 65%! At the same time, the off timer on the phone worked after 15 minutes of listening.

After watching them further, I realized that Aiprods 2 are discharged simply in standby mode, outside the charging case. When they lie on the table or hang in their ears, without losing anything. This was not the case with the first generation of these headphones.

I went to the official Apple website and started a chat with a support representative:

Consultant Sandra is in touch. Your appeal number: 1xxxxxxxxx.

  • Thank you for contacting Apple Support. My name is Sandra.
  • How can I help you?
  • Hello. Bought a few days ago Airpods 2nd generation earbuds. I noticed that the right earpiece is discharged 15% faster than the left one. That is, if the left one still has 30% of the charge left, then the right one already has about 13%.
  • Is this grounds for contacting the service center?
  • I’m sorry that you are faced with this situation. I’ll be happy to advise and help you figure it out! I will provide all the necessary information.
  • Please tell me the serial number of your headphones.
  • Thanks to. What device are you using the headphones with??
  • iPhone XS MAX 64gb
  • I had first-generation headphones before and they discharged evenly.
  • What version of iOS is installed on the iPhone?
  • iOS 12.3.1
  • Also using them with iPad Pro 12.9
  • It shows the same.
  • It was just inserted into the ear, nothing was reproduced.
  • That means you haven’t used the earpiece yet.?
  • For example, while we were chatting, the headphones were in standby mode and during these 5 minutes the left one sat down from 20% to 10%. I did not speak through them. It also shouldn’t be?
  • Good.
  • Your reference number is 1xxxxxxxxxx. Be sure to contact us when you protege the headphones, ok?
  • Then it probably shouldn’t matter.
  • Voice, pressing me is busy with other commands
  • Do you call Siri by pressing the earpiece or by voice?
  • If you turn off Siri, will the earphone be discharged less? I’m only for the sake of Siri and switched to the second generation.
  • In this case, try to follow the step that I wrote to you just above. See in the morning how much both headphones will be discharged and whether there will be a strong difference between them
  • Good!
  • Microphone set automatically, Auto switch
  • That is, you use one earbud more than the other, and therefore it can be discharged faster
  • Since one earbud can run out faster if you use Siri or switch tracks for example
  • Also, now go to settings → Bluetooth → Airpods → microphone. See which headphone it’s on
  • If both (or one) of the headphones are discharged by less than 90%, then you will need to contact a senior specialist and translate your appeal
  • Good! In this case, you should do the following: charge the headphones to 100% and then disconnect from charging. Leave the earbuds overnight and see how much each earphone is drained
  • Yes, original
  • I noticed in the morning when the headphones were discharged unevenly during the night
  • Charge the headphones with the original wire and adapter?
  • Yes, right away
  • Thanks for the clarification! Tell me, it started right after the purchase of headphones?
  • Understood you. Yes, indeed, the earphone is discharged too quickly.

For several days I made measurements and various experiments:

How to reboot

Sometimes audio dropout issues can be resolved by hard resetting your Airpods. Before performing it, you need to make sure that the batteries of the earbuds and the charging case are not discharged.

Then you should “untie” Airpods from the transmitting device. In all devices, this is done the same way:

  • go to “Settings” and then to Bluetooth;
  • find the name of the headphones in the list of connected devices;
  • after highlighting the name or clicking any icon next to it, click “delete” or “Forget device”.
  • Both Airpods are inserted into the charging case and, after closing the cover, wait for thirty seconds.
  • Open the lid without pulling out the headphones.
  • On the back of the case, press and hold the button until the indicator flashes orange.
  • The button is released. At the same time, the indicator changes color to white, notifying that the reboot was successful.

If gestures don’t work

Airpods have built-in touch sensors for control. In models of the first and second generation, both earbuds respond only to double-tap, and initially this gesture is programmed to call the sound assistant.

In this case, each of the ear monitors can be reassigned this action. For this:

  • Open “settings”.
  • Go to “Bluetooth”.
  • In the Airpods menu, tap on the “double tap” section.
  • Select the right or left Airpods and set the earbud to one of the following actions:
  • Siri (only with the help of the voice assistant, you can adjust the volume).
  • “Start/Pause”.
  • “Next Track”.
  • “Previous Track”.
  • “Off”.

The last step disables the earbud sensor. Therefore, if one of the headphones stops responding to a double tap, then it is disabled in the settings. Otherwise, it is broken, contact the service center.

Headphones drain quickly

The declared autonomy of Airpods is about five hours of continuous operation after a full charge and about three hours after a fifteen-minute recharge.

If a relatively new gadget quickly discharges the batteries of two headphones at once, then there can be only one reason. In the settings of the device, the “Auto-ear detection” function is disabled, which means that even if the headphones are not used, they still continue to play a melody and discharge the batteries.

The battery of one of the Airpods runs out faster. This can happen during frequent phone calls if “Always left earpiece” or “Always right earpiece” is selected in the microphone settings.

It also affects the purpose of Airpods when setting up a voice assistant and switching tracks.

No sound with fully charged Airpods

The main reason is that there is no Bluetooth connection between the gadget and the device.

  • long distance;
  • the presence of obstacles or a mowing line of a radio signal;
  • source of strong interference;
  • breakdown or malfunction of the Bluetooth source and receiver modules.

The first thing to do is connect Airpods to another smartphone. If the sound appears, then the reason is in the device, and you should try to restart it or, in extreme cases, reset the settings to factory settings.

If there is no sound, when pairing with another phone, we can conclude that the reason is in the headphones, which means you need to restart them.

One of my Airpods has stopped working. There are faults that the user is unable to repair, as they are caused by:

But there are also problems with Airpods that you can fix yourself. The main ones are:

  • there is no pairing with the device or between the headphones themselves;
  • one of the headphones sounds quieter than the other;
  • the earpiece does not execute a command when double-touched;
  • the batteries of the earbuds, and sometimes the case, are quickly discharged;
  • while listening to music or a phone call, the connection is interrupted or the sound cuts out.

Lost connection or sound

If one of the Airpods does not work and no mechanical damage is noticed during the inspection, then there may be two reasons:

To recharge the battery, the problem insert is also placed in the charging case for at least 15 minutes.

If one earbud runs out faster than the other, please calibrate your Airpods. Do it in the following order:

  • Maximum charge the case.
  • Headphones are inserted into the charging case.
  • After they are 100% charged, leave them in the case for another 15 minutes.
  • Headphones are removed and connected to the device.
  • They start playing music to completely discharge the batteries (in parallel, they again charge the case to the maximum).
  • After the battery capacity reaches 0%, wait another 5 minutes.
  • The headphones are again placed in a fully charged case and after the battery is set to 100% capacity, we can assume that the Airpods are calibrated.

Why does one left or one right earbud not work

The left or right earbud cannot experience specific malfunctions, since both devices consist of identical components and perform the same functions.

But when replacing a failed earpiece, it should be borne in mind that their cases are still different, and replacing the left one with another right one will not work.

Firmware update

Immediately after the release of the second generation of Airpods, it turned out that when working with smartphones on Android, synchronism is broken in the headphones (one earphone does not see the other), disconnects and imbalance in sound volume occur.

All this can be fixed by installing a new firmware. It is impossible to do this manually by connecting the case to a computer.

You will definitely need an Apple device. To update the software to the new version 10.3, you must:

  • Put the earphones into the charging case.
  • Connect the case to the charger, and check the indicator that charging is taking place.
  • Connect Head Set to iPhone via Bluetooth.

Since flashing occurs automatically, all that remains is to wait.

You can find out that the update has happened as follows:


  • Go to the “Settings” menu on the iOS device to which the headphones are connected.
  • In “General” select “About this device”.
  • They scroll to Airpods, where below in the software you can see the version number.

What do the different colors of the case indicator mean?

On the case responsible for charging and connecting the headphones to the device, there is one indicator that notifies you of everything that happens with Airpods.

For example, to update the firmware, you need to make sure that charging is in progress, and for this, the user must know how the indicator light signals this.

The dependence of the indicator signal on the state of the case and headphones is shown in the table:

Checking the volume

To check Airpods volume balance:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Basic”, and then “Universal access”;
  • scroll down to the Rumor section;
  • in the red rectangle with the inscription “Adjust the volume balance between the left and right channels” the round slider must be exactly in the middle between the letters “L” and “R”.

If this is not the case, set it to the correct position.

The case allows you to charge the headphones several times and listen to music for more than 24 hours7, and talk on the phone for up to 18 hours8. Airpods can last up to 5 hours of play time9 or up to 3 hours of talk time on a single charge10.

If you have Airpods Max, open the Smart Case and hold it close to your iOS device. A charging icon should appear next to the Airpods battery icon. If your Airpods still won’t charge, contact Apple Support.

  • Before starting the procedure, you must place the Airpods in the case.
  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light blinks amber a few times and then turns white. It will take about 10-15 seconds.

Enable listening through headphones to discharge them in one cycle to 0% and off. At this time, recharge the case. After turning off the AirPods with 0% charge, leave them in a discharged state for 10 minutes. Re-insert the earphones in the charging case to 100%. charging should take longer.

A fully charged case lasts for several headphone charging cycles. that’s more than 24 hours of audio listening and up to 18 hours of talk time. Airpods 2 hold a charge a little less: Up to 5 hours of music playback. Up to 3 hours talk time.

The batteries in Apple Airpods wireless headphones are non-replaceable. Apple press service says that Apple Airpods are designed to last, but real reviews indicate that they work from 18 to 36 months depending on the use case.

Why does one Airpods drain faster than the other?

Hey! Let’s start with good news, the situation described in the title of the article happens to many (all my friends and acquaintances confirmed the fact of uneven discharge of their Airpods). Why, for many, let me express the most daring assumption:

It seems to me that Airpods are discharged “in different ways” in general for everyone.

So why is it not being shouted at every corner? Firstly, few people pay attention to the minimum difference in the percentage of discharge of their Airpods (they work and what is there to track?). And secondly, there are quite objective reasons for such a phenomenon, which allow us to more or less logically explain all this disgrace.

Apple everything! © One Lead Mobile Analyst.

And on this joyful note, let’s get down to business and find out what these “objective reasons” are, due to which one Airpods earphone can be discharged a little faster than the other:

  • Microphone. Airpods have a microphone in each earbud and, by default, the microphone is automatically switched. That is, during a conversation, it can turn on both on the left and on the right earpiece. Talking on the phone with Airpods? Get an uneven discharge since the microphone, at least a little, but still “eats” the battery of one of the headphones.
  • Siri. Similarly, a microphone can be assigned to one of the headphones. If you actively use it, then this very earphone will be discharged faster.
  • Switching tracks. Everything is the same as Siri.
  • Natural battery wear. As you understand, the battery in each of the headphones cannot wear out 100% equally not immediately, but after some time there are differences in capacity. Less battery capacity in one of the headphones, it will hold a charge worse and discharge a little faster.
  • The sum of all of the above.
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As you can see, there is nothing extraordinary, everything is logical, simple and understandable.

However, only one case was considered, when the fluctuations in the percentage difference in the charging of the headphones are minimal. But it happens differently

So, if your Airpods are being discharged as unevenly as possible:

Conditionally: the left “ear” shows 80%, and the right 40%.

Then there may be completely different options. What?

  • One earpiece was not fully charged. I myself recently encountered exactly the same situation (the story of how the author had one earphone charged, and the second did not).
  • Software failure. You need to perform a hard reset detailed instructions on how to make a Hard Reset Airpods (with pictures!).
  • Failure in the software Sometimes a reset does not help, you need something “more serious”. For example, calibrate the battery of the case and Airpods headphones.
  • Marriage. Unfortunately, it also happens (no one has canceled factory defects), in this case only a service center will help (the earpiece will be replaced under warranty).

Uneven discharge of Airpods “thing” is ambiguous.

There are times when this is quite the norm (slight fluctuations), and there are times when it “smells like kerosene” (a strong difference can indicate both software failures and the marriage of the device itself).

What happens to your headphones? All OK”? Or not? How did you get out of this situation? Share your personal experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it might help other people!

P.S. Ask questions (how I can help), put “likes”, click on the buttons of social networks, be active! Thank you all, hugs! 🙂

Hello everyone! My name is Michael and this is my blog. Welcome! P.S. Sometimes you can catch me live. Fly in, let’s chat!;) Currently OFFLINE!

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Hello! When I take out one earpiece from the case, the percentage of charges of both the case and the right and left earphones change. Please tell me what is the cause of the problem?

Hello. The only assumption is some kind of software failure. Try to hard reset your Airpods (there is a link to detailed instructions in the article).

Hello! My headphones are 3 months old, everything was fine. Now the right earpiece sits faster than the left. What to do, it’s the norm?

Hello! 1. If the discharge rate differs slightly, then, in my opinion, everything is OK. 2. If one earphone is discharged much faster than the other, then you should take advantage of the warranty and contact an authorized service center.

Michael, good afternoon! Airpods 2 are 2 weeks old. Talked on the microphone the difference is about 10%. I read the article, but it’s worth auto-switching the headphones, shouldn’t they programmatically sit down evenly?

Kind! It seems to me that no, they should not, because the meaning of auto-switching is that the microphone that is most suitable for talking is used. Accordingly, if the microphone on the left (right) Airpods earphone is more suitable, then this particular ear will be discharged faster than the other.

And which one is more suitable for talking if both headphones are in the ear? Should auto switch work.

Must. It does work. But in what way it seems to me that this question is better to be asked to more competent people by Apple engineers.

Hello! Headphones are discharged differently with a big difference, for example, left 78%, right 21%. Headphones are less than a week old. By all indications, the original, the serial number is determined on the Apple website. Did a full reset and calibration according to your instructions did not help. It seems that this is not the norm. What do you think? Thank you.

Hello. I also think that this should not be the case. Try contacting the official Apple service center, they will diagnose and, if necessary (possible), repair (replace) the device.

Hello! How long does your case hold a charge? When listening to music for 3.5 hours a day, I have enough headphones for 4 days. When I charge the case through fast charging, the charge is shown incorrectly. When I open the case a couple of times, it immediately jumps from 100 to 45.55, when as fast charging It often happens that the earpiece may not be recognized I took it off my ear, but the music was not paused, because it was not recognized before, I want to pause with a double tap, nothing happens I put it back in my ear, but the earphone does not connect And the problem Definitely not in the sensor, because if you squeeze it in your hand, then everything is fine. When this happens to one, when to another.

Greetings! 1. Unfortunately, I won’t tell you about charging the case. I rarely use headphones, so I don’t track it at the moment. So, I charge once every two or three weeks is enough for me 🙂 Perhaps one of the other readers will share their statistics 2. As for recognition, again, I did not encounter, but I heard from a couple of friends about exactly the same problem. Since they started complaining almost at the same time (and recently), I have an assumption that this is either somehow related to the cold weather (sensors freeze and start to fail), or with the latest firmware update. There are probably no other options.

Hello, here is the situation. I’m sitting at work, headphones in my backpack, then a message comes to the phone that the Airpods charge is 10%, urgent business, I remember about the message after a while, I take out the headphones, and the right one has 2% charge, the left one has 100%. I blew inside the case, put it on charge, they are charging. After a while, the left one, as it was 100%, and the right one does not charge more than 80%. At home, the same thing, up to 80% and that’s it. Hard reset did, untied from the phone, zero sense. Go to the service or maybe something else you can do?

Hello. In my opinion: 1. You have done everything you can. 2. The earphone has some problems with the battery. 3. It is worth contacting the official Apple service center.

One wireless earbud not working.

Sometimes a situation arises when one of the wireless headphones does not produce sound. If you turn on the player and cannot figure out why the headphone is not working, first you need to check the device itself. If it works, then the problem lies in the headphone.

Possible problems.

  • One earphone is discharged. Often, the headphones are discharged in different ways, because many models have one earphone as the leader, and it is discharged first.
  • Clogged speaker. Especially if water got in. Of course, the sound will not completely disappear, but at a low volume you can not hear anything.
  • Wrong position of the battery. If your headphones have a replaceable battery, do not reverse the polarity.
  • The headset is not positioned correctly. Some models have an in-ear presence sensor. If the position is incorrect, it may not work and there will be no sound.
  • Connection problems.Sometimes only 1 earphone is connected. You need to pair them.
  • Failures in the sound source settings. Sometimes it’s not the headphones, but the sound source.

How to fix.

Depending on the complexity of the breakdown, it can be fixed at a service center or on your own. When the speaker is clogged with debris, gray, dust, they are carefully removed with a thin needle, a paper clip and a cotton swab. Cleaning should be done with smooth movements. Sudden movements will damage the speakers.

The check can be done in a few minutes. In order not to clog the speaker, it is worth periodically carrying out preventive maintenance, and in order to maintain better connector contact, it is recommended to purchase a protective cover.

If the battery is incorrectly placed, check the plus and minus of the battery. Plus, for batteries with a size of 11 millimeters, it should be located towards the top. For smaller batteries, the plus is on the bottom. A slight noise after inserting the battery indicates a correct repair.

Incorrect connection of the headset may be due to the phone’s memory being full. If you cannot understand why one earphone works, then try renaming the name of the device you are using on your phone.

Many phones can transmit sound through the speaker rather than through the headphones. To do this, go to the settings, and make the right choice. If, after all the repair and preventive procedures carried out, one earphone still does not work, it is recommended to contact the service center.

One ear curse

Most headphone manufacturers indicate that the product is of high quality and can be used for a long time. However, a situation often arises when one of the headphones stops functioning. This phenomenon even has its own name “Curse of one earpiece”. In the event of a breakdown, a person begins to get nervous and panic.

One wired earbud not working.

If one earphone suddenly stops working, it is likely that you can fix it yourself, the main thing is to find the reason.

Possible reasons.

It’s worth starting with a visual check of the device.

  • First, make sure that the plug is correctly inserted into the socket of the device. The contacts on the connectors are made in the form of rings. If the plug is inserted incorrectly, then one of the rings will not come into contact with the contact, respectively, one of the speakers will not work.
  • Breakage of the speaker membrane occurs, as a rule, on those models where they are not covered with a protective case.
  • Also, the cause of failure or malfunction of the headset may be the incorrect installation of the driver that ensures the operation of the device. This problem is most common when using hardware with a computer. The problem is fixed by reinstalling the necessary driver that comes with the purchase of the device.
  • If 1 earphone is working, then this may be due to a break in the connecting cable.
  • Clogging with sulfur, debris, dust can also cause damage or poor sound.


Before you start repairing the equipment yourself, you need to check its operation using another serviceable device: a phone, a player. If they work without problems on another device, you should look for the cause of the breakdown in the player.

To determine a break or damage to the cable, you need to feel it along its entire length with the music turned on. When probing, effects such as:

The detected place of the breakage is cut, the contacts are exposed and cleaned, and then soldered. The place of soldering must be insulated. If necessary, it can be closed with a cambric.

If the earpiece is clogged with sulfur, debris, then you can remove them with a needle, a paper clip. To do this, we take out the filter, clean it from dirt. After that, we install a new filter and check the equipment for operability.

Helpful Hints.

In order for the new equipment to last as long as possible, try to follow the tips:

  • Keep device connectors clean.
  • The headset must be stored in a tidy condition. This will prevent cable breakage.
  • It is not recommended to use the device in sub-zero weather.
  • Places prone to tearing can be strengthened with cambric or electrical tape.

It is important to remember that if one earbud does not work, the malfunction may be a manufacturing defect. Therefore, when buying, keep the receipt and warranty card. Careful handling of the headset will allow you to use it for a long period of time. If you are not confident in your abilities, trying to repair a hardware malfunction, you should contact qualified specialists.

When using wireless headphones, as the battery charge is depleted, the autonomy of the “ears” decreases. Barely noticeable uneven discharge of Airpods is considered the norm. The objective points that affect the small discrepancies in the charge level of the left and right earbuds are:

  • alternate operation of microphones;
  • Siri sound assistant;
  • track management;
  • natural decay of battery function to hold capacity.

If the difference in the discharge level of the earbuds is significant, then this is already a problem that needs to be addressed.

Important. The problem is solved by successively excluding the sources of the problem.

Reset AirPods

Due to a software glitch, either the right earbud or the left earbud may run out of power significantly faster than the other. Therefore, the first thing that can help get rid of the inconvenience is the manipulation of resetting Airpods. The ears are rebooted in the following order:

  • Place the “ears” in the charging case. Hold the headset in the case under the lid for 30 seconds.
  • Open the lid. Press and hold the special button on the case body for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the button when the indicator inside and outside of the case body flashes orange.
  • When the reboot is complete, the indicator will turn white.

AirPods Calibration

If after rebooting the airpods, one earbud continues to discharge faster than the other. then calibration can help correct the situation. The procedure is designed to optimize the energy consumption of the “ears” batteries and the power bank built into the case, improve the ability of the batteries to hold capacity.

  • Charge the case with a cable to the full.
  • Place both earbuds on charge. Wait until fully charged (green indicator).
  • Use the charged “ears” until they use up the entire energy supply. At this time, the case must be on recharging.
  • Let the used headphones “cool down” for 10-15 minutes, then place them on charge.
  • Charge dead earbuds to 100%.

Charging case calibration sequence:

  • Charge the case to full.
  • Place empty earbuds in the charging case.
  • Use the headphones and charge again without replenishing the power bank until the battery of the case is discharged to 0%.

Important. It is not recommended to deeply recharge Bluetooth headset batteries very frequently. Potential negative impact on battery performance.

Rebinding Airpods

If the Bluetooth connection with the paired Apple device fails, you must reset the session and re-sync the devices. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • On an iPhone or tablet, open the Settings app.
  • Go to the “Bluetooth” section.
  • Opposite paired Airpods, click on the “i” icon.
  • Perform the “Forget device” option.
  • Sync your ears with your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Replacing the AirPods Battery

After several years of flawless operation, airpods, case batteries, and earbuds naturally lose their ability to hold a charge. The indicator of the device, when used, increasingly signals that one or another earbud is discharged. If your Airpods is under warranty, you can replace the battery through an Apple Service Center.

Replacing batteries on old headphones with an expired warranty period is an expensive undertaking, comparable in price to purchasing a new pair.

How Li-Ion Battery Works?

The batteries used in modern smartphones have a lot of advantages over their predecessors, although they have their own characteristics. Among the advantages can be noted their high performance, low weight, a fairly long period of use and the absence of a “memory effect” (there are exceptions, but rarely anyone encounters them).

However, after prolonged use, the battery sometimes starts to drain faster than we want it to. As a rule, if the device is used for several years, this is battery wear. In this case, it is better to replace it. Also, it is worth replacing the battery if it stops working, but you definitely understand that the problem is in it. For example, you charged it several times a day, overheated it, or it swelled up.

Charging case is a real find for headphones and not only for Airpods.

There is another reason why the battery may begin to lose ground. Even Apple itself on its website says that the battery must be periodically calibrated. True, such information is available only for laptops, but this also applies to batteries of other equipment. Relevant information is easy to find, including on thematic portals and forums.

What to do if one Airpods is not charging well?

The other day I noticed one unpleasant feature of my headphones. One of them landed much faster than the other. For example, the usual situation was when the left one was charged at 70 percent, and the right one at 25. over, this could also happen at the moment when the headphones were in the case. I just took out a discharged earpiece. My first thought was that they were defective or broken. It does not look like natural wear and tear, since these are Airpods Pro, which came out just a couple of months ago. The search for a solution gave the result, and it turned out that everything is very simple. I did not have to go to the service and the problem was solved in a day.

The sound in these headphones is not standard, but good.

In fact, if not all, then many solutions can be found on the Apple support site. The only problem is to formulate the request correctly or to know where exactly what you need is located on the site, and immediately go to this section.

If your device is new and still eligible for support, the easiest way is to contact Support directly and speak to a live person. I have done this several times and I must pay tribute, the company knows how to work with customers. Once my issue was resolved within an hour and a half, and after that, a couple of days later, they also called back to ask if the problem had returned.

In my case, I found the answer in a different way, but the company’s website only confirmed my guesses. In the end, I did everything right and the problem was solved.

What to do if one Airpods is not working?

To put it simply, we can say that the battery must understand where it has a minimum value. Thus, he, again simplified, will be able to normally assess his strength and work as he should initially.

In order to carry out this procedure, you must fully charge the case and wait until both headphones are also charged from it to the maximum value. After that, you will need to get them and turn on playback. It doesn’t matter if you listen to music or just put them down and transfer the sound to them. The main thing is that the headphones are not inserted into the case until they are completely discharged.

Write in our Telegram chat what problems you have faced with headphones and how you deal with them.

Gradually, the headphones turn off. As a rule, first one will do this, and then the second is normal. When they both stop working, if you have the opportunity, it’s best to put them down for a while and not use them. This is not necessary, but many advise waiting a few hours before recharging.

Beyond that, opinions differ. Someone says that the battery can be charged and used, but most opinions say that you need to fully charge them and carry out another complete discharge procedure. So the battery really goes through a full cycle.

And you also need to monitor the charging contacts. They may be dirty and not transfer charge.

I tried this procedure and my Airpods Pro really started to work better. Just in case, I also re-tied them to the smartphone. In the end, at least for now, I forgot about the problems with charging. The difference in the discharge rate of the headphones is only a few percent, and not tens of percent, as before.

Can the battery be fully discharged??

Technically, there is nothing wrong with completely discharging a Li-Ion battery. If you do not do this constantly, everything will work fine and the battery will last you a long time. True, if you are going to stop using a smartphone or other device with a built-in battery for a while, it is better to charge it by 50 percent. This will be the most gentle mode for the battery. By the way, Apple also warns about this on its website.

In any case, although batteries have their own characteristics and limitations, it is quite difficult to ruin them before you want to change the device. Yes, and replacing the battery is not so expensive. Even those several thousand rubles that will be taken in a company service become a very small amount if distributed over three years.

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