One Earphone Doesn’T Work Huawei

If the Honor phone and Huawei do not see the headphones, then do not rush to contact the service center. Some of the problems can be fixed by yourself. Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the main reasons, and then take certain actions.

Why headphones do not work on a Huawei phone

Basically, the presented problem is found in Honor 10, 9 light, 8x models. Depending on the type of headset used, the reasons may vary. For example, for wireless, the following factors are distinguished:

  • The battery has run out, you need to put them in the case. Pay attention to the charge indicator. It is recommended that the wireless device be stored only in a special case.
  • They connected to another device.
  • System error in Huawei or Honor.
  • Could not sync via Bluetooth (incompatible with gadget).

If Honor and Huawei do not see wired headphones, then this is connected:

  1. With mechanical damage to the wires.
  2. With a broken connector in the phone.
  3. With a system failure.
  4. With a faulty plug.
  5. With moisture.

What to do if Honor does not see the headphones

If Honor earphones do not see the phone, first of all they need to be checked on another device. Everything works? The problem is in the smartphone itself. If there is no mechanical damage to the socket, then a system failure has occurred. Try rebooting the system. Also, the error could be the error in the latest Android update or a pirated version of the firmware installed from a third-party resource.

Not connected

The most common problem. flypods do not want to connect or do not see Bluetooth. It is necessary to check in the settings whether this function is enabled. It happens that users forget about the need for active Bluetooth. Does the option work, but is detection still missing? Reboot the gadget. In extreme cases, reset to factory settings:

  • Go to the “Options”.
  • Select “System”.
  • Click on “Reset”.
  • Confirm action.

Everything will be deleted from the phone, including photos, contacts, applications. The smartphone will reboot and offer to re-make the initial setup of Android. Below we consider other common problems and solutions.

Connector problem

Basically, when the headphones do not turn on, but work on other devices, the reason lies in the malfunction of the connector in the mobile device itself. Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to check it, moisture may have gotten, due to which the contacts are rusted or damaged.
  2. If it is just clogged, you need to carefully clean it.
  3. When the headset does not work on another mobile, you need to check the cable for damage.

One earphone not working

Usually the problem is excessive cable bending. In this case, you will have to buy a new accessory for your smartphone. If it is wireless and there is no sound on the one hand, you can show it to a specialist in a service center. He will conduct a diagnosis and determine whether it makes sense to repair or whether it is advisable to purchase new ones.

One Earphone DoesnT Work Huawei