On Which Socket To Build A Computer 2019

Modern gaming PCs appeal with power and versatility. After all, you can not only play them, but also perform very resource-intensive professional work. CHIP has selected for you the optimal and inexpensive configuration of a gaming computer.

On Which Socket To Build A Computer 2019

How much should a gaming computer cost? The upper bar is somewhere far in the clouds: good hardware is now expensive. But for many modern games, expensive monsters are not needed, so it makes no sense to pay a six-figure value. Together with the specialists of the OGO computer hypermarket, we decided to create our own assembly of a gaming computer, limiting ourselves to the amount of 50,000 rubles. We do not argue, it will not be a “top”, but with a high probability of its capabilities you will have enough.

So, our assembly of the budget gaming computer 2019 turned out like this.

Case for computer

Actually, it’s customary to start with a processor, but we will step back a little from the rules and offer a wonderful cozy, spacious and well-equipped home for your gaming PC. precisely, this is a house with a cool power plant. Housing ATX Miditower Delux DW600 Black interesting in that it comes with a fairly powerful 600 W power supply, which saves you from having to pick it up separately. All the necessary power loops are already available here, including for the processor and powerful card. The case itself is made of thin metal, which is why it is very light. less than 4 kg. Everything you need is at hand: on the front panel at the top there are two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0, a headphone output and a microphone input, there is also a power button and a reset button, two LED indicators to display the status of the PC and hard drive.

This might be interesting:

Case cost with power supply is about 2900 rubles. There is also an option without a power supply, which will cost a little cheaper. about 1900 rubles.

As an alternative to assembling a budget gaming computer, you can use the DEXP DC-101B Black case, which is much cheaper. about 1200 rubles (without a power supply), but also very convenient for placing components. True, it does not have USB 3.0 on the front panel.


Since we started with a cart (case), we will continue in this direction, offering our readers a very decent, but inexpensive motherboard GIGABYTE H310M S2V (rev. 1.0). It is built on Socket-1151 v2 and allows you to install processors of the 8th generation Core i7 / Core i5 / Core i3. Due to the very low price (about 4000 rubles), this motherboard has only two DDR4 slots, four SATA3 slots, one PCI-E16x slot and two USB 3.1. There is also an output for a D-Sub monitor, a Glan network connector. It is noteworthy that the network module is gigabit here, and a very high-quality Realtek ALC887 chip is responsible for the 7.1CH sound.

It is worth noting that the chipset supports DDR4 DIMM RAM with a frequency of 2133 to 2666 MHz.

You could pick up five more decent motherboards, for example, ASUS PRIME H310M-D, but they will be more expensive by about 1-2 thousand rubles, in which there will be several interesting chips that you may not need.


Finally, we came to the horse, or rather the central processor, which should drag all the hardest tasks that you load on it (load). When choosing it, we also adhered to rational rationalism. good power for relatively little money. So, in our case, this Intel Core i3-8100 Coffee Lake (3.6GHz) 6MB LGA1151 v2 in OEM version. It costs less than 10,000 rubles, and its performance will not be inferior to the 7th generation Intel Core i5. The secret lies in its real 4 cores on board and the ability to automatically accelerate (nominally) to the incredible frequencies of 3600 MHz. This processor is built on a 14 nm process technology, which provides it with not strong heating. typical heat dissipation for it is claimed to be only 65 watts, and it can heat up to 100 degrees in the operating mode, it’s scary to imagine.

Knowledgeable gamers may argue that the Core i3 is not a game processor at all. Cool graphics will require more. We will answer that this processor is quite enough for games with high settings. And for those who want to play ultra-high, we recommend the processor a little more expensive. Intel Core i5 8th generation (only about 17,000 rubles) or even Core i7. But our goal is still to assemble a budget gaming computer 2019.

The configurator on AMD processors we will offer in the next article. And it will also be very inexpensive, but cool.

By the way, the processor, and even more so for a gaming machine, requires good cooling. The choice of coolers is so great that it is scary to offer any one inexpensive option. But we still try. Namely, Cooler Master C116 CP6-9GDSC-0L-GP. This set of radiator and fan produces a decent 31 dB in noise, but it cools quite efficiently and costs only 400 rubles.