Notification Indicator On Meizu M5s

Notification Indicator On Meizu M5s

In this article on Galagram, we will tell you how to use the Meizu M5, M5S and M5 Note smartphones, as well as all their secrets, chips and hidden functions. Many users ask us various questions on these devices by mail and we decided to collect answers to them in one review article. This manual will be useful for both beginners and experienced users, we present you a complete user guide on popular Meizu phone models.

How to install Play Market and Google services on Meizu M5, M5S and M5 Note

Also pay attention to the instructions for installing Google services that we published on Galagram:

How to take a screenshot on Meizu M5S and M5 Note

To take a screenshot on Meizu M5 Note smartphones (works on the M5S as well), just hold down the screen lock key and the volume down key (sometimes the volume up) at the same time. You will hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter release, and the print screen will be saved in the “Screenshots” folder in the Flyme gallery.

How to enable T9 on the M5 keyboard

If you use the TouchPal stock keyboard on your M5 / M5S or M5 Note smartphone, then go to Settings Keyboard Touchpal Smart Engizu and check off the first item “Curve. entering words with a stroke” (here is such a Russian translation of the firmware) to activate T9 and remove the checkmark to disable T9 on your Meizu smartphone. If you have a third-party keyboard, indicate its name and ask questions in the comments, we will tell you how to do it.

How to close applications in M5 and M5 Note

To close all applications, you first need to open the task manager. It opens with a swipe gesture from the bottom of the screen up. Great, now you will see all the running applications on your smartphone. Click on the “cross” icon under them to completely clear the phone’s memory and close all programs. Also, swipe up for individual applications, you can close individual programs on your phone.

One more tip: if you want to leave a couple of applications and close all the others, swipe down on the application of interest and in the menu that appears at the top, click on the “Lock” icon. Thus, these applications will remain in memory, even after completely clearing the memory. To close them, make another swipe and turn off the “Lock”.

How to charge Meizu M5 / 5S / Note

The best way to charge any smartphone is through the stock cable and the included charger. If you are concerned about the initial full charge and full discharge of the Meizu M5, M5S and M5 Note, do not worry about it. The devices are equipped with batteries without a memory effect, so you can easily use the phone and charge it from any battery level, even with mCharge fast charging.

How to insert a SIM card in Meizu M5, M5S and M5 Note

All three phones have a hybrid SIM tray on the left side of the chassis. It allows you to fit either two SIM cards, or one carrier SIM card and one microSD memory card.

To open this tray, use the bundled paper clip to remove the SIM tray (or any other suitable paper clip). Gently perpendicularly insert the paper clip into the hole and press until it clicks, after which the tray will click and slide out of the case. Take it out, put your SIM cards and / or memory card in there and gently push the SIM tray back until it clicks.

How to upgrade M5, M5S and M5 Note to Flyme 6

To update the firmware of your smartphone, check the availability of updates in the stock application “Updater”. If there is an available ROM, download it to your smartphone and click “Update.” Before updating, make sure that you have a copy of important data from your smartphone, as well as the battery of your Meizu M5 Note, M5 or M5S is at least 50% charged.

Sometimes users ask how often firmware updates come out on M5S and M5 Note phones. This can be found in our Flyme section, where we publish the latest updates of the proprietary operating system from Meizu.

How to put music on contact in the M5 / M5S or M5 Note

In smartphones Meizu M5 / 5S and M5 Note line, you can put your favorite music on every contact. To do this, go to your contacts and click on the “Add Field” item. Scroll down the menu that appears to the very end and click on the “Ringtone” tab. In this menu, you can set the standard melody to the contact, or third-party downloaded music from your player.

How to restart M5 Note, M5 and M5S

Rebooting your phone is very simple: just hold down the screen lock key (it’s the power key) and hold for a few seconds. In the menu that appears, select the “Reboot” or “Shutdown” icon if you just want to turn off the smartphone.

How to set up a camera

Smartphones Meizu M5 / M5S and M5 Note have a fairly good and functional camera application, it is both powerful and easy to use. To configure the camera on your phone, just go to the settings section, where you will see various switches.

To achieve maximum image quality, set the photo format to 4: 3, activate HD mode and select the maximum resolution for the photo. Thus, you can achieve good quality photos even on budget smartphones such as Meizu M5 / 5S and M5 Note.

How to enable and disable root rights (root access)

On the Flyme 6 firmware, this is done quite simply to enable / disable root rights on any Meizu smartphone, go to Settings Security Root access, confirm the user agreement and that’s all. Please note that sometimes, the Root access tab is located in the Meizu Account menu Fingerprints and security.

How to turn on the status indicator

To configure the LED indicator on the front panel of your smartphone, go to Settings Notifications Led indicator. Here you can choose the color and its response to various events.

Well, these were the answers to the most common answers to questions regarding the popular Meizu smartphone models: M5, M5S and M5 Note. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, we will try to answer all of them.