Not supported on your Xiaomi device

What is the program Mi Video

The Mi Video program itself is a proprietary application from MIUI that allows you to play videos. In addition, the software has a number of additional options:

  • grouping similar videos;
  • equalizer with a number of settings (cutting, sound overlay);
  • the ability to add subtitles and work with color filters;
  • synchronization with other supported Mi devices;
  • broadcast to the projector.

What to do if Mi Video cannot access videos on your device?

So, let’s solve this problem in two points. As we said earlier, the essence of the solution is described in the blocking message. You just need to give all permissions to the Mi Video application without exception. It is done like this:

Why Mi Video is denied access?

This notification appears when trying to view a recorded video in Xiaomi’s own Gallery. From the text of the message itself, it is clear that the problem lies in the permissions of the phone, which are requested by all programs without exception. But why then did everything open well before?

And the answer is simple, you received this notification because you have a new device, or you recently applied the standard update installation for MIUI. Most likely, the developers have sewn another option / function / add-on in the Mi Video application, after which you need to re-confirm the list of permissions.

If it didn’t help

It also happens that the activation does not work or all these permissions are already set. In this case, you need to do the following:

  • Open the program menu again and click on Memory.
  • Below, click Clear and clear All.

If this item does not help, then activate all Notifications and, just in case, click Reset default settings. Then try to open the video view again.

Mi video cannot access video on your device Xiaomi solution

Xiaomi continues to delight its users with its proprietary MIUI firmware, which has many third-party options and partner applications. Errors and blockages are also an integral part of their branded Android. This time, smartphone owners got a new lock Mi Video cannot access videos on your device. Allow access in Settings.

Today we will tell you in detail what this problem is, why it occurs and how quickly it can be solved.

Permissions required for Mi Video in Xiaomi phone

These simple steps will help you get rid of Mi Video cannot access videos on your device. If somehow everything goes wrong, check the current MIUI updates (Settings About phone) and, if any, be sure to apply them. As a last resort, you can always use a third-party player, which is a dime a dozen in the Play Market. Just install any of them and look through it.

Container is a file format. It handles packaging, shipping, and playback, while the codec prepares the file for all of these activities. Containers also deals with the synchronization of audio and video. The container is part of a file that defines the file type. In other words. if you have a matrix.MP4 file, then the MP4 container.

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In most cases, the reason why you get an error when you try to play a video file on your Xiaomi device is that the codec of your media file is different from that of your video player or the player does not support the codec. You may think that your media player arbitrarily decides what to play and what not, but in fact the files in the same container contain different codecs.

How to Fix Audio Video File Not Supported Error on Xiaomi

There is nothing more frustrating than when you download a video or audio file to your phone, launch it in the Xiaomi player and get the error “unable to open file” or “unsupported audio codec” when you try to play it. So, how to solve unsupported audio video file error on Xiaomi Redmi Go Note7 Redmi 8 and 8T? Read on, we’ll tell you our solution!

Before we get into the details, it’s worth explaining why and how this error occurs. When it would seem that the same video file format is not supported, and the other is fine, play! To do this, you need to understand what a codec and containers are.

How to play “unsupported media files” on my smartphone?

As we said above, one of the most likely reasons why you are getting “unable to open file”, “unsupported audio codec”, or “unsupported video file error” is because your current media player does not support your file’s codec. The easiest solution is to download a new media player.

VLC is one of the best and “omnivorous” media players. It supports almost any file format, can handle multiple audio tracks and subtitles!

Do you have any further questions? Write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about what you did or vice versa!

How to fix “not supported on your device” in Google Store?

Most likely, all of us have encountered when downloading any application or toy with the message “not supported on your device”. This problem is the most annoying among all Android users. As you can remember, this was the message most frequently seen when Asphalt Xtreme was released.

It would seem that what can be done here, because your device does not support the downloaded application. We may surprise you, but it is still possible to bypass this limitation. Don’t let this message intimidate you and don’t give up. There is one small way to get rid of the “not supported on your device” message. In this case, Android is somewhat similar to Windows. There you will always find a loophole into which you can leak and solve the problem.

So, let’s begin. To resolve the incompatibility issue, you need to install a utility called Market Helper on your device. If you have already climbed to download it from the store, then you can not try. You will find it only on the Internet. Where you download it from is not important. Just try not to pick up viruses along the way.

After downloading Market Helper, you need to go to your device settings and turn on the “trust unknown sources” option. Then install the Market Helper app. Then follow the next steps:

  • Launch Market Helper.
  • You will see a list of four settings. In them, you will need to determine the type of your phone or tablet, its model, your region and carrier. As you might have already guessed, with the help of such precise settings, you will be able to correct the data about your device so that you do not receive the message “not supported on your device”. View the list of supported devices on the application page and make the necessary configuration.
  • After completing the steps, click on the “Activate” button at the bottom of the screen. You may be asked to grant certain rights to the application. Please read carefully and confirm your rights.
  • You should then see a successful activation message on your display. Go to device manager and wait for a while until your device configuration changes to the ones you selected.
  • Once everything is done, you can safely go to the Google Store and download the toy or application you need. This time the message “not supported on your device” will not constantly pester you.
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However, it is still worth considering that the downloaded application, even with adjustments, may malfunction. It is possible that you are just trying to run an application that your device cannot “pull”. Always consider this factor when working with the Market Helper app.

Mi Home app not working

If there are almost no questions about the quality of Xiaomi devices, the quality of the software is at a very low level. This mainly concerns the Mi Home application, which, over the 3 years of its existence, has not been able to properly localize at least into English (not to mention Russian). Periodically, massive crashes occur that can affect applications for both iPhone and Android together or separately.

At any time, you may encounter the fact that Mi Home has stopped working, the network is unavailable, or authorization does not work. Let’s look at ways to get around these errors.

Mi Home is not included in the account

Since the servers required for the application to work are located in China, there are always problems with the application. Since the problem affects everyone, you may also receive an error “Unable to log in, check the network and try again (-5003-060762)” or similar at the time of authorization.

how to fix google play services not supported by your device xiaomi | mi | redmi phone problem solve

The question immediately arises of what could affect this, it is unlikely that these are updates or application settings.

An unknown error code 503 occurs when the Mi Home application cannot reach Chinese servers, which may be due to the crooked hands of the developers, or the no less crooked hands of Roskomnadzor.

If you can’t login to your Mi home account, there are 2 possible solutions:

Setting up a VPN on your phone

To get around network problems, you can connect not directly to China, but through a transit server. To do this, you need to raise the VPN connection on your smartphone.

The easiest way is to install one of the special applications of the Play Store, for example VPN-Master.

Install and run the application. We need to select the country through which we want to send traffic (Singapore or Germany are the most stable). It may not connect the first time, it is advisable to make several attempts. After a successful connection, go to Mi Home and try to register.

If the authorization was successful, then the VPN is no longer needed and must be disabled. We lower the top curtain on the phone and go to “Connect to VPN”, then select “Disconnect”.

If the problem persists, then you can try different countries in the VPN application.

Mi Home does not send notifications

If you managed to register in Mi Home, this does not mean that the adventure is over. Frequent problem: push notifications do not come. This is a very serious problem that has hurt me personally. The water meter was leaking, and due to non-working notifications, I only found out about this in the evening when I came home (it’s good that the Gateway was on with a red light, signaling an incident). But according to the event logs, I was able to see that the leakage sensor worked correctly in the morning.

In most cases, the problem is on the Chinese side, but some settings can be checked. details about notifications can be found in a separate article.

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Mi Home does not find the device

There are times when the Mi Home app does not see your device. Most often this concerns a vacuum cleaner, a Wi-Fi repeater or a Gateway.

The first thing to check. region setting. Mainland China must be specified for correct operation. Now Russia has also appeared there, but if you choose it, then most devices will disappear from availability.

Secondly, you can try to connect to the VPN from the instructions above.

Thirdly. you can change the DNS server address to Chinese You can change it on the router, or in the Wi-Fi settings, more detailed instructions for replacing dns are in this article.

In the process of work, you can find many more jambs, for example, in the Play Store there was a version that was not installed on any phone with the error “Mi Home is not supported on your device”, although they quickly corrected it. We can only hope that there will be fewer jambs, or you will have to reconfigure the system to Domoticz or HomeAssistant.

Fix Xiaomi issue ‘device temporarily not supported in the country or region you’ve selected’

P.S. If you need to connect a robot vacuum cleaner with a Euro plug to Mainland China, or the vacuum cleaner simply does not connect. see the answers in the article about the vacuum cleaner.

Failed to initialize device

There are times when a device has already been added, but when you try to enter its management, it gives an error “Failed to initialize the device.” Most likely, the problem lies in the wrong region. This is a separate issue, described in more detail in this article.

App “not supported on your device” on Google Play

Select a compatible device: You will see four drop-down menus: device type, device model, location (country) and media. They will be automatically filled in according to your device specifications. You can change this information by selecting the appropriate boxes for a different device or model that is compatible with the app you want to download. So, if you want to download an application that is only for tablets on your smartphone, you can select the tablet model from the drop-down menus and register its data on your smartphone as a “new” device. It is clear that the choice of models will not be huge, but what is offered from the desired category of devices is quite enough to achieve the goal.

3 частые ошибки которые допускаю при прошивке XIAOMI через MI FLASH TOOL! Обязательно к просмотру!

You will see the message “Activated successfully” indicating the selected device model and operator, as well as a suggestion to go to the device manager and wait until the data changes to the one you need. As soon as this happens, you can safely launch the Play Store and download the application you are interested in.

  • If you’re having trouble getting the Play Store to work, try clearing your cache, or just download the APK file of the app you want, spending a little time searching Chrome or borrowing it from other users.
  • To install an application that is not available in your country of residence, try following the instructions published on our website earlier.
  • If you want to get real data back, you can go back to Market Helper and restore default settings or reboot your phone.

What apps have you downloaded using these methods? Do you have any other ways to solve the problem? Share your positive and negative experiences with other users. it can help our readers overcome difficulties.

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