Not Charged Airpods 2 Headphones

Today I want to touch on a topic inspired by personal experience. I will share with you another guide in case the AirPods case does not charge. There are only three possible actions on your part, and we will consider each of them individually.

I encountered this problem on the way to the airport. I’m eating myself in a minibus and let’s think I’ll charge the AirPods case, it’s more fun to fly to Amsterdam with music. I plugged the cable into the ceiling USB connector, and put the headphones on charge.

Only in the end I found that the headphone case did not charge in 40 minutes, and the remaining charge was successfully “sucked out” by the headphones themselves. WTF? This we have not yet passed.

No matter how much I poked the Lightning cable into the AirPods case, it never started charging. I even tried to charge from the power adapter. And nothing.

And so we directly approached possible steps to solve this problem. Let’s look at each of them individually.

Charge your AirPods case with a different cable

That was just my case. It looks like a normal original Lightning cable, but in fact it turned out to be inoperative. Where did he get on my head?

This generally happens often. Apple is making very shabby cables. It seems that they simply self-destruct after a certain time.

I have already advised Lightning cable from UGREEN several times in other articles. The quality is cool, the official chip and no complaints about performance for three years. Chinese brands have already learned to do things no worse than Apple.

Reset AirPods to Factory Settings

If you remember, AirPods are not just a miniature speaker with a battery. Here we have our own W1 chip, a charging controller, and brains in a case. Naturally, all this works under the control of software, which can be buggy or completely freeze.

Perhaps this is your option, so let’s try just to reset AirPods according to the instructions below.

STEP 1. Insert the headphones into the case.

STEP 2. On the back of the case at the bottom, find the round setup button.

STEP 3. Open the AirPods Case.

STEP 4. Hold and hold the round button for at least 15 seconds until The LED indicator inside the case flashes 3 times in orange, and then turns solid white.

That’s all. Your AirPods have been dropped to factory settings. Now bring AirPods to any of your devices, open the headphone cover and reconfigure the Bluetooth connection. After resetting AirPods to the factory settings, you will have to reconnect them to each device with which you used them before.

Charge AirPods from the computer’s USB port

But this step is completely not intuitive, but really working. Especially in those cases when the AirPods battery has gone into a deep discharge.

I do not know how to explain this phenomenon. But the fact that the computer’s USB connector can help charge the AirPods case is true. Try different USB ports (front, back, side.). In reality, some of them have “breakdown power” and can charge a dead battery.

I once in this way deduced from a deep discharge a Samsung smart watch for an employee who stubbornly did not want to charge from a conventional power adapter.

That’s all. In fact, AirPods are virtually indestructible. YouTube is full ofs where they were dropped, and they stuck and swam into the washer. They’d at least have something. So if your AirPods have stopped charging, look for a reason somewhere nearby.

If you have experience in this matter, be sure to share in the comments.