Nokia Lumia 920 Cannot Connect To Computer

If during the process of connecting the Nokia Lumia smartphone to a personal computer your device does not appear or throws an incomprehensible error, and the synchronization program does not open, then from the recommendations of Microsoft, you need to do a few manipulations to eliminate the errors. You can find a list of some errors and methods for solving them in the error section of windows phone. As a patient will be the Nokia Lumia 520, and so let’s proceed:

Install latest drivers

When trying to install drivers for Lumia, you spent a lot of effort, time and nerves. do not worry, just remove the old drivers and install new ones based on our instructions. From statistics, 96 percent of users fixed this error on their device by simply reinstalling the driver.

Nokia Lumia 920 Cannot Connect To Computer

1. Connect the smart to a laptop or PC, then go to the device manager section and find the portable devices Nokia Lumia phone connected to you in the line of portable devices. If a yellow exclamation mark is displayed next to the device’s icon, this means that the drivers are not installed correctly.

2. Next, right-click on the device, in the context menu go to the properties section and remove the driver. We go back to the device manager, again, select your device, open the properties and click on driver updates.

3. A few simple steps: click update the driver, then select to perform a search on the computer and specify the path to the drivers like C: WindowsInf, and then install the driver.

4. Everything is ready, we restart the computer, if the smartphone is connected correctly. well, if not, then we will begin to consider another way to resolve this problem:

Download and install drivers yourself

Manually installing drivers for Nokia Lumia Lumia is perhaps the most correct and easy way to correctly solve this problem.

1. Remove the old inappropriate driver, then open the browser (better internet explorer) and go over reference. In the search box, type the following winusb windows phone. In the search results you will see a page with the driver, but to download it, you first need to add it to the basket, and then transfer it to the computer from the basket itself, yes.

2. Next, we follow the old scheme, go to the device manager, select your device connected via cable, right-click, select properties and after that, update the driver. We indicate the path to that folder (previously unzipped) with the files that you downloaded from of. site. After installing the driver and restarting the computer, you will see that the smartphone is connected to the PC.

There will be questions, ask them in the comments, try to figure it out together.