Nokia 6310i How to Distinguish Fake


The dimensions of the phone can be called optimal for devices of this plan. 103 / 140.5 x 46 x 20 mm. The gadget fits easily in your trouser pocket, in a small handbag, or in a special holster on your belt. Nokia 8910i (the original) weighs a little more than most of its counterparts. 112 grams, but this is a merit of the titanium case, so this moment cannot be called critical. Thanks to the use of high-quality titanium alloy, the device is well protected from drops, scratches and other physical influences.

Nokia 6310i How to Distinguish Fake


Nevertheless, using the Nokia 8910i keyboard is very convenient, and there is no discomfort when dialing phone numbers or SMS. Some owners complain about the “wave”, but after a couple of days of operation everything comes back to normal, and you begin to get used to it.


The Nokia 8910i screen works with a maximum of four lines. This is slightly less than in other devices of the brand of that time, but this moment is not as annoying as the color component. The developers equipped the device with too mediocre matrix: the picture is dull, the image is “dirty” and somehow blurred, and the standby mode is completely devoid of any saturation. Despite such miscalculations, the basic information on the Nokia 8910i screen is clearly visible, and there are no serious problems with understanding these data. In general, the impression was that the multi-colored capabilities of the matrix were made only for show, and not for full use.

Battery life

Nokia 8910i received a 750 mAh BLB-2 lithium-ion battery, which is very good for phones of this level. Judging by the manufacturer’s statements, the gadget can work up to 300 hours in sleep mode and almost 5 hours in continuous conversations.

On average, and this is about 40 minutes of communication per day and about an hour of manipulating other functions, the battery lasts for four days, which is quite acceptable. The Nokia 8910i charges a little less than two hours from a regular 220 V network. If you use the gadget as a spare “dialer”, then it will be more than enough for a week.


The organization of the menu looks familiar and painfully familiar, judging by the other devices from Nokia. Here we see quick navigation using digital sequences, familiar branches of categories / sections and other surroundings typical of the brand’s devices.

Phone book

In the book, everything remained unchanged. The user still has three phone numbers and one text block for one contact. The gadget’s memory is designed for 500 entries, so there should be no problems with large amounts of data. The only thing worth clarifying is that if you save up to 4 text blocks (notes, e-mail, etc.) and up to 5 numbers on one name, the total number of entries will naturally be less. That is, the internal memory of the device works dynamically, distributing the remaining bits to the contacts you need.

The device supports five familiar contact groups: “Family”, “Work”, “Friends”, VIP and “Other”, where each group can be assigned its own ringtone. It is also possible to mark voice tags for selected numbers (no more than 10) and fix speed dialing for eight subscribers. Button “1” is habitually responsible for the voice mail of the Nokia 8910i.

How to distinguish a fake?

The inscription Fabrique en finlande does not mean that you got the original phone. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the box. Inside, it should be painted black, and around the perimeter there are no stickers or white areas. The paint in the original packaging lies flat, and the cardboard is high-quality and dense. The bed under the phone feels like velvet with a serial number, it is dark gray in color.

The manual should be printed on good paper with bright and saturated letters and with color inserts on 1, 2 and 3 pages. Also pay attention to the charger: the Chinese counterfeit has a spear-shaped fork familiar to Russia, while the original is equipped with blades (a special adapter is needed for it). Be sure to check the branded IMEI, which is located under the battery, on the official website of Nokia. In addition, a low-quality fake is easily issued by a body made of low-grade aluminum or even plastic in general.


Despite some shortcomings, the Nokia 8910i turned out to be solid and noteworthy. The sound quality in dynamics and speech perception do not raise any questions, everything is done at the proper level for the brand. Compared with the previous generation, colors were added, some functionality (WAP, Extra, advanced Bluetooth) significantly improved the appearance of the device, adding solidity and originality to it. Of course, the characteristics of the matrix and the image as a whole greatly spoiled the overall impression of the phone, but the “indestructible” case, a well-thought-out opening mechanism and a convenient keyboard, coupled with attractive battery life, though not completely, cover this drawback.