Nokia 230 How to Connect to a Windows Computer

In this article, we will see how to connect a Nokia phone or smartphone to a computer with Nokia PC Suite.
Attention if you have Nokia PC Suite installed and still your computer does not see the phone or you cannot connect to the Internet, uninstall the previously installed program and install it in a new way this usually helps!

How to connect your Nokia phone to a computer, I can’t connect the phone to the computer, the computer does not see my phone, how to access the Internet through the phone using as a modem many people now ask such questions on the Internet. Nokia PC Suite is a solution to all problems with connecting your phone to a computer and using the Internet from your phone using your phone as a modem; here we will learn how to connect your Nokia phone to a computer with the Nokia PC Suite program. First, we need to download the Nokia PC Suite program for free from this link. This new version weighs about 65 MB. If you don’t have Internet access from your computer, but use unlimited internet from your phone, you can download it directly from your phone and then install it on your computer. After installing Nokia PC Suite, you can connect your phone as a modem to your computer and use the telephone Internet on your computer.

1) If you have already downloaded, we will start the installation, click on the downloaded Nokia_PC_Suite_ALL a window will open to select the language for the program, select and click on the checkmark as in the attached picture below.

2) A new installation program window will open, confirm the installation by clicking on the checkmark.

Nokia 230 How to Connect to a Windows Computer

3) Further we confirm that we agree with the license agreement.


4) The next step is choosing the installation location of the program, leave it as it is, the installation process begins.

5 In the program window, Installation complete appears and a message saying that this program will install Nokia PC Suite on your PC. Previous versions will be replaced by new ones. Confirm, click on the checkmark.

6) Installation of Nokia PC Suite on your PC is completed, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

7) After rebooting, the PC Suite shortcut will appear on your computer and a window will open to start connecting the mobile phone to the computer, confirm with the arrow to the right.

8) Choose the type of connection of the phone to the computer Connection using a cable.

9) We connect the phone to the USB using a cable. The computer finds the connected phone, searches for and installs the necessary drivers and displays a message that new equipment has been found and is ready to work.

Even if after installing Nokia PC Suite and restarting the computer for the changes to take effect, the program window does not automatically open with a suggestion to connect the phone to the computer via USB, this is not a problem, since when you connect the phone it will be automatically detected. Now, if you open a shortcut on the desktop of My Computer, you will see your phone in the list and can view files on the phone and memory cards. You can also use Internet on a computer using a phone as a modem, as well as update the phone firmware. After installing this program, no drivers will be required anymore, everything you need for Nokia in one set.