No Sound On Lg TV

TV has become a part of life for almost everyone. But, even acquiring an expensive model of a popular brand, there are many factors that can disable equipment. One of the most common situations is a failure in playback, namely when the sound does not work on the TV. The reason for this may be both the incorrect connection of additional equipment to improve acoustics, and the malfunction of the sound card. By analyzing the factors that could cause the breakdown, you can quickly determine the location of the problem and decide on the method of its elimination.

No Sound On Lg TV

The reasons for the lack of sound

Failure to transmit an audio signal is a serious defect that requires timely intervention. Especially for the modern generation, since the TV is used not only to watch TV channels, but also to play files from various sources and Internet resources. Connects to technology additional equipment: cable TV receiver, camera, game console and other gadgets. Any failure resulting from the lack of sound can have a number of features that can diagnose the problem. Situations in which the sound disappears may be the following:

  • TV is silent immediately after turning on;
  • the sound disappears and appears in a chaotic manner;
  • the volume is not regulated, the muffled sound, the appearance of extraneous noise;
  • audibility disappears while watching programs.

What can be connected with disturbances in the acoustics system, and why can the sound disappear? There may be many reasons, but the most common ones are as follows.

  1. Accidentally pressed a button on the remote control and put the TV into silent mode.
  2. The reason for the inability to adjust the sound may be the failure of the remote control power source.
  3. Malfunction in the speaker system.
  4. Problems with the amplifier, contacts may burn out. This situation may occur with frequent voltage drops online.
  5. CPU malfunction, memory card failure.
  6. Damage to speakers or additional speakers.
  7. Damage to the chip, the control board may burn out.

Checking the remote control power supply

If there is no sound on the TV, you can try to independently determine the cause by the method of exclusive factors. A television is a powerful electronic device with built-in systems and applications, and sometimes just rebooting is enough, just like in a regular computer. Situations may arise where there is a possibility of damage to the elements associated with the transmission of an audio signal. In this case, a consistent study of the cause and determination of the location of the problem is required. in the TV or additional equipment.

How to troubleshoot

In case of violation of the functionality of your TV, it is necessary to analyze and identify factors that could provoke a lack of sound. Breakage can be caused and mechanical action, for example, hit or fall of the control panel, audio signal reproduction equipment. To eliminate the malfunction of additional equipment connected to enhance the acoustics, you must turn off the equipment and check the sound through the speakers built into the TV.

The same thing must be done to check the operability of the remote control. Remote control verification methods are described in detail here.

When it is discovered that there is no sound on the TV, you can identify the cause of the breakdown using the prompts in the instructions or on the Internet resources, where skilled wizards show how to troubleshoot various types of problems online. It is possible that the reason is not serious and you can eliminate it yourself at home.

If there is no sound, first of all, you need to disconnect the TV from the network and make a new start, as well as check cable connection in places of connection of accessories. After all, the reason can be elementary in the absence of contacts, which happens with improper connection.

If a malfunction is followed extraneous noise in the form of cod, squeak, and also the smell of burning appears, it is urgent to disconnect all equipment from the network and contact the service center. A television is an expensive technique, and you can repair it with your own hands only with minor breakdowns.