No sound on iPhone when watching a video

Solutions for the iPhone 8 No sound problem [Guide to eliminate problems]

Hello users # iPhone8! In today’s article devoted to the elimination of problems, the general problem of linear iPhone models is considered. The problem of lack of sound. No problem with sound can take various forms, including a rare, but possible dynamics malfunction. In many cases, iPhone owners do not report on problems with sound, when the problem occurs only in one application. We will talk about this here, as well as other possible reasons for this problem.

Iphone X/XS/XR FIXED: No Sound on Games or Videos? 7 Easy Fixes

Before we continue, recall that you can contact us using a link located at the bottom of this page. When describing your problem, please be as detailed as possible so that we can easily find a suitable solution. If you can, please, include accurate error messages that you get to give us an idea where to start. If you have already taken some steps to eliminate problems before writing to us, be sure to indicate them so that we can miss them in our answers.

Problem 1: only 1 speaker works when the iPhone 7 is turned upside down

Therefore, I just bought iPhone 7 on Saturday and was surprised that my right speaker no longer works. He used to work, so now the voice comes from another speaker, which is located on top of the flash and front camera, and when I move the phone upside down, the lower speaker works and the upper. No. My problem is that two speakers do not work at the same time? Specially the lower right speaker does not work until I turn the phone upside down. I would be very grateful if you help me. – Lalo

Solution: Hello Lalo. Iphone 7 is equipped with two speakers. One is located in the upper part and the other. In the right bottom. If you transfer the phone to the album mode (on its side) and reproduce the stereo sound path, both speakers will create the impression of the playback of this stereo sound. If you turn the phone, on the one hand, only one speaker will work, so this is really not a problem. That is how Apple developed it, and for some reason they forced the device to use a speaker only for headphones to work when you turn the phone. We do not know why you want to use your phone when it is turned upside down (and we do not evaluate yours), but we can confirm that there are no problems with hardware or software when only one speaker works.

Second solution: turn on or off Bluetooth.

If the Bluetooth function is on your iPhone, it is possible that your device is currently associated with the speaker or accessory of Bluetooth or connected to it, so its sound or audio outputs are sent to another Bluetooth device, to which it is connected. To exclude this from a possible reason, just turn off Bluetooth and see how the sound system of your iPhone works. This is what you should do then:

  • Click to open the “Settings” application.
  • Click Bluetooth.
  • Then click the Bluetooth switch to enable or disable this function.
  • If it is turned on, tap the switch to disable Bluetooth.

Test your iPhone after that. If the problem with sound is not eliminated or in your iPhone X still there is no sound after turning on or off Bluetooth, try the next procedure.

Reinstall the application to fix the iPhone video not to play

If you restart this application, but it still cannot play the video, you can delete and reinstall it to correct the fact that the video on the iPhone is not played. This is also very easy to monitor. To delete the application, just tap it and hold it until the “X” icon appears on it. Then click “X” and select “Delete” to confirm your action. Now just return to the application store, find the application and download it again.

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The reasons for the loss of sound

Indeed, in most cases headphones or an iPhone speaker do not work due to incorrect smartphone settings. Consider the most common reasons:

Activated the “without sound” mode

Perhaps you accidentally pressed a switch that is on the side of the iPhone on the left. Red label indicates that the sound is disconnected. The phone will sound again if you transfer the switch to a standard position.

The warning was incorrectly set up

If music or videos are played without problems, but during the calls the phone is silent, the settings of the notification are set incorrectly. Edit the parameters simply. Go to the “Sounds” section and deactivate the “Change button” parameter. The line above will allow you to set the volume you need. If you prefer to change the volume directly when working with a smartphone, activate the “Change buttons”.

Connected peripheral devices

You noticed that the IPhone disappeared after connecting the Bluetooth column? Most likely, now the audio track is transmitted to it precisely. Open the control point and activate the “on the plane” mode. So you break off the connection with wireless devices. Next, you need to go to the Bluetooth section and turn it off or break it off with a connection that translates the sound device. Final chord. Call the control point to turn off the aircraft mode.

A system failure occurred

If your iPhone does not see the headphones or does not reproduce the sound through the speaker, IOS fail. Reload the mobile device. If the reboot did not help, it’s time to use the “heavy artillery”. Try to restore the device. Create a backup in iCloud and start!

Why when recording a video on the iPhone there is a noise and what to do about it?

Good time to everyone! The iPhone camera takes an excellent photo and writes no less magnificent video, and is deservedly the most popular in the world. However, a small percentage of users has extraneous noises during video recording (we are talking about sound). Most often this is not a marriage and you just need to understand the reason for their occurrence. Perhaps this article will protect you from raid on a service center or store shouting “What did you sell to me?”:)

sound, iphone, video

Let’s quickly run through the main signs and reasons why, when playing a video recorded on the iPhone, extraneous sounds are heard and, most importantly, how to remove them (preferably once and for all)?

We will not postpone the case in a long box let’s get down!

And here is what can affect the sound recording:

  • Films and covers! It happens that some films (often) and covers (rarely), covering the rear (iPhone 5 and older) or the side of the upper part (relevant for the iPhone 4 and 4s) are made a little incorrectly and do not take into account the design features of the phone. Thus, they cover the microphone designed to record audio. So, during the video shooting, either there is no at all, or it is quiet and with extraneous noise. Remove all accessories and check again.
  • The microphone is scored or clogged. Must be carefully cleaned with a brush or brush. We perform all actions very carefully so as not to do extra holes in protective and decorative nets.
  • It is important where and how you record the video. If this happens in complete silence, then the so.Called background noise is possible, or rather even say some hissing. The fact is that the microphone is trying to “hear” the slightest sound and its sensitivity increases very much in silence, in fact, he “makes noise”. Try saying something, he will “focus” on your voice and hissing will disappear.
  • Perhaps the reasons lies in the rattle of some elements inside the iPhone and it is their sounds that are superimposed on the video.

We carry out “Standard set of apple technical support”:

If the problem remains and interferes very much, then

The microphone is probably broken / damaged (although it happens that the problem is not in it, but in completely different “pieces”).

Here we must understand (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) and it is worth entrusting this business to professionals. Over, I repeat, it is very desirable to contact the “artisan” service in the nearest market, but to the official workshop. It will be much more reliable.

P.S. Put the “likes” and click on the buttons of social networks. All the “extra” sounds during video shooting will disappear once and for all! We will argue?:)

sound, iphone, video

P.S.S. Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how you coped with this problem. Many users will say thank you to you! Or you have any questions remained (appeared)? Feel free to write. I can help!

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Hardware problems

Iphone is also not safe from hardware malfunctions. Among them, it is customary to distinguish the following:

  • The connector for connecting headphones broke. In this case, there will be problems with the reproduction of sound from headphones. As an alternative, you can use Bluetooth nashelds;
  • Sound adjustment buttons are faulty. They can also find an alternative, for example, adjust the volume level through settings;
  • The sound speaker itself is faulty. In this case, you will only have to take the device for repairs with a request to replace the faulty component. If you have a valid warranty, then this procedure should be performed for free.

Problems with speakers can be observed in cases where the iPhone fell into water or snow. In such cases, the probability of damage to the speakers is especially high. Sometimes a good drying of the phone and installation of a special application helps to cope with the problem, which at certain frequencies knocks out water from the speakers. However, this is not a guaranteed way.

If you suspects the hardware malfunction, in no case should you try to fix the device yourself. This can be fraught not only with a loss of guarantees for it, but also an aggravation of the situation as a whole, up to a complete breakdown of the device.

The problem associated with the lack of sound on the iPhone is most often programmatic, therefore, it can be decided by the user with minimal extraneous help. However, if the problem is hardware, its correction is best entrusted to specialists in service centers.

The sound on the iPhone was not completely disappeared. In the headphones it is

In principle, partial loss of sound signals is usually characteristic of problems with software, but not in this case.

So, insert the headphones into the iPhone and check. If there is a sound in them, and when pulling it disappears, plus the divisions are not added when adjusting the volume (it feels like the volume buttons do not work), then I congratulate you, you are lucky. The whole problem in charging connectors or headphones. Dust either got into them, or they were oxidized from contact with water (how to act when liquid gets).

And in this way, the iPhone “thinks” that something is constantly connected to him-the dock or the same headphones. By the way, this trouble is more characteristic of old devices with a 30-pin connector-such as iPhone 4, iPad 2, etc. D. Why? Just the connector itself is larger and, for this reason, the likelihood of its pollution is higher.

What do we do? Everything is simple. In most cases, neatly cleaning the connectors helps.

Carefully! A toothpick or other object (it is very preferably not metallic, since you can scratch or bend contacts) clean all the accumulated dirt or dust from there. After that, reboot the device. Then, just in case, we insert it several times, we get the charging and headphones into the connectors.

By the way, if the contacts are oxidized (for example, after contact with the liquid), it may happen that the device will have to be disassembled to clean not only from the outside, but also inside.

How To FIX iPhone Speaker Problems & NO SOUND ��[SOLVED!] [UPDATE!]

If you do not have such knowledge, I extremely recommend contacting the service center, since when you independently repair, in addition to sound, you can break something else-for example, the Home button and get such a terrible mistake.

sound, iphone, video

Solutions to eliminate sound on iPhone

If you have a problem with a lack of sound on the iPhone, or you are faced with a problem, try the following solutions to solve this problem.

Disconnect the “Do not disturb” mode

The “Do not disturb” function is usually used at a meeting, at the workplace or in the cinema. If you turned on this function intentionally or by chance, there will be no sound on your iPhone at all. There are two ways to disable the “do not disturb” mode on the iPhone.

Open the Appendix settings and choose not to disturb the option. Move the switch manually to the left to turn off this mode.

Spend up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. Then touch the parameter “not to bother” with the icon of the moon to turn it off. After turning off the “Do not Breat” mode, you can try to play music to check this. (See what to do if “not to bother” does not work)

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Try another application

If there is no sound in the iPhone Video application, try another multimedia application. Sometimes the problem of compatibility can lead to the fact that the video application or music application will not work on certain iPhone models.

Make sure you turned off the silence regime. You can find the silence key next to the volume buttons.

Try to adjust the sound volume in all musical and video applications on your iPhone. If in one application you set the sound volume to zero, this will affect other applications.

Remove headphones

Feature headphones that do not correspond to the iPhone settings do not play sound and sound. If you do not hear the sound through the headphones, you must remove them or replace them with original headphones.

If there is no sound on the iPhone 7 after removing the headphones, it may be stuck in headphones mode. You can go to the decision 7 to know how to fix the iPhone stuck in the headphones mode.

Disconnect Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is included on your iPhone, it can be connected to another device, for example, to the dynamics of Bluetooth or Apple TV, and the sound will be transmitted to this device. So, you must check and disable “Bluetooth” in the “Settings” application when there is no sound on the iPhone.

Reload the iPhone

In the case of software lock, full restart can clean everything and make the iPhone sound work as usual. The operation is simple. Hold the buttons “Food” and “Home” at the same time, until your iPhone restarts or the Apple logo appears.


This operation is a little complicated, but it can solve the problem of lack of sound on the iPhone.

Step 1 make a backup copy of your data in iCloud or iTunes. Thus, all personal settings and data will be deleted, so it is better to first create a backup copy of the phone.

Step 2 Go to the Settings General Reset. And then drop all the settings.

Step 3 Camping of settings may take some time. When the process is completed, you can restore data on your iPhone.

Correct iPhone in headphones mode

When you took the headphones, you can find that there is no more sound on the iPhone, since iOS was hanging in headphones mode. And if the above solutions do not work, you can try Fonelab. IOS recovery, this can help you get rid of the headphones stuck in the mode. The key feature of this professional IOS recovery tool includes:

  • One. He is able to eliminate various factors that may not cause sound on the iPhone, for example, the iPhone is stuck in headphones, the iPhone hung, the blue screen or the iPhone is blocked.
  • 2. You can restore the iPhone in recovery mode or in DFU mode depending on the situation.
  • 3. This iOS recovery tool operates on all iPhone models, including the iPhone 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s / 5 / 5s.
  • 4. Everyone can use iOS System Recovery on a computer, regardless of what your operating system you have. Windows or Mac OS X.
  • 5. Importantly, iOS System Recovery is safe and reliable during the repair of iPhone. He uses a USB cable for communication between iPhone and computer.
  • 6. And even newcomers can take advantage of this IPhone recovery tool, as it allows you to restore your iPhone in one click.

The program is able to fix the iPhone stuck in headphones mode.

You can watch the video to learn more about iOS System Recovery:

sound, iphone, video

Based on the analysis above, you must understand various solutions so that there are no problems with the iPhone. Iphone is a packet of high technology. Despite the fact that we enjoy its better performance and excellent functions, it is difficult to determine for what reasons the sound is not played on the iPhone. Fortunately, we summed up the main symptoms of this problem. In addition, we proposed several solutions that will help you get rid of the problem. When you are faced with this problem, you can try solutions one after another to correct it. According to our study, stuck in headphones mode is an important factor leading to the lack of sound on the iPhone. So, we recommend a professional tool for restoring the iPhone, iOS System Recovery. It has a headphone mode that can recognize software errors and correct them automatically.

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