No Sound In Ipad 2 Applications

Missing sound on the iPad in applications and games. this is one of the most common problems on tablets from the American company Appple. over, in 70% of cases it is the result of a physical breakdown of the device’s dynamics, and only in every third case we are talking about a breakdown of the system board and even less often about software problems.

As for those factors that can provoke the lack of sound on the iPad, it is worth highlighting among them:

  • physical damage to the tablet or water falling under its body;
  • firmware flashing or the occurrence of various software problems with it;
  • motherboard problems;
  • clogging of the auditory canal (if the sound is lost in games on the iPad in the headphones).

The solution to each of these problems requires an individual and professional approach. So, if we are talking about the failure of the dynamics of the device, then this problem can be solved only by replacing it, which will require contacting a service center. Damage to the sound control circuitry, for example, as a result of the fall of the iPad or water falling under its body, can also be repaired only by an experienced specialist in appropriate conditions.

In some cases, a situation arises when the sound in games disappeared on the iPad, but this is not observed in applications. In this case, as a rule, we are talking about problems with the firmware of the tablet, and the problem itself is solved by setting it up correctly or updating it.

The most unpleasant thing for any iPad owner is the situation when the sound disappears due to the fault of the printed circuit board. This requires a thorough diagnosis of the device, which can only be done at a service center. If the tablet is not completely silent, but makes quiet sounds or wheezes through the headphones, then it is most likely to fix the situation by cleaning the auditory canal.

No Sound In Ipad 2 Applications

In any case, contacting a specialist will not be out of place, especially since he will not only be able to eliminate the malfunction that has arisen in a short time, but also carry out assembly-disassembly of the device without harming its circuits and details. At the same time, to avoid more serious problems, specialists at Apple service centers give the following recommendations:

  • When spilling liquid on the iPad, you should immediately turn it off and do not charge it under any circumstances. This can lead to the release of all electronic parts of the gadget.
  • If the sound disappeared immediately after the tablet fell (it may continue to sound in the headphones), then we are definitely talking about mechanical damage to the parts responsible for its reproduction. The device should be attributed to the service.

There is no sound on the iPad in applications: how to solve the problem yourself

You can return the sound on your own only if its absence is provoked by a software factor. an iOS problem. Recognizing this problem is quite simple, because unlike mechanical damage with software bugs, the iPad does not have sound in games and applications, as well as from the speaker and headphones.

To try to return the sound, follow these steps:

  • We check the version of iOS and, if there is a more current one, we update to it;
  • We check the operability of the volume control;
  • We look at the settings of the physical (side) sound level control. The appearance of a red dot while clicking on it indicates that the device is configured to operate in silent mode.

Next, you should check the settings of the iPad itself, namely:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Music“- “Volume Limit”. Disabling this feature is the main reason that the iPad does not have sound in games.
  • In the main settings menu, go to “Universal access”. Mono Audio. This function must always be deactivated.

If nothing happened and there is still no sound, then go to the main settings of the tablet, and then to the item “Reset all settings”. This is the last opportunity to solve the problem of missing sound on the iPad, so if it didn’t help, then you can’t avoid visiting the service center.