Nice Lee Zte Blade A6 Phone

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A normal smartphone is not always worth a fortune, and ZTE mobile devices are another confirmation of this. Of course, it is useless to compare them with the flagships of Apple and other representatives of the premium class, but for inexpensive phones they have very decent properties and are quite convenient to use.

ZTE gadgets can definitely be called one of the best budget smartphones. After all, they are distinguished by good functionality, combined with a nice price. The case of most ZTEs is made of durable metal, most often aluminum, due to which it successfully protects the device’s filling from damage even when it falls from a height of human growth. Therefore, the phone is quite tenacious and durable. This, as well as an excellent budget camera and a powerful processor, compares favorably with most Xiaomi smartphones.

Nice Lee Zte Blade A6 Phone

ZTE also has some advantages over Huawei. First of all, this is the price. Most ZTE devices are much cheaper than competitors’ similar smartphones. At the same time, Huawei loses noticeably in shock resistance and selfie quality, and often inferior in detail and color reproduction of the main camera.

Now ZTE is becoming more and more popular and some even compare it with Samsung. However, it is important to remember that most of the smartphones of these companies belong to different price categories, and therefore, vary greatly in a number of characteristics. For example, almost all 2017 Samsung, unlike ZTE, support NFC technology and have a brighter and more contrast screen. However, this does not prevent the advertised brand from losing ZTE in such indicators as strength, reliability and battery capacity. Also, many smartphones of the Chinese company have a better front camera than Samsung.

Top 5 best ZTE smartphones

The ZTE smartphone is not very popular. And this is strange, because the gadget came out excellent: the best price, a nice screen with a diagonal of 5.45 inches, support for 4G and GPS, a 13-megapixel camera and a 3200 mAh battery. The Snapdragon 425 processor is responsible for the work. a quad-core modest with sufficient performance for an undemanding user.

4 ZTE Blade A7 (2020) 2 / 32GB

An excellent inexpensive smartphone ZTE, which can rightly be called the best in the budget line. The model does not shine with high performance, but has all the important functions and technologies. So, here is a camera for three modules with a resolution of 16, 8 and 2 MP. There is an NFC module for contactless payment. the Chinese manufacturer “ZTE” adds it even to its low-cost creations.

3 ZTE Blade A530

The most popular smartphone model from ZTE. Users are attracted by the low price of the model, Android 8.1 on board, a screen with HD resolution and 4G support. Despite the rather large diagonal (5.45 inches), the phone sits well in the hand and looks like a compact all-in-one.

2 ZTE Blade 20 Smart

A budget smartphone that deserves the title of the most balanced in terms of performance. All due to the fact that ZTE managed to install powerful iron under the case at an inexpensive price for the device. So, MTK Helio P60 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, a powerful 5000 mAh battery are hidden under a colored shell. There is also NFC, splash protection, a large screen with a diagonal of 6.5 inches with good viewing angles, a margin of brightness and a convenient aspect ratio of 19.5 to 9. The TFT matrix, and in the reviews it is praised.

1 ZTE Blade V9 32GB

Beautiful neat smartphone, which is one of the best in the budget price range. The phone has an NFC contactless payment module, a large 5.7-inch screen with an amazing resolution of 2160×1080, an excellent dual camera with a decent resolution. 16 and 5 megapixels for the modules.