Nice Lee Phone Lenovo P70

– nice bright screen
– strict design (quadratic, practical, buzzing)
– “S mode” when it is very far from charging (perhaps such a function exists with other brands)
– loud speakers (top)
– nice body material (but not “native” plastic case)

– camera autofocus constantly copes with your nerves
– six months later, one of the speakers died (for no apparent reason)
– every month began to slow down more and there was not enough RAM
– inadequate calendar and call log. the time of calls and reminders does not coincide with that set on the phone (either an hour ago, or an hour ahead, but it displays incorrectly).
-“case” designed for this model, which covers the back cover, it will play a trick on you: it is plastic and over time the corners crack and cling to your pocket thereby breaking even more, and also, if you work in a dusty production, the surrounding dust gets under “case” and scratches the pleasant material of the phone itself and in a year you will have a washboard, not a phone.
– the last half year began to spontaneously reboot or lose connection at all.

A comment:
In general, the phone left a very good impression. If the inadequate work of the phone book and jambs with a cover are not particularly annoying, then the lack of RAM and the independent life of the phone will bring you to the handle.
RIP: fell out of a pocket from 2 meters and broke the screen into the trash after 2.5 years of use.

Nice Lee Phone Lenovo P70

Price, “filling”, good camera, memory.

A comment:
In less than half a year, problems began with the phone. The battery has stopped holding a charge. With a capacity of 4000 mA / h, the charge was enough for

12 hours. At an authorized service center in Orel (currently renamed “IP Com”) absolutely do not know how or do not want to diagnose defects in this model. All acts are carbon copy. no defects detected, flashing done.
To the question. Did you make a diagnosis?
Received an answer. Master watched.
Therefore, in order to prove a defect, you may have to do an independent examination (I had it that way).
The first and last time I bought lenovo. Disappointed, because once lenovo was associated with high-quality electronics.