New Ios 12 Emoticons Copy

New Ios 12 Emoticons Copy

As we previously reported, in iOS 8.3 new emoticons were added, allowing you to express your emotions as politically correct as possible. And there was a special emoticon for fans of the saga “Star way”. This can not be found among the rest on the keyboard. So how to enable it?

We’ll use the keyboard shortcut function in iOS. First we need to copy the emoticon from this tweet, which should be opened from the device on iOS 8.3. You can find the smiley in other sources, but it’s easier.

Sorry Android and Windows users. You can’t see this emoji.

Dan Graziano (@DanGraziano) April 9, 2015

Now go to Settings The main ones. Keyboard. Abbreviations and add new using the button “”.

In field “Phrase” paste the previously copied emoticon (if your twitter client allows you to copy only the entire message, it doesn’t matter. insert the entire message, then delete the excess text).

IN “Reduction” enter text that will be automatically replaced by our smile. For instance, “Llap” (Live long and prosper).

Save the result. Now when you enter our shortcut, click space, and the text will be replaced by a new secret emoticon.

As befits a modern Apple, the new smile is available in all the right shades that can be copied from this tweet.

We draw your attention to the fact that the smile will see iOS 8.3 users only, the rest will display an empty square.

That’s all. By the way, the emoticon itself is a consequence of the positive meme that arose on the day of the death of the legendary actor cnet]