New Battery On Phone How to Charge

New Battery On Phone How to Charge

If you do not know how to properly charge a new battery of a phone, tablet or smartphone, then take a few minutes to read this manual. You will learn how to charge the battery for the first time and how to properly charge during operation.

First, dispel the myth that before using it for the first time, the new battery needs to be discharged and charged several times:

Just a few years ago, most phones were equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries, the main disadvantage of which was that when charging a partially discharged battery, its capacity gradually decreased, so I had to bring the phone to almost zero and then charge it. In addition, the battery had to be discharged and charged several times.

Today, in almost all new mobile devices, whether it’s a cheap phone or a new iPhone, lithium-ion batteries (li on) are installed, which do not have to be charged for a long time and up to 100%. Concerning, a new phone can be used immediately after purchase , if there is any charge in the battery.

How to charge a phone with a lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion batteries began to be used as a power source for phones in 1991 and today are used in almost all mobile devices. Their main advantages are a large capacity and low self-discharge. But, so that these advantages do not turn into disadvantages, you need to know how to properly charge a lithium-ion battery.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Try to avoid completely discharging the battery and not bring the charge level below 10-20%.
  • Completely discharge the battery at least 1 time in 3 months.
  • Do not overheat the battery (do not place the phone in direct sunlight, heaters, etc. for a long time)
  • Use only original chargers.

You can recharge a lithium-ion battery as many times as you need. At the same time, it does not matter how often you put the phone on charge and how many hours it will be on it. At least 20 minutes, at least a few days. this does not affect the life of the li-on battery.

Incorrect charging of the battery can lead to unstable operation of devices, for example, spontaneous switching on and off of the iPhone.

How to charge the phone battery with a frog?

The main advantage of the “frog” over other chargers is its versatility (it is possible to charge different models) and in the absence of wires. charging is directly connected to the 220V socket.

It looks like this:

In order to properly charge the battery with a frog, you must:

  1. Turn off the phone and remove the battery.
  2. Insert the battery into the frog so that the terminals align (and.)
  3. Press the charge button on the frogs, and then look at the indicator. if it lights up green, then the battery is inserted correctly.
  4. If it does not catch fire, then check the installation.
  5. Plug the frog into the network. the battery will begin to charge. An additional indicator will notify you when charging is complete.

We hope we could help you and now you know how to properly charge a new battery on your phone for the first time and with future use!

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