Music Recording Apps for Android

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I think that many at least once wanted to record a with everything that is happening on the screen of their phone. Imagine, because you can capture a call of relatives (and then show other relatives who have not seen them for a long time), you can save the passage of the game (or make a from the funniest moments), record a live broadcast, etc.

But, in such moments, as usual, the right tool (application) is never at hand. Which, in my opinion, is not good, because such a can give emotions no less than the old sincere photo (as popular wisdom says “best one time to see. than hear it 100 times!”)

Actually, in this article I want to introduce some very interesting applications that will solve this problem (the material will be relevant for phones and tablets on Android). So.

Note: if you want to record from a computer screen. then I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article:

Top 7 Android screen recording apps

Music Recording Apps for Android

Screen from the developer’s site (DU Recorder)

A powerful Android application for recording (and very convenient: just 1 click on the screen. and the recording has started!). By the way, it allows you to not only save to the phone’s memory, but also use a USB flash drive, or even transfer it to a network (to popular social networks, for example), process and edit it (combine several pieces into one clip, cut off excess, add background music, change the sound volume, etc.).

  1. the application is free: there are no restrictions on the recording time, root-rights are not required;
  2. You can shoot high-quality up to 60 frames per second. (1080p, 12 Mb / s);
  3. the ability to broadcast everything passing on the screen in the social. Networks
  4. quick editing;
  5. the ability to take screenshots;
  6. built-in screenshot and photo editor: crop, merge several images into one, blur, etc.;
  7. the ability to use the front camera;
  8. You can record several sound sources at once (for example, in addition to system sound, you can comment on everything that happens on the phone);
  9. Russian language support.

AZ Screen Recorder [no Root]

Screens from the official. Site (AZ Screen Recorder)

A simple and yet versatile application for recording from the screen. One of the main advantages of AZ Screen Recorder: ease of use. one click on the screen and recording has begun. Add to this the absence of the need for root rights, the absence of advertising and the restrictions on the shooting time.

  1. the application is free, it does not require root privileges (a paid premium package allows you to: GIF-converter, cropping, drawing on the screen, and much more);
  2. the ability to record FullHD and QHD (moreover, you can pause while recording. This option is missing in many applications!);
  3. the ability to record system and microphone sound simultaneously;
  4. detailed settings: selection of bitrate, resolution, adding your own screenshots, texts, etc.;
  5. the ability to record directly to an SD card;
  6. full Russian support!

Mobizen Screen Recorder [no Root]

Screens from the developer’s site (Mobizen Screen Recorder)

A good and reliable screen recorder. The application supports recording from games, other applications (including calls), cameras. Also in the arsenal of the program there is a convenient editor: i.e. you can immediately bring to the phone “of the mind” and put it on the network (without using a PC). Conveniently?!

  1. various recording settings: resolution up to 1440p; number of frames (FPS) up to 60; bit rate (quality) up to 12.0 Mbps;
  2. does not require root rights, completely free;
  3. the ability to simultaneously record yourself and passing on the screen;
  4. there is a built-in editor: adding your own music, cropping extra pieces of, adding your own captions, text, and much more;
  5. to start recording. 1 click on the screen is required;
  6. support even for relatively old versions of Android: the application works in Android 4.4.

REC Screen Recorder HD [no root required]

REC Screen Recorder HD. several screenshots of working with the application

application “Screen recording” (original name REC Screen Recorder HD) makes it possible to record everything that happens on your screen. The application copes with both various dialers and games. over, you can simultaneously record both from the camera and from the screen.

  1. the ability to record in HD quality (length is not limited);
  2. No root privileges required
  3. You can record not only system sound, but also from a microphone;
  4. good translation into Russian;
  5. countdown timer;
  6. camera output on top of the application used;
  7. user-friendly interface in the style of minimalism (many functions are available with 1-2 clicks).

Among the shortcomings: sometimes there are problems with sound (on some devices it is not recorded).

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. (Screen Recorder). application settings

A fairly good application for recording a screen on Android. I can’t highlight something special with respect to analogs, but there is everything you need here: quick recording, settings (bit rate, resolution, etc.), microphone support, preset settings, etc.

Of the minuses: most of the functionality is available only in the paid version.

  1. quick on / off recording;
  2. wide recording settings: resolution, bit rate, audio, storage location (direct recording to SD cards is supported);
  3. recording time with audio is limited to 1 hour!
  4. the ability to record from a microphone;
  5. the ability to create presets (templates). It helps to quickly select the right quality for recording from various sources;
  6. timer support;
  7. Convenient and modern interface in the style of minimalism.

Screen recorder

Screen recorder. some screenshots from the application

One of the simplest applications for recording and creating screenshots from the Android screen. To get started, just open the application and press the button “Start”. After a few seconds, the recording will start: such a pause is given to the user so that he has time to minimize the application.

By the way, Screen Recorder allows you to add sound from the microphone to the audio track in parallel with the being recorded (you can comment on your in real time).

Of the minuses: the free version has intrusive advertising.

  1. very simple interface;
  2. recording settings;
  3. there is a built-in editor;
  4. sound recording from a microphone;
  5. length is limited only by the size of your memory;
  6. the cost of the full version of the program. only 50 rubles!
  7. No root privileges are required on Android 5 versions.

Screen Recorder Pro. Rec Screen [no Root]

Link to Google Play:

Screens from the Screen Recorder Pro application. Rec screen

Very good application: allows you to record HD-and sound. It’s quite multifunctional: it contains a and image editor. It will be very useful if you want to record from the game, create a tutorial (lessons for other users), or record your conversation in memory.

I note one drawback right away: the application has “problem” with the Russian language (at first it was not there, now it seems to be there. but its quality leaves much to be desired.).

  1. recording with sound is available for one hour (this is more than many analogues);
  2. just 1 click on the screen to start recording: you always have time to record everything you need;
  3. the ability to record sound from different sources (system, from a microphone, from connected devices);
  4. the ability to edit: decrease / increase the sound volume, cut off excess pieces, blur adjustment and image brightness levels, etc.;
  5. the ability to create presets (presets) so that mono can quickly switch between them for different tasks;
  6. there are timers available: it is convenient when you fix the phone in a tripod and set the timer for a certain time so that the recording is automatically turned off;
  7. the ability to create screenshots, photos and process them: for example, you can take several pictures and combine them into one, crop off the excess and uneven edges of the image, blur the image (moreover, it is possible to select only certain areas of the image with dots), etc.

That’s all, good luck to everyone!

Additions on the topic are welcome.