Moving Glass On Iphone 6

On Apple technology user forums, you can often come across complaints that the screen is running out on the iPhone 5S. As practice has shown, it was the protective glass and display that became the most vulnerable parts of the new model.

The reason that the iPhone 5S glass goes off can be factory defects and poor assembly, but often all problems with the screen arise due to careless handling. It is enough to accidentally drop the phone on the asphalt or concrete step, so that a crack appears on the iPhone.

Is it possible to repair it yourself if the screen goes off on the iPhone 5S?

If you began to notice that the screen is leaving on the iPhone 5s, an unpleasant squeak appears when you click on the Home button or on the corner of the phone, then this is an occasion to immediately contact the service. If the glass does not fit tightly, over time, from accidental taps on the corner, it may crack, and dust will fall into the gap, which will lead to deterioration of the display and the entire device. Often the backlash is less than a millimeter, but even then it poses a danger to the operability of the device.

Moving Glass On Iphone 6

If the glass began to recede due to poor assembly or due to a fall, you should immediately bring it to a service center. A poorly fixed screen will be corrected and able to find out the reason. Such issues are usually resolved very quickly, since the complaint that the iPhone 5 glass is moving away is very common.

If the phone was damaged due to improper handling, a crack appeared after the impact. Replacing or editing will not cost much, and it’s better not to delay with this operation. But what if the services of the service center are unavailable for some reason?

What can you do yourself if the glass of iPhone 5 leaves?

  • At the bottom of the phone, the screws that hold the touchscreen are loosened.
  • The touch panel is gently lifted using a suction cup and a plastic screwdriver. It is important not to rush, gradually disconnecting all fasteners.
  • Extremely carefully separate the loops of the motherboard, touch panel and speaker. This is jewelry work. one sharp movement is enough to irreparably ruin the train.
  • After the screen module is completely released, you can proceed with the repair. If there is a crack on the iPhone, you will have to immediately change the display and the protective glass, since they are connected to a common unit. The advantage of repair in the service is that a specialist can immediately carry out diagnostics to identify the presence of other malfunctions.
  • The phone must be assembled in the reverse order. It is important to ensure that all loops are in place, after which the screws are screwed back.

If you doubt your abilities, in no case should you undertake an independent repair. The consequences of unprofessional disassembly can be deplorable: often a complete replacement of the cables is required, and sometimes the device completely becomes unusable.

Where to replace the glass if there is a crack on the iPhone?

We will carry out repairs in the presence of the owner, and all actions will take less than half an hour. You can familiarize with the of services in the price list to make sure that repairing the phone will be very inexpensive. Remember that any crack on the iPhone 5 may very soon cause more serious malfunctions, as tiny fragments inside the gadget will damage the internal device.

Timely replacement of the display will help to fully restore the phone’s performance for a long time. We will be happy to advise on the operation and maintenance of Apple equipment, call us!