Missing smart TV on Samsung TV

If youtube disappeared on your Samsung TV. Video TV Cast

If Youtube does not work or disappeared on Samsung smart TV, there is a way out.

Video TV Cast app will help you solve the problem. This application works with all Samsung Smart TV models from 2010 to 2017.

With the Video TV Cast application, you can watch Youtube and other web pages, as well as play any video on your TV. To do this, install the application on your TV and on your smartphone or tablet. The TV and the device must be on the same network. Then, in the application installed on your smartphone, go to the desired website, for example Youtube and send the video with one click to the Samsung TV. The video will be shown on the TV screen.

Using TV Cast, log in to youtube and log in, thanks to which you get access to your subscriptions. There are some inconveniences, but this is the way out.

If youtube disappeared on your Samsung TV. Video TV Cast

How to Install and Set Up Video TV Cast App on Samsung.

We connect the TV to the Internet.

Since my TV does not have a WI-FI adapter, so I laid a network cable, squeezed it on both sides with an RG-45 connector in a straight way.

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We check the connection to the Internet.

The launched application looks like this.

Important: TV and your device must be on the same network.

On a smartphone or tablet, go to the Play Store, download and then install the Video @ TV Cast Samsung TV-HD Movie Streaming application.

We launch. By clicking on the arrow at the bottom right, we get acquainted with the description, and then click the checkmark.

Thus, we launch TV Cast on the smartphone and press the button.

To connect the TV and smartphone, remember the IP address in step 2, and enter it in the Enter IP Address: line on the TV. Press “OK” on the phone. After that, the red icon will change color to blue. Connected.

Everything, the installation and configuration of the application on the TV and smartphone is ready. The rest is to enter Youtube, to your account, select the desired video and send the link to the TV.

On the phone, in the Search term. line, write: youtube.com and click Go.

On the Youtube portal, enter your account using your email and password.

Click to select the video you want to watch. A line with a link will appear at the bottom, on which we will also click.

That’s it, the video on the TV screen!

On the phone, click “Yes, it Works”

Oh yes. To view full screen, press Enter on the TV remote.

Using this scheme is a temporary solution. It is much more convenient to use the IPTV set-top box.

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How is the repair carried out?

Modern TVs with a large diagonal are often very oversized, so transporting them to the workshop can be difficult for the owner. There is a risk of damaging the matrix and aggravating the situation, so our masters go home. If there is no picture on the Samsung TV, repairs are usually made on the day of the call, only in rare cases it takes up to a week if the breakdown is serious.

First, diagnostics are carried out, then the cost of the repair is given to the client, after receiving his consent, the master begins work. In this case, the diagnostic fee will not be charged.

TV backlight defective

No picture on my Samsung TV

The problem is in the cable that is connected to the TV

Very often, the reason for the absence of an image can be a non-working cable. First of all, do the following:

  • check the main wires that broadcast the image (HDMI cable, provider cable, antenna cable);
  • check the connectors for connecting the wires, as well as the plugs themselves, for mechanical damage;
  • if during the check it turns out to restore the image, but it is bad or not stable, then you need to check the antenna.

What are the most common causes of breakdowns?

Many people face a problem when the TV stops turning on or turns off on its own.

The reasons may be as follows:

  • cord problem;
  • short circuit in primary circuits;
  • breakdown of the power supply or resistors;
  • it is possible that the TV is turned off by a protective relay during power surges.

If the image disappears on the Samsung TV, this indicates damage to the matrix and wear of the chips in the video processor. Sometimes a dark spot appears in the middle of the screen. This is due to a breakdown in the digital driver. We help fix these issues and get quality images again.

In the case when the image disappeared, but there is sound on Samsung, the problem lies in a broken power supply. The wizard opens the cover and checks the power board. It is difficult to do it yourself, so it is better to contact the master.

The inverter of the TV is out of order

No picture when there is sound may be due to a failed inverter. The main signs of a TV inverter breakdown:

  • image broadcast is distorted;
  • the sound appears immediately, and the image is delayed;
  • the image is too dark, the video is difficult to see;

The likelihood of contacting the service if there is no image on the Samsung TV

Parts of any TV can wear out. Sometimes people face the problem when the picture is missing on Samsung TV. This does not depend on the build quality and product model. As a result, the device stops turning on, there are problems with the image, or channels are not tuned. We help to quickly eliminate these and other breakdowns.

We offer you TV repair, if there is no picture, but there is sound, from:

Replacing backlight bulbs 530 RUR
Replacing the inverter 530 RUR
Power supply repair 470 RUR
Power connector repair 430 RUR

One of the most frequent malfunctions for which our service is contacted is that the image has disappeared, but there is sound. Before contacting the service, try to fix the problem or understand the cause of the problem yourself, here are some simple recommendations.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV. Or how to make friends with Peers.TV

Hello everyone! This post will focus on newbies. That is, to those people who have just begun to comprehend all the subtleties and nuances of using TVs with an Internet connection. Because it is difficult to immediately understand everything in this matter.

Many users in the comments on the blog ask the author the same question: how to watch TV channels on a smart TV without complicated settings and, if possible, for free?

That is why, now we will talk about how IPTV is configured on a Samsung Smart TV. over, we will consider the simplest and most affordable option. And of course, completely free.

It is worth saying that one of the reasons for the publication of this publication was the sensational prohibition of the manufacturer on the installation of third-party widgets. After all, it was in the applications from folk craftsmen, television channels that there was a sea. But as you can see, the situation has changed dramatically:

And here a reasonable question arises: what to do for a beginner who does not really understand the intricacies of the firmware of his TV, or maybe he just does not want to carry out any actions on a newly purchased pet?

I want to assure you that there is a way out and it is completely simple. If you want to watch IPTV channels and don’t think too much about the settings, then the official Peers.TV application is just a godsend for you:

We can safely say that this application is out of the box. That is, you do not need to configure anything further here or register somewhere, and then endlessly enter logins, passwords and other information.

The installation process will not take long. After that, run the program you just downloaded and a list of channels that are already available for viewing will open right in front of you:

�� Samsung Smart TV Error: This TV is not fully functional in this region! How to unlock Smart Hub

Well, you can test it. For example, we select the broadcast “Russia 1”:

Take a look at the screenshot above. At the bottom of the screen are controls and additional functions. For example, in the “My Playlists” section, you can register the URL of your provider’s IPTV channels:

And if you press the blue “D” button on your TV remote control in the main window of the Peers.TV widget, you will see a section with the most popular programs:

And finally, let’s look at the most interesting. People, there is a working weekly archive here, which, by the way, is very easy to use:

During viewing, such functions as pause and rewind are available:

And it’s all completely free and also completely legal:

In general, this is what it is, the Peers.TV application for smart TVs. The only drawback may be the not very good quality of the channels themselves. But on the other hand, as they say, for free and sweet vinegar.

Well, guys, now you know exactly how easy it is to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. But if you have questions, ask them in the comments to the article. And now, only hardcore music.

Connecting to the Network

To access the Smart TV functionality, you need to set up a wired or wireless connection to the Network. This can be done on Samsung TVs of the 5 series, as well as 6, 7 and older. Series 4 lacks Smart TV features.


To register in the service in this way, when creating a new account, you need to select “through” and specify the credentials from the page on the social network. Next, you need to come up with and enter a username and password for Smart Hub. You will not need to confirm actions via e-mail. the created account is linked to the user’s page on.


When installing third-party applications, the user will need to create accounts in most of them. In order not to enter this data constantly when entering the programs, you can synchronize accounts with the Smart Hub service. Then you need to open Smart Hub, then. “Samsung Account”, and then. “Link service accounts”. When a list of available widgets appears, you need to click on each of them in turn and enter a login with a password to log into your Samsung account. After that, the accounts will be synchronized.

Channel setup

The TV channels are usually tuned in when the TV is switched on for the first time, along with the language and region where the device is used. If necessary, it can be done again from the TV-receiver menu.

Here is an example of setting up digital TV channels on TVs of the M, MU, Q, LS series, released in 2017. This requires:

  • connect the cable (antenna or from the provider) to the “AIR / CABLE” connector on the back of the TV receiver;
  • start the device, press the “HOME” key on the remote control, select “Source”, then. “TV”;
  • press “HOME” again, go to “Settings”, click “Broadcast”;
  • select “Auto-tuning”, then “Start”;
  • in the “Antenna” tab, press “Antenna” (when connecting a room or common house antenna) or “Cable” (to watch cable TV);
  • select the type of channels. “Digital”, “Analog” or both types at once;
  • when setting up cable TV, in the “Operator selection” tab, specify “Other”, and in the “Search mode” field, select “Full”;
  • click “Scan”;
  • wait until the end of the search for TV channels.

After the process is completed, you need to press “Close” on the remote control, and then “Return” to exit the TV receiver menu. If necessary, the list of found channels can be edited manually. change their order or delete unnecessary ones.

Testing the settings made

After completing all the above settings, you need to test them to make sure that the Smart TV receiver is ready for operation. To do this, you should take a number of actions.

  • First, you need to start the TV receiver and make sure that the channels are working, and the sound and picture quality is satisfactory to the user. If necessary, you can make changes in the TV panel menu.
  • Next, you need to turn on Smart Hub and make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • Then you need to check the installed applications for performance.

If everything is in order, you can use the TV.


The advantage of the cable type of connection with the Network lies in the higher speed and stability of the connection, and the disadvantage is in the wire that passes through one or more rooms, interferes with walking and cleaning, and can also be damaged. So, in order to connect to the Network via a cable, you need to bring a wire to the TV receiver and insert it into the LAN connector (on the back side) until it clicks.

On different series of Samsung TV sets, the menus are different: some sections may be absent or have different names, but the general principle of establishing a connection is similar. You need to open the TV panel menu, go to “Settings” and find the “Network” section. Next, select “Network Settings”, then. “Connection Type” and install “Cable”. The TV will connect to the Internet in a few seconds. A more detailed description of the process can be found in the instruction manual for the TV receiver or on the manufacturer’s website, where it is described step by step for all series of Samsung TVs 2017, 2018, 2019 and earlier.

To connect the TV to the Network via Wi-Fi, open the device menu, go to Settings → Network → Network Settings → Network Type → Wireless. When the TV receiver finds all the available WI-FI networks, you need to select your home one and enter the password. If the data is correct, the connection will be established.

If the connection fails, you need to make sure that the entered password is at least eight characters long and is case-sensitive. If everything is done correctly, you should restart the WI-FI router, and if this does not help, check the TV using another wireless network.

Advice! When checking the reason for the lack of a wireless connection for the TV receiver, the simplest solution is to use the phone as a router.

WPS (Wi-Fi_Protected_Setup) technologies, created by wireless equipment manufacturers, are another solution for connecting to the Web via WI-FI. It is performed in one of two existing ways.

  • WPS-PBC (no password). To synchronize the TV and the router in this way, you need to go through the following path in the settings of the TV receiver in the following way “Network” → “Wireless connection” → “WPS” and click “WPS-PBC”. Then press and hold the “WPS” key on the router until the connection is configured. If the equipment does not connect, this means that the function is disabled in the web interface of the router. You need to type in your browser. or and activate the option.
  • WPS-PIN (with password). To connect to the Network via “WPS-PIN”, the corresponding function is activated in the “Network” tab of the TV receiver. When you select it, a code will appear on the display, which will need to be entered into the settings of the router. To do this, go to the router’s web interface, open “WPS” and click “Add device”, and then enter the password from the TV screen. The connection will be established.

Registration in the Smart Hub service

To use all the features of Samsung SmartTV, you will need to register with the Smart Hub service. There are two ways to do this.

Reasons why YouTube isn’t working

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting service today. Why is this site so popular? The dynamic growth in the number of active users of this service is explained by several arguments:

  • Access to video content is provided exclusively free of charge;
  • Each user has the ability to freely upload their own videos;
  • Bloggers, whose videos are gaining many views, will be able to monetize their channel;
  • Purchasing a paid subscription will allow you to disable advertising and open access to additional materials;
  • Video hosting is adapted for watching videos on mobile devices. tablets, smartphones. You can download a special application for free;
  • This service can be seen as a full-fledged replacement for television broadcasting;
  • On the vastness of video hosting, you can find videos of various topics;
  • The service is constantly progressing and developing, new functions appear;
  • The quality of content uploaded by users is also gradually improving.

Where to go to open YouTube on Smart TV? TVs have a preinstalled “client”. The interface is not much different from a regular mobile application. With it, you can watch videos and monitor the activity of bloggers. It is completely optional to use a browser to view the content.

Why did the app stop working on my TV? If there are certain difficulties, then first you need to figure out the reason for their appearance. The most common options are:

If we talk about Samsung TVs, then the main reason for the incorrect operation of the application is often the refusal to support old models. Last year, the multinational Google Corporation announced that all devices older than 2012 will no longer be able to use to watch videos through the official app.

Why YouTube disappeared on Samsung Smart TV and how to get it back

What to do if the YouTube app icon is missing from your TV desktop? The specificity of recovery is determined according to the cause of the software failure. Therefore, first you need to find out the cause of the problem, and only then you can decide how to return YouTube on a Samsung TV.

Why did access to the application disappear abruptly? YouTube on Smart TV Samsung stops working for several reasons. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them. We will definitely offer effective solutions to the problem. You don’t have to call specialists. You can restore the operation of the TV yourself.

Is it possible to get YouTube back if it is missing

It is impossible to restore the official widget missing from the toolbar. The South Korean manufacturer has officially dropped support for legacy devices. Because of this, you will not be able to return YouTube. However, you can watch videos and live broadcasts through the browser. Resetting user settings and flashing will not help restore the correct operation of the application.

If the “client” icon disappeared on the Samsung TV, you can go the other way. It’s about installing an unofficial application. You can do this by following a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • Download and install the You Tube analog app on your TV.
  • Unpack the archive downloaded to your PC onto a USB flash drive, name the folder You Tube.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB connector of the TV, after disconnecting the equipment.
  • Turn on your TV and then immediately launch Smart Hub.
  • A new icon will appear in the list of available widgets. You Tube.

This app was specially designed for owners of TVs that were released before 2012.

Ways to Watch YouTube Videos on Samsung TV

There are several ways to open YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV to watch videos later. If the application has disappeared, then you can play the content using third-party devices: tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. The essence of this method is that the equipment must be connected to the home wireless network. In the YouTube application on your smartphone or tablet, click on the special icon to transfer the image to the large TV screen.

You can also download the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV. Mostly it is included in the list of preinstalled programs. Use the search to find the video you are interested in. The video is launched by clicking on the Play button. The intuitively simple functionality of the application will help you figure out how it works as quickly as possible.

Let’s go back to broadcasting an image from a certain device to a TV screen. The advantage is that Samsung has proprietary mirroring technology. This type of functionality can only be used by users with Chromecast-enabled devices.

If the application was removed from the TV during the firmware update, then you can connect a device that will function as a Smart set-top box, for example, an Xbox or Playstation game console. Remember that if you still decide to connect a smartphone or tablet to the TV, then all equipment must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Equipment synchronization is mainly carried out automatically. However, there are exceptions. In this case, you need to perform a few simple manual steps:

  • Using the TV remote control, open “Settings”.
  • Select “Connect to Phone” from the list of options.
  • A blue code will appear at the bottom of the screen, enter it on your smartphone.

In principle, there is nothing complicated. Each of the proposed methods is effective in its own way. The choice is up to the user.

Alternative way out of the situation

What to do if YouTube app on Samsung Smart TV stops working or slows down? Your actions directly depend on what exactly caused the software malfunction. If the matter is in an outdated TV, then it will not work to restore the work of the official YouTube application. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternative options.

The alternative methods are not so convenient, but they are effective. Therefore, you will be able to play videos from the most popular hosting, even if there is no YouTube on the TV. Step-by-step instructions for setting up YouTube videos on older Samsung TVs:

If your TV has a browser, then the task is much easier.

Most of the problems with the operation of the YouTube application occur if you are using a Samsung TV older than 2012. In all other cases, the situation is solved by restarting the application. The alternatives presented above will help you solve the problem with watching videos on YouTube.

How to create?

To create a personal account, you will need to go through several registration steps.

  • First of all, you need to open Smart Hub. To do this, you need to press the big red button on the remote control. Thus, the user is taken to the account opening window.
  • Next, you need to select the function of creating a new account.
  • Be sure to check the box on accepting the license agreement. Otherwise, it will be impossible to create an account.
  • To register, you need to come up with a login or specify the standard Develop option, create a password.
  • On the next line, you need to enter an active email address. This information will be required if you suddenly forget your password.
  • After entering all the data, a message from Samsung will be sent to the specified email address, which will contain a greeting and gratitude for the registration. At the bottom of the letter is attached a link designed to continue the registration manipulations.
  • It is imperative to follow the link provided in the letter. Otherwise, the account registration will be incomplete.
  • On the TV, you need to press the Smart button again to open the authorization window. After entering the data specified during registration in the field that appears, you need to press the login button.

It is worth noting that the user can make registration not only on the TV, but also through a phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

It is enough just to visit the website www. content. Samsung. com. Today, each person has several accounts that give access to any resources of the Internet portal. And this is very convenient, since there is no need to go through a long registration stage on each new interesting site.

Samsung Smart TV service in this regard also went to meet its consumers. If the owner of the TV is registered in. he can connect a personal account of this social network. It is enough to enter your login and password information once. After that, the user gets access to all applications and features of Smart TV.

Why is it necessary?

Most often, owners of multimedia devices equipped with Smart TV technology create personal accounts to gain access to online watching movies or TV series.

Others prefer to enjoy digital channels, listen to their favorite songs in excellent quality and broadcast videos from their smartphone on a huge TV screen.

In addition, a Smart TV account allows the owner of the TV to control the device using gestures or voice commands. In simple terms, by logging into your Samsung Smart TV account, a person turns an ordinary LCD TV into a real PC with a huge monitor.

My Samsung TV Apps Disappeared!

It is worth noting that after registration, the owner of a multimedia device receives additional features in the form of synchronizing photos, videos and other data from any gadgets of the Samsung brand. In this case, the main information carrier can be not only a smartphone, but also a laptop and even another TV. Synchronized data is moved to the cloud, from which information can be retrieved at any time.

How to use?

After registering with the Samsung Smart TV system, you can start familiarizing yourself with the installed applications and browser. However, for maximum comfort of use, the developers recommend going through the account setup. Thus, it will be possible to avoid requesting new registrations for each individual application. To do this, you need to go to the main page of the Smart Hub service. Open the “account” section. Then link the accounts. In the window that appears, a list will be indicated, among which you will need to select a registration form. Thus, synchronization will be performed.

As soon as the user activates the entrance to the Samsung Smart TV service, he will have unlimited access to his favorite films and TV shows, music, and communication with friends on various social networks. He will be able to enjoy interesting games, use the scheduler, view images and videos stored in the memory of smartphones, download and install interesting applications, and use parental controls. Some TV models, after registering with the Smart TV service, provide the user with access to new control options. For example, these are voice commands or hand movements. The latest generation TVs have a face recognition function of the owner of the device.

Samsung Smart TV account: create and use

  • Why is it necessary?
  • How to create?
  • How to use?
  • Possible problems

Possible problems

After registering a Smart TV account, the account is logged in only once, which is why the user may forget the registration data, including the password. The developers of the service, realizing this problem, installed a hidden help link hidden under the phrase “forgot password” near the data entry window. By clicking on it, you go to a new menu, where you must specify an email address. Next, a letter is sent to the e-mail confirming permission to change registration data. After following the link, you will need to enter a new password. Then you have to go to the TV menu, log into the Smart Hub system, log in with a new account password.

Unfortunately, not for all users who have forgotten their account password, its recovery is smooth.

It happens that the email that was specified during registration is unavailable or blocked. Accordingly, it is impossible to receive a letter from the Samsung service. The only correct solution in this case is to reset the data. In simple terms. deleting an account. To do this, you also need to go to the Smart Hub service, click on the “Samsung account” section. Then find “delete account from TV”.

Of course, “forgot your password” is the most common problem when logging into your account. However, many different events take place in a person’s life, due to which you have to make changes to your personal account information. For example, to replace any information, you need to go to Smart Hub. Select the “Samsung Account” section. Then click on the profile change. In the window that opens, it will be possible to change the basic information, for example, the surname, which is relevant for girls.

You can also subscribe to mailing lists of different formats, which is very interesting for the stronger sex. You can specify an acceptable way to enter your profile through a password or through the recognition of your face by equipment. If you mark “by face recognition”, you need to register. In addition, in the “Profile Change” section, you can change the main image and even disable automatic start.

See below for how to create a Develop account.