Mi TV 4s connect phone

Wired headphone connection

With a wired connection, everything is clear. on the back of the TV, in addition to the rest of the connectors, there is a 3.5 mm HEADPHONE input used to connect classic wired headphones, which works as when watching regular cable TV, and in the Android set-top box mode.

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The disadvantage of this connection option is that it requires a long headphone cable, which of course will restrict movement.

It should be noted that the wireless option is still possible when watching ordinary television, but it requires the use of radio headphones, the transmitter of which is also connected to the HEADPHONE connector and through it broadcasts the sound to the headphones.

Mi TV 4s connect phone

Sometimes you want to watch TV, but some family members are resting and do not want to disturb them at all. The solution to this issue can be headphones, connecting which you can immediately enjoy your favorite movies and at the same time maintain a calm atmosphere inside the apartment. How to connect headphones to Mi TV 4s and make viewing more comfortable?


In the case of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4s TV, there are two options for connecting the headphones to the TV: wired and wireless. At the same time, the wireless works only if the TV is working in Smart mode, and not when a regular TV is working.

Wireless headphone connection

A more modern option is to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, but it only works in Android TV mode.

To connect such headphones, turn on the pairing mode on them (on different headphones this process may be different and requires studying in the instructions for the headphones) and on the TV go to “Settings”.

At the very bottom of the list, select the item “Remotes and accessories”.

Click “Add device” and select your headphones in the list of devices available for pairing (in our case, it is JBL C45BT).

When requesting a connection via Bluetooth, click on the “OK” button.

After that, the headphones will be connected to the TV and you can use them.

Similarly, you can connect the headphones to the Mi TV Stick (an Android set-top box that allows you to turn a regular TV into a SMART TV), as opposed to a wired connection, since the TV Stick is devoid of any connectors, including a 3.5 mm input.

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Screen diagonal 138.8 cm
Screen resolution 4K (3,840 × 2,160 pixels)
Screen refresh rate 60 Hz
Loudspeakers 2 × 10 W
CPU Amlogic (4 × Cortex-A53, 1,500 MHz)
GPU Mali-470MP
Operating system Android TV PatchWall
Built-in memory 8 GB
Interfaces HDMI × 3 (one with ARC support), AV, antenna, 3.5mm analog audio jack, optical output, USB 2.0 × 3, Ethernet, CI
Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz; 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac), Bluetooth 4.2
Video codecs RM, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, H.263, H.264, H.265
Audio codecs FLAC, OGG, AAC, Dolby Audio, DTS-HD
Guarantee 12 months
Dimensions (edit) 710.8 x 83.4 x 1 231.6 mm
The weight 12.45 kg


The main software feature of Xiaomi TVs is an endless wall of content. It really doesn’t end.

Here are concentrated film and serial novelties, popular recommendations. They should become personal over time. Here you can go to watching TV via Wi-Fi.

All content is presented by streaming services and online cinemas such as Megogo, ivi.ru, Okko, TVzavr and Amediateka. It works like this: click on the poster of the movie or TV series you are interested in and select the content provider on the screen with the annotation. Often PatchWall offers up to four options: you can choose something cheaper or a service to which you already have a subscription.

PatchWall has its own search. You can search for films and TV shows not only by title, but also, for example, by the name of the actor. There is one big complaint about this search: the set is only available using the navigation buttons. For some reason, Google Assistant doesn’t work here. Also, not all previews are uploaded here. This can be attributed to some kind of Internet problem or a temporary imperfection of the shell.

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Services and application support

Often the added value of new products on the market is the added value. the subscriptions you save on. When you buy Xiaomi TVs, you will receive six-month subscriptions to Megogo, TVzavr, ivi.ru and 24 hours TV. Also, the first film in Okko will cost 1 ruble. Based on the subscriptions screen in PatchWall, the list of offers will continue to grow. It should be understood that someday all preferential subscriptions will end and you will have to pay for previously available content.

If a service is on Google Play, but not in the TV menu, you can download it. For example, Netflix. APK downloads are also supported. With the help of Chromecast, you can broadcast what is happening on the screen of your computer or smartphone to your TV.

Android TV

The TV is powered by Android TV. It is easy to return to the main screen of the operating system by pressing a button on the remote.

This is where the customizable app and feed bar is located. “Favorites” picks up content that you have not watched on synchronized sites. For example, at this point I was offered to watch “House Doctor”, “Clinic”, “Duck Tales” and once bought on ivi.ru “Escape from Vegas”.

The Android TV screen can be considered the main menu section. Even the PatchWall, which brings all the content together, is presented here as a child wrapper. You will have to return to Android TV to select the desired streaming service, go to the TV settings or download the application from Google Play.

Google Assistant

The voice assistant works correctly: for several days he did not make a single mistake when reading words. But its aLGorithms don’t always work the way you expect. For example, on the query “turn on TLC” the assistant does not include the TV channel of the same name, but finds a video with an abbreviation on YouTube.

Installation and configuration

First, the TV must be attached to the wall using a bracket (it is not included in the kit) or put on stands out of the box.

Our remote is not yet active: to turn on the TV for the first time, you need to press a single button on the case. It is hidden in the lower center. After switching on, the system will offer to synchronize the remote control by simultaneously pressing two buttons. Then a series of classic actions awaits the user when setting up smart devices: from connecting Wi-Fi and logging into a Google account to getting to know the interface and rolling out updates. Filling in the fields and ticking the boxes will take 5-10 minutes.

The hardest part of this process is entering data from the virtual keyboard. To do this, use the arrows and the OK button. To save time, you can use an external USB keyboard.