Mi fit does not install on Android

Mi Fit (Zepp Life): full instructions and answers

There are a lot of manuals and instructions on how to configure and work with the Mi Fit app, but as it is often updated and changed, we decided to make a new manual for this popular application.

All generations of Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets without exception are paired with smartphones using this app. Some Amazfit-branded Smartwatches also work with the app, such as the Amazfit Bip and Bip Lite.

Signing up for Mi fit on your smartphone

To sign up for Mi Fit on your smartphone, you need to download special software. This can be done for free by visiting the official app store:

Android iPhone
https://play.google.com/store/apps/dmi.hm.health∓gl=US https://apps.Apple.com/en/app/Mi-fit/id9381

After downloading and installing the app, proceed to create an account:

  • Run the app on your smartphone.
  • On the start screen, click “Create Account”.

Authorization form

Solutions to Mi Band pairing issues

The problem arises when we have just launched the bracelet and the control app is installed on the phone, and we see that we have no way to link the device with the cell phone. If this is your case, you should check out these solutions.

Mi Fit login problems

The first thing we have to do to link our new Mi Band with Android or iOS Phone. As well as when you change your cell phone, it is worth logging into our account. If you’ve used the Mi Fit before, it’s recommended that you use the same credentials so that the devices are already paired. If we don’t have an account, the easiest way to create one is with the buttons below.

One of the most common problems is that our account is linked to Xiaomi or Google itself does not complete the connection and thinks all the time to avoid this, we will have to clear the cache and app data to start the process again. To do this, go to “Settings” “Apps” “My Fit” and in the “Storage” menu we will have the opportunity to erase the cache and all the data of the app.

Mi Band permissions

When we start syncing the smartphone and Smart bracelet we will need to allow the app access to the storage as well as the location. In case we do not do this, we will have to do it, we may have several problems with the operation of the bracelet.

To do this, we just need to go back to “Settings” “Apps” “My Fit” and in the permissions section give them at least storage and location. Once that’s done, we just need to try pairing the device again to see if we can do it.

Problems with Bluetooth

If we continue to have problems pairing the Mi Band with the Mi Fit. Bluetooth connection is most likely to be to blame.

The best thing we can do. is to tell our cell phone to forget about the Smart bracelet in the Bluetooth connection settings, so that when we reconnect everything is ready to work properly. The problem here is that when we want to reconnect the device to our cell phone and leave it partially connected but not paired, the cell phone can recognize it and the Mi Fit account. No, or vice versa.

To avoid this, you should open “Settings” “Bluetooth” “Pairing devices” and click on your wristband model to forget about it and so that pairing problems do not recur. It’s also appropriate to check if your cell phone has Bluetooth issues, which will obviously affect other accessories besides this.

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Reset the bracelet

If you bought the wristband second hand, or if for some reason it was previously paired with another cell phone, it is best to reset it to its original state to start the process from scratch.

You can do this from the bracelet itself by going to the “” menu, selecting “Settings” and pressing “Reset to Factory Settings”. This will tell you that all settings will be restored and you can reconfigure the bracelet as if it had just been delivered out of the box.

Problems and solutions

Whatever malfunction appears on your bracelet, you can fix it with a few quick steps. You just need to identify the text that appears on the screen and follow the steps we give you below.

Connect to Mi Fit to update again

Mi Band is constantly being updated to add new features, improve some of the ones you already have, or fix bugs known or reported by the community. But sometimes the installation process can fail, and the Xiaomi Bracelet shows us a constant message that users can not move from, which literally reads “Connect to Mi Fit to update again.”.

To solve this problem, we have to focus on our cell phone, as we have nothing to do with the bracelet. The screen freezes and does not respond to our touches on the screen. So we’ll go into the mobile settings, go into “Apps” and select My Fit. The next step is to clear the cache of the app and also clear the storage.

In the case of the iPhone, where the problem also usually occurs, we will need to uninstall and install Mi Fit. In March chaos, once we log back into the wristband app, we will need to log back in with username and password, then they will be able to regain access to the wristband and continue to update, but now without crashing.

Couldn’t plug in

Regardless of whether this fault is displayed on the wristband or in the Mi Fit app, we should start this fix. In the app itself, we are going to go to our profile, select the bracelet and go to the button that says “Unlink”. Once we touch this, the trash can with our account will no longer be.

We then recommend that you follow the same steps we did earlier, restoring the app so that it starts working as if it were brand new. When we try to link the bracelet, we will see how now, if the connection is generated and the cell phone has no problem downloading data.

Chinese error

For that situation that no one wants to be in where the screen displays a message in Chinese, we also have a way out. You don’t need to know Chinese to solve this problem, you just need a little skill and these instructions on how to fix the malfunction in Mi Band 6 or any other model. What we will do will vary depending on whether we have already or have not yet linked the bracelet.

In the case of no tethering, we only need to activate Bluetooth on our cell phone, install the Mi Fit and proceed to connect the bracelet as usual. At a certain point the Smart Band will detect that the language of our cell phone. Spanish, and so it will be appropriate so that we can use it without problems.

If, on the other hand, we previously linked the cart and this text appeared in Chinese, we restart our cell phone and reconnect the Mi Fit to the center. Because of a certain failure, the system may have shown an error, from which it is so easy.

Connect to the Mi Fit to get the weather information

Among the many features that integrate Xiaomi Smart Band bracelets is a quick time check from the wrist, regardless of the smartphone. However, the error message we show you is much more frequent than we would like, and makes us solve it if we want to know the weather forecast for the next few days.

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After the data has not contacted for several days, the bracelet shows us this error message, which makes us mention the need to connect the bracelet to the Mi Fit app to provide us with this information. However, many people complain on social media and forums that although the app syncs steps with the mobile app, the time keeps showing this glitch. This is preceded by the fact that we do not provide all the permissions for the wristband and therefore cannot provide us with this information.

To check where we are, Mi Fit must have access to that location. To submit it now and the time will be displayed on the bracelet, you just need to go to “Settings” “Apps” “My Fit” and select “Permissions”. Inside we activate the one that refers to the location and go back to Mí Fit. In some cases, you may need to reset your cell phone to work properly.

Connecting the fitness watch

After creating an account and synchronizing the Mi Band bracelet and phone, you can start the connection procedure. To start, you need to turn on Bluetooth, after which the screen will pop up the recommended algorithm of actions:

  • click on the “Connect device” button;
  • Select Band from the provided list of accessories;
  • After the app makes a request to tap on the fitness bracelet, it’s easy enough to tap the device with your finger;
  • Wait for the operation to complete and the appropriate notification.

Important! After tethering, the installation of updates to the current version will automatically begin. To facilitate the operation of the device, you should put the fitness tracker as close as possible to the phone. Once the update download is complete, the display will show the user interface.

How to install and configure the “Mi Fit” program in Xiaomi smartphones

Today there are many gadgets and accessories that are collaborations of Xiaomi or directly all devices of the company. Xiaomi specialists understand that for the convenience of the user, who has two or more devices of their brand, it is necessary to combine all systems into one. That’s what they did! Synchronization takes place with the help of special applications. In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to use the Mi Fit app (the official program from developer Xiaomi Technology) by pairing your smartphone with a fitness bracelet.

To download the application, you need to go to Google Play, enter “Mi Fit” in the search bar, click “Install“, wait for the download and install the application.

Open the app, click on the “Login” button, accept the terms and conditions and log in to the Mi account (more on creating an account here). After a successful login, set the parameters of your Mi account:

Also, set the desired number of steps per day and allow the app to connect to Bluetooth.

Next, we are offered to choose the device, which should be associated with the application. At the moment, Xiaomi has bracelets, watches, scales and sneakers available. Recall, we have a fitness tracker Mi Band 2. On its example and consider the setting of synchronization.But the user must choose his own version of the bracelet.

Once we select “Bracelet”. automatically starts searching for the device. After we press the button on the bracelet to activate it. The smartphone itself is looking for the tracker, and you just confirm the correctness of its actions.

Then a message is displayed saying that the tethering is complete and redirects you to the page with the setup. Most likely, after pairing the smartphone will check for updates and, if there are any, will update. You need to have an active internet connection on the phone and follow the recommendations displayed on the smartphone screen. Also note that to successfully connect the bracelet to your smartphone, you must have a device with characteristics at least: Bluetooth LE, Android 4.4, iOS 7.

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Now you can fully use your purchased Xiaomi ecosystem device. The app will help you track the number of steps you have taken, monitor your heart rate and sleep. You can also set up app notifications, incoming calls, messages, alarms and unlock the screen with the bracelet. And in the “Profile” tab, you can also set up your personal account, adjust activity goals, adjust updates, set the units of measurement used.

We wish you a pleasant and useful use! And in search of interesting information about your favorite Xiaomi brand, check out our Xistore.by.

Simple methods to solve the problem when Mi fit is not logged into the account

To start, just try rebooting your smartphone. After prolonged use, it may have overheated, overloaded, and begun to perform poorly from it. Close all tabs and restart your device.

Waiting is one way. Periodically, the servers of any brand have failures, so you should wait about a day until the work is restored and try to log in to your account again.

Mi Band 2 Music Control

The useful Mi Band 2 app for Android allows you to manage music files using the button located on the bracelet. The program is free of charge and easy to set up to work with music. To set it up, all you need to do is:

  • Open the program on the desktop of your smartphone;
  • Click on the icon that resembles a triangular Play symbol;
  • Wait for Music Control to sync with the bracelet.

To use the app, the user must press the button 1,2 or 3 times, sending the command to switch, play or stop the track. You can use the same key to take a photo, and to skip tracks while the bracelet performs other functions (e.g., heart rate measurement). Such additional features are available in the paid version of the application.

Errors and their solution when registering an account

One of the common problems that users may encounter when trying to log into an account is an authorization error. Causes are different, and all of them can be solved:

  • crashes on the program server, which happens rarely. Xiaomi takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to solve the problem;
  • cache problems. To restore the work you need to go to the application settings and clear the cache;
  • Denial of access to the server. Malfunction can be caused by blocked IP-addresses, which the program uses for data transfer. It is better to set country of access to Singapore or Hong Kong in VPN client settings;
  • if the application crashes, the solution may be to restart the smartphone.

Error during registration occurs seldom and is most often caused by the Internet provider. To bypass restrictions, it is recommended not to use Russian e-mail clients.

Problems can also be caused by entering incorrect data:

  • The password is entered in Cyrillic, it lacks numbers, capital letters;
  • CAPTCHA is entered incorrectly;
  • The user incorrectly specified the country of residence.

If registration and login problems in Mi fit have not been resolved by the above methods, you can report the problem to Xiaomi Support. As a rule, they quickly find the cause of incorrect operation and suggest the best way to fix it.

Having a Mi-account is a vital necessity for every owner of a Xiaomi smartphone or device. Only its presence will allow you to take advantage of the functionality of MIUI, as well as a whole series of additional accessories that allow you to track physical activity. The registration process is quite simple, and connecting and setting up additional devices takes a little time and does not require special skills. even a child can handle it.

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