Mi Band 2 Does Not Measure Pulse Automatically

Mi Band 2 Does Not Measure Pulse Automatically

The Mi Band 2 fitness tracker is reliable and multi-functional, one of its distinguishing characteristics is the presence of a heart rate monitor, which sometimes stops working. What to do if Mi Band 2 does not measure the pulse? Why are you having trouble?

Reasons for the malfunction

A small heart rate sensor is located inside the case of the bracelet and rests on the wrist where the large artery passes, the contractions of which are counted.

First, verify the authenticity of Mi Band2 Pulse. Chinese fakes visually differ from the original product and eventually cease to fulfill many of the specified functions (for example, measure the pulse). Authentication is easy. sync your gadget and account in Mi Fit. Successful synchronization is a sign of authenticity. Another option for device authentication is Internet resources, on which the original and the copy are visually compared. Some copies can work properly for several months, gradually reducing the functional set or completely breaking.

The main cause of the bracelet malfunction is taking measurements at the moment of movement. A small sensor inside the device counts the contractions of the vessel walls. If a person is in a dynamic state (for example, running, walking, physical exercise), he gets lost and does not give out the result. Correct data is obtained exclusively at rest.

Another reason is the old fitness tracker software that needs to be updated. In rare cases, Mi Band 2 stops working properly because it is improperly located on the arm and does not fit on the wrist: the sensor should be in contact with the walls of the arteries. Wrong position blocks the functionality of the device. Select the attachment place in the settings of the Mi Fit application. right / left hand. Go to the directory of connected devices, find Mi Band 2, configure the settings.

Important! Fasten the bracelet just above the wrist (the button should look down). Wear it regularly on the same hand. When measuring, raise your hand to chest level and do not move.

If Mi Band 2 stopped measuring the pulse, you should first determine the cause of the problem. Just connect it to another phone. The device is working. update the program. If Xiaomi Mi Band 2 still doesn’t measure your heart rate, full diagnostics are required.

Real ways to fix it

You can restore Xiaomi fitness tracker to work if:

  • Update the Mi Fit app. When you update the application, all data disappears, so it is better to save them in advance. They are at the very end of the tape. It is enough to click on the pulse icon itself, and all measurements will be displayed on the phone screen. After saving the data, reset to factory settings. Store the history of the heart rate monitor on a flash card, memory card;

Important! Mi Fit has a convenient feature. measuring your heart rate during sleep. To activate it, you must go to the “Profile” section, select your device, activate the “Heart rate monitoring assistant during sleep”.

  • Reflash the bracelet. If the smart bracelet “freezes” for a long time, and after that it displays the “cross” icon, a flashing of the device is required. Mi Fit does not automatically download firmware, therefore, through the Google Play or AppStore, you should update the application, and at the first login agree to update the firmware. You can also reflash a fitness tracker using a computer, this will synchronize the operation of both devices;
  • Contact a service center. If the bracelet cannot be repaired independently, it is better to contact the specialists or owners of the same gadget;
  • Set up and install additional software on the phone (smartphone, iphone). Outdated software in some cases is not correctly connected to the modern version of the official manufacturer. In the Mi Fit application, independently enter the standard indicators of the heartbeat and other parameters;
  • Synchronize your bracelet and smartphone by restarting Bluetooth. Disconnect the fitness tracker from the phone and reconnect. Remember to restart Bluetooth. Defective Bluetooth is a common reason that Mi Band 2 no longer measures heart rate;
  • Discharge the device completely, leave for a day, fully charge;
  • Put in the freezer for several hours, reset all settings, download the Mi Fit application, synchronize the tracker and the phone, press the button on the bracelet screen and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Important! Connect the fitness tracker to another device. If it works, the problem is with the phone software. Otherwise, a complete diagnosis is required, which will identify the cause of the malfunction.

Follow the link to watch a on why the Mi Band 2 does not measure heart rate and how to fix it.

So, Mi Band 2 is a popular gadget that controls changes in the human body, including the number of heartbeats per minute. If the fitness tracker stops measuring the pulse, you first need to identify the cause of the malfunction, and then restore the work in one of the appropriate ways (updating the Mi Fit application, flashing, synchronizing, setting up and installing additional software, contacting the service center, completely discharging and charging the phone, freezing).