Meizu U20 Bad Catch Network

Meizu U20 Bad Catch Network

Owners of Chinese smartphones often face the problem of unstable operation of 3G and 4G coatings. Problems with the network can be associated with external factors or a trivial breakdown of the gadget itself. Some malfunctions are quite possible to fix on their own, while others require immediate contact with experienced specialists. We will try to understand why the Meizu smartphone does not catch the network well and how to cure it.

Reasons for poor signal reception

Modern smartphones support two types of cellular networks:

  • GSM is a standard mobile network. With its help, subscribers around the world can keep in touch, make calls and negotiate.
  • 3G / 4G. a network responsible for the access of subscribers to the mobile Internet.

Owners of smartphones Meizu M2, M3, M5 and Note may encounter poor-quality work of one of the network. If we are talking about the breakdown of the gadget, then as a rule the malfunctions are also identical.

If the Meizu m5 note smartphone is constantly losing satellites, the following problems may cause it:

  • Uneven coverage of the mobile operator.
  • Software malfunction.
  • Mechanical damage to the phone.

Each of the cases described above needs to be examined in detail. A number of problematic situations can be solved independently, without resorting to the help of specialists of a service center. However, some cases require professional intervention. Otherwise, you risk seriously damaging Meiza’s smartphone, without the possibility of restoring functionality.

Self-fix the problem

If your smartphone Meizu loses the network, do not rush to run to the service center. A number of problems can be fixed independently by rummaging through the phone’s settings, or using available tools.

Mobile Issues

First check for cellular coverage problems. Modern mobile providers are constantly improving their services, expanding the coverage map. High-speed Internet is becoming available even in the most extreme places of our country. But despite all the innovations, there are still plenty of zones with unstable coverage. Even residents living in large cities are not safe from them. That is why if your meizu m3 note doesn’t catch the network, double-check the signal reception quality:

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Click the menu item “About phone”.
  • Select the “General Information” line.
  • Click on the “SIM Card Status” section (on some models the name may change slightly).
  • Look at the signal frequency indicator.

A stable cellular signal produces a value of 75 dBm. If your Meizu device shows a lower value, try moving the SIM card to a third-party smartphone and check the indicator. If the numbers in the new device do not reach the required standards, it is safe to say that the problem with the lack of signal lies with the cellular provider. In this case, it remains only to change the operator.

If the other device shows normal values, the problem lies in your Meizu smartphone. Most likely, the manufacturer installed a weak signal amplifier, which directly affects the reception quality. Forcibly disconnect 3G / 4G network can increase the rate. The device will work only on 2G. The quality of communication will increase markedly, however, you will lose the opportunity to use mobile Internet.

Note! The reason for the lack of communication may be the “On Airplane” mode. To deactivate the function, open the menu by swiping the screen from top to bottom and click on the airplane icon.

Hardware or mechanical problems

If you have checked all the previous points, and the Meizu m3 note smartphone continues to lose network, you can assume the presence of mechanical or hardware malfunctions. In this case, try the following:

  • Reboot the device. This way you can fix a small hardware failure.
  • Take out the sim card. Clean the card slot with a soft cloth. Over time, contacts may oxidize or become clogged with dust, which directly affects the quality of mobile communications and the Internet.
  • Open the engineering menu of the cell phone. In the Telephony section, find BrandMode. Then check if the frequencies at which your service provider operates are activated. If not, turn them on by checking the boxes next to the desired items. At the end, click “SET”.

Communication problems can also be the result of fluid or strong shock. If earlier the Meizu smartphone was steadily catching the network, and after an unplanned bath or a fall it began to “glitch”, one of the devices responsible for communication could be damaged. The most commonly affected modules are:

  • Antenna.
  • Amplifier.
  • Microcontroller.
  • Corrector.

If you do not have the skills to professionally repair cell phones, we recommend contacting a specialized service center.

Important! If you have a warranty, contact a service center immediately. If you try to disassemble the smartphone yourself, then you risk breaking the protective seal. This will lead to the removal of Maize from warranty service until its expiration date.

Software crashes

If previously you yourself reflashed your smartphone using third-party software, then this fact may be the reason for the beginning of problems with cellular communications. You can try to fix the problem as follows:

  • First transfer all relevant information from your cell phone to a computer or external drive.
  • Go to
  • Find and download the firmware that matches your Meise smartphone. Store it in the root of the internal memory.
  • Open the device’s engineering menu while holding down the Power and Volume Up buttons.
  • Find the “System upgrade” and “Clear data” items, check the boxes in front of them.
  • Click the “Start” button.

If none of the above methods helped, take Meizu for diagnosis to a specialized repair station. Addresses of service centers can be found in the warranty card, on the official website of Meizu or through a search engine.

Repair cost in the service center

Having decided to contact the Meizu service center due to poor reception of cellular communications, be prepared to part with the following amounts:

  • Diagnostics. from 300 rubles.
  • Software setup. from 500 rubles.
  • Flashing the device without saving data. from 550 rubles.
  • Flashing the device with saving data. from 3000 rubles.
  • Chip replacement. from 2000 rubles.
  • Replacing the GPS board. from 650 rubles.
  • Cleaning dust or moisture. from 1000 rubles.
  • Network troubleshooting. from 700 rubles.

Note! When replacing a board or microcircuit, the cost of the spare part according to the price list of the service center is added to the cost of work.

How to avoid a problem in the future

In order to avoid problems with receiving cellular communications in the future, compliance with the basic rules for the careful use of the Meizu smartphone will help:

  • Keep your phone in a case, periodically cleaning unprotected contacts with a soft rag.
  • When choosing a mobile operator, first visit the official website of the company. Typically, you can find a coverage map here.
  • Do not reflash the phone yourself if you are not confident in your own abilities. Also, do not use software from unverified sources.
  • If moisture gets inside the gadget, immediately turn off and dry the device using improvised means.
  • Use only the services of trusted service centers that give a written guarantee of your work.

Find out in more detail why the Meizu smartphone does not have a signal, and how to eliminate the most popular types of breakdowns, you can from the information on the YouTube portal:

Cellular communication on Meizu brand smartphones can disappear systematically, some users note that the device does not see the network constantly. In the event of system crashes or problems on the part of the mobile operator, reconfiguration or flashing will help. If there are more serious reasons, it will be impossible to do without the help of a wizard.