Meizu M6 Shows 1 Percent Charge

Gordeev Artemy July 28, 2016 Reviews

I wrote a lot about the phone itself and reviewed it, and when this phone received the Flyme firmware, I sorted it out for those who remained on older versions of Flyme, but today I am writing this article without being impressed from Chinese smartphones, as I ran into what really makes them cheaper than the rest. And with real examples I’ll show you everything Problems, encountered by most Meizu smartphones.


As practice shows, regardless of which Meizu phone you choose, know that they all have glass that is weak to falling. Of course, the build quality of Meizu smartphones is beyond praise, in your money, but you need to understand that the glasses put far there not shockproof. Although the phone will survive a couple of noble falls painlessly, but over time it will pass and even from a small drop you can earn a decent crack.

Meizu M6 Shows 1 Percent Charge

It is also worth noting that ANYONE the glass mounted on Meizu scratches at an astonishing speed. And unfortunately this the problem is relevant and for 2017 models. This confirms both the experience of most owners and my own: initially I used a phone with a film, but in truth, I don’t really like to change films often, therefore I got rid of it. After three months earned quite a few small scratches, despite the fact that I handle the phone quite carefully.

Housing Features

Today Meizu completely switched to metal cases and even the most budget Meizu M3 note and M3s use a similar case. You can talk a lot about the fact that this case looks much better than the M2 note / M2 mini case, but there is something in common. they are easily scratched.

The M2 note / M2 mini has generally unrealistic problems with this: the phone (especially in gray) easily finds small dents on the case, and also (in white, blue and pink) finds scratches at space speed. Glossy plastic loses its effect very quickly, and the back cover is covered with a web of small scratches.

Screen disease

Now we will move on to the biggest problem for all Andoid smartphones. It’s no secret that Android phones are warming up and, therefore, the screen may fade, forming yellow stripe (for the most part. in the upper left of the screen). Previously, I was convinced that this problem is unique to phones with SnapDragon processors installed under their hood. They have a very ardent disposition and literally burn the phone from the inside. So, for example, Sony Xperia Z3 after three months of use found a very distinct yellow band that was only growing. And all owners of HTC One X know that a year later (or even earlier) the screen began to turn yellow on the phone.

Buying Meizu on a processor MediaTek, I was hoping I would no longer run into this problem. But, alas, after 9 months of active use, the screen began to fade. And it’s not only that I was so “lucky” that the same problem was traced among my friends on the MX4, M2 mini, MX5, Pro 5, M3 note and M3.

Actually, summing up the experience of all my people surveyed, buying Meizu, and generally any Android phone, be prepared that in months 9-12 (or earlier) you will encounter the fact that the screen of your phone starts to “fade” and may form on it yellow stripes (as shown in our photo above).

A few words about updates

Flyme updates are a separate topic of conversation. Undoubtedly, when a new version arrives, it carries with it a bunch of pleasant innovations and very fit optimization, but there is one caveat: wait for the Flyme update. you have to long.

Especially this concerns budget models and last year’s / last year’s flagships. I felt this to the fullest, because the official update to Flyme 5 Meizu M2 note / M2 mini was received later than all, even though these two phones became the manufacturer’s best-selling models in 2015.

So when buying a budget version of Meizu, prepare yourself mentally that you will not receive official firmware quickly and will have to wait before a new version arrives through the air Flyme (I’m already silent about updating Android). Meizu phones (not including flagship models) normally receive updates only during six months, then they begin to come less and less. But, if you are not chasing a fresh version of the green robot, then this will not be an argument for you at all, since all of its resource (1.5 years) of firmware will work properly, even without regular updates.

Unavailability of all Flyme account features

It’s no secret that Flyme account largely copies the capabilities of Apple ID, with access to notes and other such. This is great, because for little money you get similar functionality with the iPhone.

But here is the majority of them. you cannot use them, because they are. In Chinese! For example: Flyme 5 has a User Center application designed to increase the security of your account. But you can’t even change your password or passphrase, since it’s all in chinese!

Undoubtedly, the company will “fix” it in the next update, this has already happened with the “pre-personalization” application, which offers you various Flyme wallpapers and themes absolutely free. This application was even temporarily removed from the European version of Flyme, due to the fact that it was not even translated into English.

“Accurate” camera

This remark concerns only budget versions: M2 note, M2 mini, M3 note and M3s. Cheaper cameras are installed on these phones and naturally, you should not expect phenomenal shots from them. But the main camera has another disease that few people talk about. it rubs. On the 2015 models M2 note and M2 mini. this is very noticeable and this is really a big flaw in the standard software, because when you install the same Google Camera, the images take on a completely different character.

On the 2016 models M3 note and M3s, this problem is also traceable, but less. It happens that the camera focuses not on the subject that you need. But in the models released later, complaints about the smartphone’s camera are not significant or even absent. Therefore, make it a rule, before buying a smartphone, twist it and check the focus of the camera, so as not to fall into the percentage of those who got a faulty camera.

Quiet speakers and microphone

All Meizu phones, regardless of grade, have a common problem. they have quiet external speakers and microphone. You can say it is treated in Engineering menu Android, but not a single Meizu phone, even with the most excellent settings, can be compared with the iPhone. I consider the phones of this brand the best in terms of external sound and microphone on the market. Not a single Android phone (for reasons that are not clear) on the speakerphone will not give you the same excellent quality and volume, despite the fact that you will be heard equally well, both in speakerphone and in regular communication.

Hello reality!

After reading all this, you might think: “Oh my God, what a terrible phone!” But such large diseases as Sony, HTC and even BlackBerry also have. This is a kind of lottery: lucky, not lucky on such a smartphone. But even with this state of things, not everything is so sad, because these problems, although not pleasant, are known about them, and manufacturers are trying in every possible way to fix them.