Meizu M5 Note Install Play Market

The smartphone brand Meizu in 2016 decided not to install Google services on its devices. For those who are used to using Android, this has become a big inconvenience, since I had to download the necessary applications from Google on my own. How to install the most necessary of them. Play Market. we will now tell. Our instructions are suitable for all models of the Meizu brand, including the popular M3, M3s, M5, M5s, M6, M6s, M6 Note, U10 and U20.

Option 1. Install the Play Market on Meizu through factory installers

This is the easiest way to install Google services. All new Meizu smartphones are prepared for downloading components from Google. To do this, on one of the screens with applications, find the icon with the signature “Hot Apps”, “AppCenter” or “Best”. it doesn’t matter, any installer will do.

Meizu M5 Note Install Play Market

We launch the program, search among the proposed “Google Services” and click the “Install” button. If your Internet connection is stable, then no problems. For the proper operation of all Google services, after installing them, be sure to restart the Meizu smartphone. Usually the system itself will remind you of this, but if this did not happen, restart manually. Then go to the Play Market and update all Google services. If everything functions correctly, then to optimize memory, the Hot Apps application can be deleted. Also, to optimize the work, clean the operating system cache.

How to clear the cache of smartphones Meizu

The Flyme operating system, which was created for Meizu devices, has a special utility for optimizing performance. To use it, go to “Settings” and then to “Security”. There, tap on the “Optimization” button. this will launch a scan of the device for problems. For deeper cleaning, on the “Security” tab, run the “Cleaning” option. The system will provide you with a list of potential problems.

Option 2. Installing Play Market from an ARC file

Another proven method for installing applications on Meizu is by using an ARC file. This is an archive format for installing applications on Android-based mobile gadgets. To get started, download the installation file to the desktop on the Web and transfer it to your smartphone.

Then, in the system settings, set the necessary permissions for installation from an unverified source. To do this, go to “Settings”, then the “Security” section. In it, find the item “Unknown sources” and activate this permission. After that, find the folder with the ARC file and run the installation. The system will do the rest for you. As soon as the installation is completed, reboot the system, and then go to the Play Market and update all the Google services to the latest versions. If everything works without bugs, then delete the installation file, and in the settings turn off the permission to download applications from unknown sources.

Alternate Installer

If you have already tried all versions, but the Play Market continues to freeze and refuse to work (and sometimes even installs), then download the installer for another brand of smartphone. For example, Xiaomi. Components of services may freeze during installation, but if you wait until the end, then this option may be an unexpected solution to the problem for you.

Everything is simple enough for global OSs, but it can be difficult for Chinese firmware Flyme OS, since the interface will not be very clear. Focus on familiar logos.

Now we need to install Play Market from this package of GMS Installer services. We find our icon on the smartphone screen and run the installer. Then click on the “Install” button and wait for the unpacking of all components. After all these manipulations, the operating system needs to be rebooted, and then check the Play Store for updates. Do not be lazy. this is the most common error in application problems.

What to do if Meizu App Store does not work

Very often, users encounter an application error such as “Network Error”. Sometimes this is really caused by interruptions when connecting to the Internet, but most often this happens after resetting the settings to factory defaults. The easiest way is to contact the official manufacturer and download the new necessary update from his website. But, unfortunately, the site is unstable, and may not open at all. Therefore, it is safer to use VPN tools. To do this, download the VPN Proxy Master software, install it on your smartphone. In the program interface, you will need to enable the VPN connection. Then reboot the system and check the operation of the applications.

Meizu for Russian users in recent years has become one of the most problematic smartphone manufacturers. Frequent system failures and the lack of proper service only repel it. We hope that our tips will help you deal with your smartphone, download the familiar Play Market and return the joy of using it.