Meizu M5 Note How to Install Google Play

Chinese phones, in particular Meizu, even ship to the European market without Google services. In our article today, we’ll show you how to solve this problem with our step-by-step instructions. So, let’s figure out how to install Google Play services on Meizu. over, as you personally see this now, there is nothing complicated.

The instructions below will be relevant for almost all phone models of this manufacturer, including Meizu M3 Note, M5 Note, M5s, M3s, etc.

Google Apps Installer

The further algorithm for obtaining the desired result will vary depending on the version of the phone used. As you know, there is the so-called global version and the Chinese version.

In the global firmware version

  1. To do this, run the program called AppStore (see the attached screenshot below) and, using the search bar, we find the Google Installer application.
  1. When the result we need is found, click on the install button located a little lower.

Meizu M5 Note How to Install Google Play

When the process is completed, just launch the application, the shortcut of which will appear on the home screen of our Android smartphone. As a result, the Google Play Market and other services will be automatically installed.

It is done like this:

  1. We launch our application, press the install button and wait for the process to complete. It usually takes about 1-2 minutes.
  1. In the next step, click the reset button of the device. When your Meizu smartphone boots up again, you will see the long-awaited Google Play Market on its home screen and can switch to using the service.

Version for the Chinese market

If you do not have a global version, but a Chinese version, you can do the same. However, in this case it will be more difficult to implement, since the entire application interface is made in the form of hieroglyphs. But, guided by the screenshots that you will find below, installing the Google Play Market on your Meizu will not be difficult.

Further, in the same way as in the first embodiment, we launch the resulting application and install Google services using it.


If the previous version for some reason did not give the desired result, you can use an alternative method. It consists in the following:

  1. Initially, we go to the official OpenGapps website and download the appropriate application from there. To do this, select the platform, version of Android, and then the version of the program itself from Google. When this is done, click the round icon with the download arrow.

Attention: to implement all of the following, we will definitely need superuser rights or so-called ROOT rights. You can get them, for example, using this application.

  1. Imagine that you already have ROOT rights. We launch the newly installed application and press the firmware button from the file (it is indicated in the screenshot below).
  1. Next, when the file manager of the Android smartphone starts, we select the file with Google services, which we downloaded a little earlier.
  1. We check the box next to the item marked with the number “1”, make sure that all the parameters on your smartphone correspond to the screenshot marked with the number “2” and press the button to start the firmware.

Attention: you perform all the manipulations on the firmware of the Meizu smartphone at your own peril and risk! Before you begin, we recommend that you make a backup copy of all user data.

  1. As a result, the phone will automatically reboot into recovery and start flashing downloaded files. You cannot use it at this moment. You need to wait for the process to complete and automatically restart.

Warning: do not start the process until the battery of your Android smartphone is at least 60% charged!

As a result, the Meizu phone will automatically turn on, and you will see that Google Play and all other services of this search giant appeared on the screen.

Common problems

Sometimes, when you try to do everything that was described above, a problem occurs. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most common mistakes and options for dealing with them:

  • Error DF-BPA-09k. This crash occurs when you try to download an application from the Google Play Market on Meizu. To fix it, open the phone’s settings, go to the application manager, open the “All applications” tab and find “Google Play Framework” there. Then, using the available tools, clear the cache and shared memory of the program.
  • Error rh01 or rpc: s-5: aec-0. This error is due to incorrect network operation. It is solved in exactly the same way as the previous one.
  • Error 498. Failure occurs when the phone memory is allocated for temporary files. It is solved by installing and using any utility to speed up the smartphone.
  • Your device does not support Google Play services. This error has not yet been resolved.

If none of the above options help solve the problem, contact the comment for help. One of our specialists will certainly react and give an exhaustive answer that can help in a given situation.

For those who do not like to read long step-by-step instructions or could not figure out our article, we have prepared a training on this topic. We recommend that you watch the to the end and only after that proceed to the installation of Google services on Meizu.

To summarize

Now that you understand well how to install Google Play services on Meizu, we can complete our detailed step-by-step instructions. You get down to business, however, be extremely careful. Manipulating system files of any Android smartphone can lead to his death!